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What Climate Change Has to Do With Homeless People

December 12, 2015

What Climate Change Has to Do With Homeless People


“Nothing most would blindly irritatedly insist.  Everything in fact is bound on how we relate to everything else, including the exploitation of others and all natural resources.  Where gluttony floods our decisions cold indifference determines our perspectives of people who are living in desperate circumstances.  While we can harness resources to preserve the earth we can restore the vitality and value of indigent people who have no where to stay at night.  We have a responsibility to live with scarcity and care for all else that we take for gtranted including the earth.”

“Climate change is about ecosystems. Climate change negotiations are about ego-systems.”

LAURENCE TUBIANA, France’s top climate-change envoy, on her challenge as the host of global climate talks and the chief wrangler of sharp-elbowed negotiators.

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