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45th – Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods 45th People’s Fair Steering Committee 2016

December 8, 2015

Planning meeting for the Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods People’s Fair  December 7 for the following June 2016



KICK OFF May  31st



music showcase:  every week in MAY 

APRIL 9  JURY and 30th for siting  mural project fund raising event

staff and board meeting together with the Steering Committee for the 2016  People’s Fair in Civic Center Park


The People’s Fair has been going on for nearly a 1/2 century.  The Fair always takes place the first weekend of June.  It usually starts on Friday and ends Sunday night.  Adjustments have been made to reflect  the ever changing demographics of attendees and how  the fair revenue supports the work of CHUN.  

Roger Armstrong  Executive Director

Andrea Furness     Assistant Director

Alicia Frezquez     Office Administrator


There have been a number of volunteers who have made the fair possible for decades:  Some of the members of the Board of CHUN and many community leaders in various areas make CHUN’s People’s Fair a reality.


There is a Steering Committee which is made of innumerable specialists and long-time members of the community.

Planning meeting for the Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods People’s Fair  December 7 for the following June 2016

welcome and announcements


Roger is speaking  lost place as place to go and be  as a major festival


Mark CHUN board delegate

Jay Fine  Mickey  events management music intern

Charles Nusbaum

Ted Heckel

Emily Richardson  board member

EJ wardson

Debra Adams 

Dave Cook

Heather Bendele

Rob Weil

Katie McCuster

29 events on the same weekend  

partner with others downtown  more getting downtown


contingency fund at lowest point that it ever has been



layout  site set up security


fine art avenue




mural project

art in the park

corporate sponsorship

PR and Marketing






Kids and Families


CHUN Booth  raffle



need to set confirm

steering committee meetings



ARTS and Crafts Jury









MAY 31 Kick off Party

JUNE 1 Steering Committee CIVIC CENTER PARK


FRIDAYJUNE 3  SUNDAY JUNE %  45th People’s Fair

Mural Showcase Event




food off the curb  5 to 10′  not as wide and empty and place will not be flooded by being in the center of the street  fencing will be nothing big on Broadway wecanadjust the fencing  feeling compact  – tighter  push event in


fence  in Lincoln Park  fence at curb on top  allowing 5 to 10 ‘  behind the vendors


electricity  run in back  will that be an issue  back stage areas where there is a place for their belongings

easier to maintain  security

fair goers will not be meandering behind the vendors

DAVE  their things  will be in the vicinity behind their booths and trucks


Steve Reardon  said that all of this is fine will lose some vendors this year

Vincent  about loading in and out


A FRAMES  at 4 major intersections


EJ  is here

McNichols will be under construction


Rent trailer if we do not have an administration tent  $1,500.00


latest renovations  roofing,  contractor  SPECTRUM  sponsor  trailer for us


They could put their banner on this


maybe we can piggy back with the portable loos


fine arts avenue  –  producer of Downtown Arts Festival  will partner for entire area of 14th Avenue 100 booths  no mobil marketers no tarrot card readers no other uses except ARTS


local calorado artisits     39 fine arts vendors  with theirs  they can have 160  another show affordable fine art festival  – 5 years old  –  applications   will be done by CHUN  JURY in Artists  he’ll work together  HE’LL HANDLE logistics  coordinates load in and siting of the vendors


every artist will be pooled together  he will do chalking and organizing they will be the go to person  he will bring his staff


$300.00  fine artists    increased to $350.00  Capitol Hill Exhibitor can be COLORADO ARTISTS  no production photos  he is an artist  he has done shows people will say that someone is not it is an opinion


$16 to 18K in budget we get fees production costs

JIM is the person’s name  FINE ART OPENING AROUND 2 or 3 on  FRIDAY




Do Jim and Doug  know one another?


First Friday of JUNE can we market this as the first FRDIAY   

Challenge of all of this is lighting the areas

beverage carts will be developed


First Friday on Santa Fe  market with the art district


Most of these people are used to free wine and the galleries having lots of food and wine


Debra Adams  mentally challenged on 14th Avenue  they’re walking acorss t he park at that time how is this a pleasabt expereience  not using Colfax.

setting up restaurants in the middle of Civic Center Park




path  that is distinct to the area where the event is going


EXHIBITORS  Will  not here  transition  Dave Cook  need another board member  labor intensive group no one wants to work this hard.  paid staff for   set up and break down  as opposed to issues that occur  crew that helps with load in and take care of vendors

have to be there the whole time

6  people are required to do this correctly

primarily board memebers came for the weekend

site set up  depends on exhibitors relations to do this properly

Alison Torvik  round up 8 people  Torry  is a part of this  – beer both and CHUN Booth


it all drives me absolutely mad


maybe there are some of the people who are attending the event tomorrow of the CHUN HOLIDAY EVENT


SUE will not be returning


profanity            liability   code of conduct for the non-profits fewer of them will be available   80  will be maximum  – city attorney  they can do whatever they want and say whatever they wish  – one or two  characters  –  there are restrictions on behavior  

community partners  –  revenues   declining all beverage boothe are reducing their revenue  and their staffing


ANGEL HEART made minimum  not staying and not earning enough to get to the amount that we have to earn.  

waste of time to have a CHUN BOOTH  saving $600.00 


BIG  TENT:  BEVERAGES    HEATHER BENDELE   –  local beer  type  states for micro breweries   pepsi  beer  no contract 

craft side boom in last few years  we will get bigger amount of money is many smaller companies coors has a local consortium of  micro breweries.


wine tasting  lost highways they gave us wines

why not all of the TRADER JOES   —  New Belgium  —  Left Hand   —   they do logistics  TOUR DE FAT  –  Coors people are in tandem with  New Belgium


beer tasting   taco  festival  in the big tent  dog races   chihuas,  dobbermans,   gerbils,  greyhounds  –   betting       off track  

sampling         Jay’s event was surprising  did not do well in 2015  they were packed   location location location   stand in line  buy   inside  


activate the big   event  flush this out Steve Reardon   – craft cocktail beer tasting pairing with tacos Mexican restaurants  satelite stations throughout the BIG TENT


UNDER THE BIG TENT   for the stuff you’re not doing again  get out of the way  cost a few 1,000 dollars for equipment and staffing


entertainment  Denver Post  taking a stage  another partner  participating in the festival


instapassport 9 Health Fair  at  some place that same day


MURAL  SKIP  OVER  a moment  ALICIA  April  30 Decked Out  Skateboard decks painting competition  raise funding purchasing supplies for the event  –  exciting new event will be at CHUN in the parking lot on April 30 low cost.  NO SNOW   12 to 4 pm  will not cost anything.  Intercom loves the event  live feed from the event  help out with a DJ SCHOMP  reaching back to them.  Offer to Coors to keep sponsorship high.  Saturday  noon to 4 pm  super excited


SKATEBOARD DECK THEY WILL KEEP THEM    two beer tickets with theit $25.00  two bottles of water  or under 21.  sell beer three or four dollars each.


super affordable within Capitol Hill $250.00 for a sponsorship  all skateboard decks will be donated

Bendele          30%    44%  weather related beverages  waste diversion rate  certifiable  no cardboard  wet  can be counted  waste bins covers with holes  super super super volunteers  no more waste.     people who are in the stations who work with the people who are throwing out their trash.  Certifiable green workshop  hard with a festival of this side because this has to flow down to the vendors at the size of this event.


destination Green Up  Denver  Keri Ann  takes  a hell of a lot of volunteers  recruiting with a lot of people   speak over making people make the precise choice of where and when to put your trash.  


metal hooks instead of zip ties  doing too much free labor at  DU  getting credit for this.  Looking forInterns   –      


NO MOVIE THING  NO LATE NIGHT  –   Maybe a hooka  tent  


I HEART  VENDOR STORE  16th Street Mall


Downtown Denver Partnership Business Improvement District Tami Door  Sue   John 


TRADER JOES     I would partner with them   –   


Marketing Committee we will be forming this year.


give food out for free and not do anything for this 


Visit Denver  is a part of the Business Improvement District


Home movies    spectacular presentation







ART IN THE PARK;  Tommy   is helping with canvass and cocktails  teach a class in painting three to four times daily  $25.00  a class  in wine pavillion


Corporate Sponsorships:  Kaiser not returning  budget cuts  event marketing when they were title sponsor


VIP   –  Steve  Reardon VIP  reception first Friday.  wooden coin to go to vendors








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