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Emily Griffith Opportunity School Denver’s Road Home Employment Committee December 2015

December 18, 2015

Emily Griffith Opportunity School Denver’s Road Home Employment Committee December 2015


Ken   will be the new chair

Tammy is changing her role


There are about fifty people   present  at  this meeting


Every  day is a day to advocate for change. Emily Griffith has been doing this for a century.  






Angela nelson  DRH

Bennie  Milliner  ED

2016  recalibrate  fourth blade  moving people from homeless to  Housing

work getting done  

 100th   anniversary  first  vocational college in the United States.  Help people to  obtain work


ASHLEY is working specially with  people on the edge


cheapest  college training program in the  state


all full-time

part-time in three shifts  daily

Bureau of Labor vision for the future   1,300  HVAC  jobs in the next year

85%  completion   jobs  over 90%  if they completed this program  they will be working


we teach all the skills soft and specifically to the occupation


Audrey Krepps


average age 28.5  years old


many displaced workers come in and train

part-time  designed to be completed in 2 years  


water quality management lasts 5 months


100%  completion rate and sit for four industry level  accreditation


about to retire  cost  $2,500.00 to take these  classes


$11,000  welding and HVAC  for a year of training.


tools and equipment foundation covers the costs of these expenses




life change  completed program UCD  additional degree credit  now supervising at Denver Works


work with felony friendly employees

know which employers to reach out to


people cannot finish the program before they are employed   $18 to 36.00  an hour  welding  prefer welding in mechanics


Senior Service  Community Programs  – Audrey


Vanessa   –   from the Ritz Carlton  Hotel    Intense training provided   Denver  employer – hard to fill positions  job postings we can set up a meeting



They’re taking people on tours of the facilities


This is their annual  holiday party for  esprit de corps


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