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my daughter a sweet sweet heart

December 2, 2015



#EverythingHappensForAReason & it can always be worse! Be grateful for the #blessings you have & make the most of each day!!! Hasn’t been an easy couple mths but I’ve met people & had experiences that have forever changed me & made me a better person. Salvatore Garcia w/the green notebook & flowers is a TRUE inspiration & whenever I think I’m having a hard time, I think of people like Sal who have it so much harder than me, but live life with such #positivity &#gratitude that it’s hard not to smile in his presence.#GlasdIsHalfFull #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee#LiveLifeToTheFullest #PeopleComeIntoOurLivesForAReason #Hope #KeepFighting #GoodShepherd#BeatMS #YouCanDoIt #WalkingPass 😊



always miss you    like the summer rain  like a first snow drop  like a rose like a new friend like a sweet sweet heart  like a summer breeze like the dew from honey suckle on the breeze. I miss you like dreams that last for good when one sleeps as soundly as a new-born when i think of you i cannot help but cry for the gift of you in my heart and in the gleam in my eye the first time i held you in my arms

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