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Verily Bernie Can If We Can = A Republic Runs Not As Bystanders But By Sweat and Work

December 17, 2015

This Republic Is Not Run By Being on the Sideline But By being Involved and Willing to Work Hard in Every Way Possible

This Republic  Runs Not As bystanders But By Sweat and Determination to Play a Vital Role for the Common Good


There is no democracy without all of the citizens having a part in the process.

Verily Bernie Can If  We Can

Join me in support of Bernie Sanders for President, 2016.
“Most of you know I have spent the past 45 years working on many issues of peace and justice. I continue to hope for a better world. The US has a leading role to play for the good of the planet, and the human family…if we stand with ethical leadership.

Bernie Sanders is authentic. He walks his talk: from his stand as a conscientious objector in the Vietnam war, to his work for the Congress for Racial Equality (CORE), to his opposition to the Iraq war, and his constant effort to bring economic justice and income equality to working Americans, Bernie has a consistent ethic in his political record. The president alone cannot bring change. Bernie gives us the opportunity to participate in a political revolution for the common good. It’s up to each of us to get involved.

The first step toward Bernie’s nomination is the Democratic Caucus in your state. In Colorado the Caucus is March 1, 2016, Super Tuesday!! To participate you must be registered as a Democrat by December 31, 2015. Many who identify as Independent, Green Party, Libertarian, and maybe even some Republicans are changing their party affiliation to Democrat so they can participate in the Caucus. In Colorado go and click on “Find My registration.” The change is very easy.

As my dear friend, Patty Lawless, says “Bernie inspires possibility. He speaks truth to power. He talks about real change…Bernie Sanders can help us build dignity for all.” This is possible if WE show up at the Caucus. Please join me, and make a difference.”



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