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Israel Bayer States, “homelessness is manmade” “It Can Be Solved.” Ultimately By WHOM? or HOW?

December 13, 2015

“I’ve often felt the same way as this women  that Israel  refers to.  Many people have no options. Even if they do many people feel abandoned and that their lives are in foreclosure.  It is not simply a matter whether we can solve these issues but what is their cause.  Underlying all people living on the margin of life is trauma.  This is a national epidemic.  Trauma can be solved and thence the issue of people living in precarious ways on the street and in morasses that are created and created by the person.  In these cases where the person has given up  there is a responsibility of the faith community to reach out as there is a lack of spirit of the person to overcome the darkness and losses.  I’ve this way many times in the last thirty-five years.  I started out as a person without a feeling of being grounded and everyone attributed this to me being lazy and needing more discipline.  These circumstances have persisted throughout my life.”  These are signs and symptoms of trauma and these matters can definitely be addressed.  Housing and supportive services that runs concomitantly with trauma will help in large part to alleviate the stress especially with youth and single women who have families. Childhood trauma  look to Tedmed 2014  Dr. Nadine Jacqueline Burke Harris.”  Editor’s comments

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