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DRH – December 1, 2015 Mayor’s Commission to End Homelessness

December 2, 2015

DRH – December 1, 2015 Mayor’s Commission to End Homelessness


Homelessness Retreat Par-Widner Room at City Hall  December 11 7 am to 1 pm


Councilwoman Kneich is here  i wonder where the other commissioners who are council people are?


Tony Lopez is here District 6 commander


schedule for 2016 is on tap  January 26 MARCH 22  May 24 July 26  Sept 27and Nov 22

 3 to 5 pm



newly added changes to the BY-LAWS of the Mayor’s Commission


majority vote decision-making

other ideas that are developed and brought forward will be heard

no one is here from CCH  no representative

steering committee  setting the agenda

change of the name of the shelter  comm to emergency services and systems committee

homelessness committee

evaluation committee

housing committee

OED  DHA  working together on these issues around housing

may create other committees  chaired by other commission members volunteers can serve on these committees as appropriate

emergency services and systems committee


Children youth and family committee


engage in public and private resources creating housing options


Bennie Milliner is speaking


Sharon Knight speaking

5.1 E  proposals preparing for action

every couple months there should be 2 week notices before voting and having an electronic capacity to vote

10 . 1  D  for @ every meeting agenda and minutes of the committees

By-laws hypenated


10.6  A  low to moderate priced housing


11.2  B clarifcation change of by-laws  2/3 vote of the people present or the COMMISSION 


Anthony Graves speaks:  2/3 quorum  1/2 + 1  by-laws is a different matter

Leslie Foster speaks  

extreme change consider 2/3  if that is possible


3.2 anti-discrimination policy in conjunction with the city gender gender variance and military status

shortening the by-law was the reason for the changes

use city’s anti-discrimination policy and it is long  but correct

week notice to send out the by-laws to be considered

heavily focused on the work of the committees

all populations including children, youth and families with the systems and emegrency 

incorporated together?

parallel path  that incorporates children youth and families

lack of attention calls for the youth and families to becalled out and identified

strong component  for having a separate committee  dedicate time and attention to this issue


land-use and zoming committee where does this fall under?  adhoc committees


David Broadwell  City Attorney  speaking 

panhandling  legislative update  15 years ago  300 citations annually  enforced   legal challenge in Grand Junction modeled after this decision.

struck down the ordiance  took out major portions of the ordinance  AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING ask for $ with aggressive behavior  asked for other “bad” behavior

whether you are doing this you cannot to entrances to ATM or on mall or whatever else

in street if impeding traffic

walk up to me asking for $  content discussion about right of speech  immediate struck down  JUNE US Supreme Court  discriminate on words  most compelling circumstances.  captive audience feel threatened side walk cafe asking over the railing   WE THOUGHT

we can continue to regulate panhandling in aggressive threatening intimidating, touching making it impossible for a person to pass in right of way

police can still intervene  ROBIN may wish to comment  – ground rules have changed somewhat to strip it down to the basics


crime where there is a victim then could that person be heard in homeless court?  complaint driven  – Tami Door is speaking  –  massive issue

not one survey that did not note that this is true of tourists and visitors and people walking along the 16th Street Mall  – scary  changes this will also compound the situtation  reflecting changes  individuals telling outreach workers and ambassadors that they were allover this


LINDI asks:  median areas people can solicitation has not changed  separate law  adopted at different time  11 ordinances exist challenging people who are on the street or who are without a safe place to stayand live

we do not site people usually but redirect the David Broadwell states

Tami  asks  being trapped by someone’s behavior.

back to  by-laws  Reggie:  not equal these committees  deficits and recommendations  only one that speaks only to this.  opportunities for connections and not deficits

disaster relief services


always critical needs  –  limits  possibilities where do we fit in to be an asset

LOST at table  – People Living In Public Places


GUIDING PRINCIPLES and FUNCTIONS –  charter function  to be folded together


ANGELA  strong representation of diverse groups  – in all communities

cannot be on all of the committees all of the time

Nacshon  speaks  specific person function of committee concrete determined

Chris Conner strong participating on all committees

build intentionalities in MAY requires specific long term concrete goals

MDHI  COORDINATING EMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE  LINDI  allows other members to participate  everythingelse and then there is employment



services and systems and all services Dr.Burnes:  account for emergencies

Bias – ultimate goal is single seamless system of services

silos reinforced think through how do we connect all of these silos?

section 2  creating single system wide seamless implementation of services


employment silo  has to be engaged in everything that we are doing!  Ms Rider

quALITY of life and rules and regulations   intersected

state of governance  bring forth that idea

committee functions and look at this language  section 10  not be its own section

guiding princple 4 guiding principles  overall commission values


a lot of people there is a way to have these incumbent  common discussion of common values  what is the impact  – principles values what is at risk here?

these four values are not our own four principles

guiding principles streamed down four principles from STIGMA  

by-laws designed about how the committees function  structure of the committees and Commission


what do we do first?  DO we know where we are all headed


steering committee will discuss this with policy discussions in 2016


COUNCILWOMAN KNEICH  in a moment will defer to

dearth of resources for FAMILIES

NATIONAL ALLIANCE TO END HOMELESSNESS  i don’t think that they represent anything other than policy makers and government officials

what do we do moving ahead in 2016?


funding for supportive services  funding swings aay from funding for people  we cannot afford to pay case managers

$ from the federal government is less and less available  creative means to support people


HOUSING FUND: MEDICAID covering supportive services Enterprize Community partners and maximize the federal dollars Social IMPACT BONDS  HOUSING FUNDING PROPOSAL  two sources are insufficient every unit that we modeled there will be lower than 20%  of services

cash set aside:   medicaid employment is a stretch but not everything else

RIDER  housing supportive services

 Isabel McDermit on Bridge HOUSE  program of Ready Willing and Able in Boulder

keep their jobs significant barriers to working full time work on part time basis.  other sources  employment is a vital part.

getting a person off the street giving them shelter and skills that they need

January 25 meeting help chronically homeless permanent housing  qualifying for medicaid throughout their journey

Luehrs  shelter and services  met last week,  checking in listening to one another,  happening in our community  over night shelters have been over crowded

People who are more vulnerable because of their disabilities because of less access to their housing  shelters over flowing not significant enough staff for attention and support

Denver Hospice –  present time any particular time they are working with 5 people who are homeless until death.


sheltering and housing people who are dying who are actively dying

find it struggle to use the sheltering that is offered

MORE  TROUBLE AND DANGER  shooting and violence in general shifting drug dealing and people who are predators.

formal research  processes of sheltering and housing choices  working on this in 2016

JUNE 30 change of employment

 DECEMBER 18 EMILY Griffith 1205 OSAGE Street  5 to 9:30  ?


CEO  NYC  innovative jobs  expertise offenders and life style challenges  creating infrastructure

Mickey Lewis Empowerment  RFP

6 agencies are engaged in work collaborative


Common ground

new city council  schedule moving ahead in December  COUNCIL WOMAN KNEICH is speaking to these matters


Chair of Safety Committee –  COUNCILMAN NEW speaking about budget amendments for financing employing them in a matter of days


we do not fund the majority of shelter beds  next FRIDAY 11th to ground us  walk us through stepby step  national definition  walk through our system laying out the challenges  COUNCILMAN NEW MORE ENGAGED.  

we want tothink about working group that meets consistentlt  we want to act more proactively not reactivly


cross-hairs of people who are travellers

on going working group chair as safety he can do some more what do we do as a commission


community  perspectives are included but HOW WERE THESE PEOPLE CHOSEN?


ONE PERSON FELL THROUGH:  televised by chanel 8  need education

no public comment  educational and we need to have input.

2 opportunities binder with  fact sheets  one page only to be included in the handouts for December 11


i have asked to be a speaker to homeless populations and issues that impact homeless people at the December 11 event at the City Council meeting.


set some priorities if you are not subjective


ending homelessness how you can?  Dr. Burnes



















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