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Running for office is a joke in this age – some local officals do make differences but at the national level where money dominates citizens are not heard

December 30, 2015

running for office is a joke in this age  Some  local officals  do make differences  but where money is prime at the national level

citizens are not heard who have divergent perspectives


i hear a lot of talk about wanting to be engaged in the political process by people who largely have had little to do with anything except casting a vote. I have been a committee person for over a decade. I have watched people come and go and I know a number of local and national leaders. In all of my life time I have been aware that the political process is flawed nothing could have been more apparent than during the last Denver General Assembly. I have also served for more than a decade as a poll worker. I have watched many people come in and only vote for one issue. The existence of the balanced budget amendment to the state constitution is an example not of stewardship of the republic but of the shocking apathy that undermines how the republic serves everyone. I was raised in a home where knowledge and participating in the republic was mandatory, yet I see how little opportunity there is for anyone in this system of government to be represented fairly if the person’s perspectives diverges from the status quo of leadership, backed by unbelievable financing that squelched all dissent. The parliamentary system of government would provide dissenting views to be shared along with the main stream parties of democrat and republican, but that is impossible for this nation to embrace. GOOD LUCK new dissidents, you’ll need this at least.




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