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A Place for All – All – A Place for All All

December 20, 2015

A Place for All – All – A Place for All All



THIS IS WRONG! subsisting is not acceptable anywhere since 2000 I’ve been engaged in this and reluctantly long before in New York City with Covenant House and long before that time when I worked in the Germantown Hospital in the Wards. I never could fathom the depth of poverty in Ms. Dirkin, who took care of me as a child, and in the streets of North Philadelphia, where I worked as a counselor and later the director of a camp for youth right where the Rocky films were made. It is senseless and beyond repair, A colleague of mine speaks about resilience and I believe that there are those who have overcome everything. I’m not one of them. I cannot imagine how fragile we are and yet, we are treated as if we were carrying the plague. Only the plague which we see is created and not born from animals. This crisis that the Mayor of Seattle refers to runs deep within the construction of this economy and the impractical application of market driven profit that robs the workers of basic rights and wealth, most of all to take care of and nurture our families. A few may overcome the obstacles, but for the most part like the game, Star Power,” most are left behind. We read the names of 160 people at the homeless memorial service in Denver on Wednesday evening. We keep reading names of people who have been left out and forgotten, who have the unenviable circumstance and stigma of living in poverty that robs their will. We feel that there is a time coming when ” your name will be read, and you wonder, will anyone remember?”


“We aren’t going to have anywhere to go,” said JoJo Valdez, 40, who said she had been among those sobbing as police cleared the camp. See what it’s like being homeless in one of America’s tent cities. Find out more:  since 2000 and rising in number until the Mayor Declared ”  This is an emergency disaster.”  


It always has been a nonsensical way to survive, since the 1880’s in Denver when the Denargo Market and the other shanties first were erected.  Subsistence is not an option.  “Give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play.”  


Let us not forget that we belong that we are citizens that we live in a place and have a hearth to keep warm.


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