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November 29, 2015


dedicated to my sister who lives always for all of us who belong in this family and always will


You always were there for me as a small fry growing up swimming and squirming in perspiration and love 

you always looked out for me though I always wondered who you were and what made you tender and patient with a whirling dervish as you must have felt like your younger brother was


you reached out to me as best you could and improvized to say the least and acted as though you understood how I was made though to tell the truth I could never understand my spirit or my ways


I meant to tell you often as often as I could that I loved and cherished you as my older sister as my spirit grew more bold and I set out it took everyone’s breath away to see where I would land you offered me sanctuary throughout my storied career and let me know that your hearth was always there for me to rest.


Often I stayed with you and worked throughout the neighborhood in New York City  making a go of school, of cooking, of providing a place for me to grow up and stand on my own.  Knowing that you were there present and waiting for me and preparing sumptuous dishes providing shelter from the storm that raged within gave me tremendous solace.  I loved to see what you were doing with your work and to learn how you make a living in such a tangled place as New York. You moved from every part of Manhattan to the Upper West Side, to Chelsea, to every place that peeked out on the rivers east and west.


Knowing your struggles in a detrimental world for women in your trade irritated me and left me cold because I could not understand why such a beautiful spirit could be alone such a significant portion of her life.  Even now in your 70’s you shine with a radiance that does not mask the depth and substance of your spirit.  You radiate a toughness that makes me wonder if we are related.


You always prodded me to move on siting countless examples of how you shine and our ancestors by your gifts and spirit that you press on no matter what.


Though we are in countless ways different and I have always left behind all of those who loved me I have never forgotten the grace with which you prepared a place for me to live and lie down and rest.

to my sister

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