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astounding as it is White Men Have bigoted lied stolen and abused just about everything on earth and I am speaking about in AMERICA

November 28, 2015

astounding as it is White Men Have bigoted lied stolen and abused just about everything on earth and I am speaking about in AMERICA  observations of a repentant white male

I did some research in the aftermath of the other atrocities here and in Oklahoma City and all of them without exception were WHITE MEN. Maybe calling them men was a misuse of words. ALMOST all of the perpetrated crimes against women of domestic violence are men although of course not all white. there seemed to be a strain of lunacy that causes white males to call for war and not negotiate and that seems to call for annihilation of another group of course there are records of these atrocities in other nations BUT I was referring to most of all the WHITE MALE version on AMERICA that has been persistent since day one. Even the great signers of the Declaration and the Constitution had their issues especially ones like Ben Franklin who was ruthless. I AM NOT SURE that you hear what I am getting at, that men are responsible 1 for the chaos and because of the power trip WHITE people tend to behave like beasts not as loving kind generous benevolent citizens sharing the earth in fact most of the time we have been here the minorities have been subject to cruel inhuman and treatment that caused one to have to see that they viewed all others as inferior in case you are not aware they put Africans in prisons in zoos and gawked at them as if it was sport who else is going to slaughter 10 million bison? I was not exaggerating at all.
always males and almost all of us who are white are the violent hence the KKK, union busters, military loons like chivington, Carson and Custer. we’re a demonic group of socio-paths. much of what Hitler used to exterminate 12 million people he learned first from our holocaust in this land with the people who lived here already. What more does one need than a Columbus, a zealot missionary, or an “explorer” who pillages everything. Sherman again in the Civil War did the same horrific things in Atlanta. Our history has demonstrated that malevolence emanates first from the European settlers who were male. Colorado history is rampant with these abuses.
our treatment of the people here on this place “Turtle Island” has been without merit from day 1. Only William Penn ever made a treaty that was adhered to. MOST of wherever you go is not our land. even where I am is not America technically it was stolen. It is a twisted fable that we teach children in school about how advanced we are. What we did in Latin America and may I remind you of what we did in Iraq and Iran and at the same time holding up those salacious evil Saudi Arabians and Israelis. I do not think we understand what we have done and where we have all of our wealth. MY FAMILY all of them have attended and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Not one of them knows what the hell built U of P, slavery, and most of the higher institutions of the IVY League, and what of Woodrow Wilson, who was disgusted with women’s rights are you kidding. All Hitler or anyone had to do was look across the Atlantic and have 1,000’s of points of darkness and righteous mayhem and we’re concerned about refugees? How white of us!!!



“And the trauma caused has NEVER been addressed. No one laid the Native People on the couch and asked, how might we deal with your trauma (PTSD before we knew what it was). The same is true of slaves. No one addressed the trauma…and some 253 years later, the trauma still exists, as does the traumatizing. The only way it can continue is thru cognitive dissonance…those people are bad, less than, dangerous; while I am superior, in all of my madness and cruelty – which really isn’t, because those people are less than human, less than animals. Even that way of thinking was affected by witnessing the atrocities you speak of, or hearing about it, and not being able to reckon with it. It was horrendous and resulted in the untimely death of slaves and a pervasive and untimely death of the perpetrator’s humanity. Even Thomas Jefferson knew God would deal with his atrocities, in physical death. And he feared that. Simply stated, we still have a white-led domestic terrorism problem in this county. Further, those of us who are not white cannot change it alone. Like slavery, and the Civil Rights Movement to follow, it will take the ruling class to change the laws. That doesn’t change cognitive dissonance however. It will take white people challenging other white people to change, calling out that bias, addressing the stereotypes and bigoted language, at the dinner table, at work (even work in Congress and the DOJ), schools, and at CHURCH! Things are uncomfortable now. Things cannot be unseen. The terror that these domestic terrorists are quite literally what’s been visited on darker skinned individuals since Columbus lost his way. That’s what we don’t want to think about. Our not thinking about it, makes it no less the case. There is often talk of mental illness when the domestic terrorist is white. And I cannot disagree entirely. After all, coming thru a bloodline that has held privilege thru oppressing others, often causing physical harm, most certainly causing trauma, cannot leave one unaffected. Even if one has turned of the humanity switch to “cope”.”


“Why do we still connect Thanksgiving to the Pilgrims and Wampanoag? It was a genocide – we should be thankful that they saved the Pilgrims, even if it was mainly because they had already been decimated by plague brought by white Europeans in the few years before 1620, and were worried about the Narraganset, but we should not combine that with any Thanksgiving now. The general public doesn’t want to hear the real history of what was done to Native Americans in this country, and they say they don’t want to be “brought down” on a family day, so just make Thanksgiving a community day of thanks for all that we have in this country and be done with it. Or a harvest festival. We need a movement to do that – to separate a brutal history from some fake story. The concept was created centuries later anyway. It is such an insult to Native Americans with the fake history attached – wouldn’t it be better to learn about the all the wonderful cultural pieces that different Native American groups represent? Or study the Iroquois Confederacy or something? Or be thankful and adopt some Native American traditions for the holiday – and learn about their history. Scrap the isolated pilgrim-Native American meal before the genocide…”






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