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CSLC – Lobbyist Luncheon December 2015 Colorado Social Legislative Committee CSLC

December 4, 2015

CSLC – Lobbyist Luncheon December 2015 Colorado Social Legislative Committee – CSLC

a number of people have joined the throng in the basement of 1st baptist church  about 100 people  and they’re partying  in a spirit of comaraderie and glee that is contagious.  nan’s caserole salad went like mom’s corn soufle a delight to taste and treasure.  


NAN seems bubbly  festively dressed working on her family and relationships over a life time.  Several people here have been in office including Dr. Wayland,   Senator Boyd,  


Bridget is expecting #2  and she is membership chair and giving a pitch on being a member  Monday January 11 is our first session on the Hospital Provider Fee at noon in the basement of the First Baptist Church

ALL STARS on what is their issue for 2016 legislative Session


9 to 5 Colorado  Bridget Kamenetsky  2  priorities:  pregnancy fair accommodations during their pregnancy

Parental Involvement Act run last year parents to take time off  John Buchner Memorial Act


2 acts that were named  NARAL  surrounding physicians required to offer medicaid accurate information and relationships of patient with physician to be confidential.  

Culturally Competent instruction  commission looking at instruction curriculum management Joe Salazar is running this


Colorado Children’s Campaign  Health  K- 12 education  specific bill NONE being run  LARC  -long acting reproductive contraceptives  budget issue for help for women

school finance:  Cliff effect expanding at the # of counties that are integrated

CCAP  domestic violence and teen pregnanacy

expulsions and suspensions 




Bill Hana  United Veteran’s Committee of Colorado.    3 issues  definition of WHO is a veteran and what programs are established and what they can participate in  federal defintion codified in COLORADO STATUTE.


Fitzsimmons   10 acres of land that is Buckley  assisted living services of homeless veterans

Veterans returning reentry  aiding veterans to return to civilan life


Senator Boyd:  religious support  

volunteer LOBBY CORPS  around education for women and girls civil rights legislation


Adeliene Hodge  Miles Consulting Peak America

Rebecca Mayer  Mi 013les Consulting  tax check off  stream ling licensed mental health professionals  concerned with health provider rate budget cuts

Bob Epstein  Colorado Senior Lobby:  funds be permanently allocated in budget for seniors


mobile Home parks of Senator Kefalas  they’re supporting


65%  of  abuse has been supported because of the way that the statute is written  SENIOR LOBBY MEETS EVERY MONDAY at 9:30 am at the Volunteers of America.

Cathy White C:  Hospital Provider Fee, Ballot initiative  referred or a ballot issue  p;lay defense on terrible tax proposals,  supporting a child tax credit early childhood tax credit  triggered nationally in 2013 and credit will go into effect next year.

Pregnancy  bill  

Walmart Bill large employers  high portion of low income pay a surcharge to employees

eliminate requirement for I-9  immigration affidavit  fine employers who do not comply

refer benefit to people who are impoverished


Peter Severson Lutheran Advocacy   anti poverty  anti   pregnant workers renewal of housing tax credit  

Rebekka Sturik  poverty and aging  taking notes 

DHS liaison:  light agend a:  1.  aligning state statutes with federal statute of federal children block grants  2 rehire colorado program for workers 12 million  3,000 additional people who are veterans and older citizens. child support texable income

Chrisitne  Denver Human Services  relative partnership Assistance Program allocation for guardianship cannot draw down these funds from federal governement


Health Care and Financing  maintenance medication through mail,  NEMT  transportation changed from common carrier,  statutary reports  clean up obsolete to the colorado dept. on board with the hospital       provider    FEE,  tough budget  provider rate cuts   25%  expiration in  near future.  Use of all general funds  not included in the general budget


Bell Policy Institute  secure saving program  do not have access to retirement savings refunds  goes directly to savings.  school finance changes,  CCLP high school equivalency, higher education  finance  setting tuition rates

Katie Dahl COmmon Cause:  voting rights and elections technical clean up bill, expand access for voter registration drives there is a black out time get rid of this  expanding access to ballots  adding postage paid  increased drop off places for ballots  voter photo IDs some people have no access, Colo  Open records act

Mark Turner Colorado Non-profit association:    fraud  provider fee secure savings  cultural scientic district  tax extenders IRA ROLL OVER  donations fund raising reporting gifs of $250



Kelly Fritts:    AARP  Bell Secure savings work and save  ABBY  talk to her


Jack Colorado Center on Law and Policy  criminal justice  receive an interview  “BAN THE BOX”  only protects applicants for the state government in Colo.  


Chaer Robert:  President   Family economic security:  

  1.  alternative to GED graduate Entrance Exam   more than option Represenative arndt 
  2. access to child care 4 state Depts  task force to look at the resources  if there are legislative changes that are needed
  3.   1384  1/3 of net of unclaimed property for low income people for housing and renters

Michael  Public Policy  Institute   mental health conditions next great cause

Behavioral health care council  funding remain

school safety crisis committee  213 and 214  superintendents  schools are doing the right thing when children are having issues

Suicide Prevention Commission   

0 suicide 

transitioning back into community long term recovery mental health recovery


tremendous demand for HOUSING do not get a check for the full amount lost home to foreclosure charging at least 50%  support for bill Beth McCann is sponsoring

Dept of Corrections legislative liaison:   97%  reentry come back  returning preventing people from slipping through  mental health provider  legislative division of education  offenders helping them find work  welding cosmotology Colorado  Community Education Programs cancel programs for the public


OWEN PERKINS:  weekly tune up CLEAN SLATE NOW TAKING ON THAT ISSUE  restoring the voice to voters   campaign finance reform  feasability

COLORADO CARE  universal health care  in 2016  initiaitve 158,000   supporters in Colorado

CAROL HEDGES  budget situation fastest growing cutting essential health care tuition unaffordable  ballot in NOVEMBER debrucerationalizing tax policy

WalMart bill focused on workers – require less than 12$ an hour qualifies a person with medicaid  cannot fund k-12 education   large employer low wage fee bill reducing corporate welfare .50  surchatrge per hour  generate 70 million dollars for low wage workers.  70 million from the federal government 140 million altogether.


Jerry Malcoroy:  long-term care housing and home care

MERCEDES APONTE  Women’s Lobby working on women’s issues liberty at life’s end


Hannah Segal Roth –  juvenile justice solitary confinement codify the current policy


children being kept for 21 days in seclusion

expungement and moving on from their childhood records


Doug Wayland:  Bill Hana’s spiritual advisor

Nan Morehead:  treasurer  take money


dave delay:  retired


ministry of hugs and kisses


trauma care from birth  single greatest national disgrace and epidenmic  Dr. Nadine  Burke Harris   children starting their lives wih severe poverty of the spirit and fear that freezes them in their development.









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