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“Housing in the Denver Region Can We Meet the Needs of an Aging Population?”

December 9, 2015

“Housing in the Denver Region Can We Meet the Needs of an Aging Population?”


Learn About the different age groups among older adults and their spectrum of housing needs.


Hear about senior housing being built throughout the region and the types that are lacking


Highlight successful senior housing projects throughout the region


Examine strategies for building senior housing


Anna Garcia  regional planner DRCOGBrad Calvert  metro vision manager DRCOG


Maggie Lyons  University of Colorado  MA urban and regional planning   CAP STONE PROJECT interviewing people  –

what are the current barriers strengths near TRANSIT


navigating continuing issues of nhousing and mobility

varying contexts


diverse ages that are avalaible  AARP  50 –  DOLA  65


fifteen year gap in what is an older person


do not self-identify


BOOMER  –  40 million,  28  million,   smallest the older persons

and older  populations


4th fastest rate of growth  for 65 years old and older


10%  2010 and growing at 4.3%   75%  increase  2020  400,000 


34%  disabilities  69%  will have disabilities  \23,405  average income    29,855 average income for older aduls.  55,000 under poverty  33o,00 by 2030 in poverty


they’re not mentioning older adults who are homeless and have no options


DO WE HAVE THE HOUSING?  719 650 6323  maggs099@

Elisabeth Borden  HIGHLAND GROUP  Principal

action and advocacy:   “WILL GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS”  more renting options and there are almost none.  more people who are alone. fewer family members  looking to our communities live off assets of homes  incomes stagnant a lot of people have no assets at all.   costs completely rising  and rising without limits.  HOUSING INVENTORY IS MIS MATCHED  more rental more walkable more multi family less single, more accessible, new and design housing choices  facilitate shared care peer to peer  people continuing to work we are busy and need amenities that reflect diverse activities.


83%  ordinary mixed use housing  –  top two rows are not well to do. subsidized on medicaid directed to people who have little resources.  almost all of the housing being built is dedicated to upper income of 4 to 5,000 dollars monthly


over built regionally  BARRIERS AND CHALLENGES


55 to 75  years of age  not enough $.  avoid lower income communities  walkable mixed use  locations no sites too expensive people have to be where they can walk

co housing cooperative housing shared honmes  and affordable gresssroots  options


no small developments of housing and they’re not speaking about shelters and people in emergency housing at all  –  rising cost of supportive assisted housing  and 4 to 6K for assisted housing  –  affordable memory care not feasible  independent living for impaired people

STATE LEVEL ADVOCACY  Partnership for Age Friendly Housing in Larimer County  Sam Betters is engaged in all of this work.


public funding for housing

medicaid reimbursement for assisted living

INTERNET service for all segments of the communities

incfrease long-term care

choose method and way for us to DIE


near transit higher levels of accessibility


ancillary housing for older people


preserving  mobil homes not needing vehicles  engage in means to make it possible to live more simply and economically in community  preserve these homes that we have  and waiver of fees and fair trade offs


trust in self help and mutual support




respect and augment wisom of aging people




silver Tsunami  STIGMA  not healthy or useful

720 565 0966  

Tyler Downs WAZEE PARTNERS  Principal

HIGH CONCENTRATION  65+ 70.6 more older people limited supply in Wheat Ridge last one built in 1991  conundrum  under write rents that are there if you build it will they come?  focused on 5 to 10%  of the wealthy not those who needmarket rate and affordable

SUBURBS are not well equipped to handle the surge  – availablity of sites and development costs  costs of the construction and infrastructure as well as land prices.  not a lot of density  most all of the suburbs are single family properties that afre detached.

60 units is the threshhold for development of sites with management on site.

$1,500 monthlhy for 2 bed room

three story walk up and walkable 32 units an acre for eleveators and there are height and density issues in the suburbs

10% below market rate to lower rents  with CHFA it was possible to make the rents 30%  below market rate costs.  855.00 1 bedroom  1,025 for 2 bedrooms


eminent domain to acquire the land by city of Wheat Ridge



Steve Art City of Whate Ridge economic development and urban renewal manager


do you have homeless people formed in 1969  9.5 squatre miles  31,000 people aging  Wheat Ridge is the place to live and most own their homes.  

5 urban renewal plans   talking about 1 of them


 tax increment financing  TIF


debt servicing tax shared agreement  retail section  removing blight  URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARIES in Metro Denver.  bought out the properties, we made changes in places that they acquired.


created 3 lots  infrastructure  2.4 million into development as infrastructure  under grounded utilities  put in roads all grading of lots.  WAZEE PARTNERS:  2.75 acrees were purchased.  LOT 2  age restircted apartments  680 person  waiting list –

2014  LOT 3  did identical housing two funding cycles  and they were denied at CHFA


same project at 50 units 3/4  9% tax credits  –   maintaining the landscaping  one apartment is under construction. Urban Renewal  3.8u million dollars 11 dollars a sqwuare foot 

Western Developers:  desired to build this and needed  we lost revenue.  012 opened on left  opening in APRIL next year.

public private partnership   public private partnership  dedicated  we lost $ he says again and again


WAZEE  local based market rate and affordable housing

Sam Betters  Loveland Housing Authority


Mirasol Senior Community in Gfreen House Homes Project  skilled nursing care in AMerica

in LOVELAND  20o4  realized that we had notdone senios housing for twenty years  Elizabeth Borden hored from Highland Group  blueprint became the market rate housing option  Housing Director  in Loveland Housing Authority  MIRASOL  rentals home ownership mixed income green house homes is his central issue  CHFA  tax credits in severl rounds  Dept of local affairs  1. million of fee waivers, lovalnd housing authority  loveland housing authority   weinberg foundation significant grant for reality  private partners JP morgan Chase, Wells Fargo,  53 million to develop  this

24 home ownerships

31 mixed income town homes rentals

109 affordable rental units LIHC


7,500 Sq. foot events center

2,oo sq foot administration center



18K average income 65% affordable  750  to 950  for housing @ month  2 bedroom attached 




50,000 deed restriction for affordable housing  to maintain the affordable housing


CLOSED in  2013  last home completed in AUG. 2015


Mickey Miller  developer  annexed in the city  over structure walking paths and supported financially by LOVELAND


3 15 2006  ground breaking

HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG  2 million invested by their foundation back east

skilled care operating partner  Sr. Bill Thomas develoepd this concept of this housing  we all have something to offer no matter what stage we are in


GREEN HOUSE   BLENDA JOhNS is expressing what she was experiencing as a resident she said that she felt like she was at home.  HONORED  home where I can stay lead and be took in her furnishings

LELA JASPER then speaks about her feeling so being in her own place as a resident


CHIF LOAN 1% loan from DOLA  –  serving very low income seniors NEW MARKETS TAX CREDITS  empowered staff  real home  close to the people who are living in this place

deep knowing the residents  has purpose and continues to grow and find enjoyment


CONVIVIUM  1st DINNER  a place like the CATHOLIC WORKER HOUSE structure


Lucile  would like for breakfast  what time  is the breakfast  Lucile omlet.  Breakfast is at your time  you tell us when breakfast is

green house home culinary arts  Shabazz  –  persian  falcons that hover above the elders  Shabazzim  are the people who oversee the people living there  elders take part in all decision making like a QUAKER MEETING the spirit moves you and all lead  no matter what they live in a shared community.  

out door space is protected to help people be safe and sound


MArisol homes Green House accommodates 10 people. they do not share their baths and bedrooms  all marisol green houses have fore places for warmth  no hood required.  lift system from bath to bed  SPA AREA in each home  celebrating outdoor spaces growing their vegetables.  60 unit tax credits interior spaces  –  Sam Bettors  what a presentation


Defining Senior Housing  in Metro Region


Boomers 46 to 64  ages 51 to 69



Silent Generation  31 to 45    ages 67 to   85


1930  and older   86   to  +100


There are a lot of people here thay are chatting people are coming in late who they’re expecting


Anna Garcia

MDHI –  Rebecca Mayer and Ted Pascoe from Senior Support Services is present  only ones who represent agencies concerned with homeless people


10  calls daily for locating housing  and they cannot find a place because the vouchers only are sufficient for 90 dyas which is three months and a lot of people cannot find a place to live.



They’re opening a hot line for housing because the issue is such a gnawing concern








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