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how we walk matters most

January 12, 2016

How We Walk In This Place Matters More Than Not



“I  just realized something..that real eyes, realize, real lies..people need to stop lying to themselves.or living in denial//.i am far from perfect..but I manage my life and profession to the best of my abilities and for one to try and judge me by over analyzing my life is despicable..i may not have much..but financially I manage a home..a health life..the love in my faith and everything else..with no one’s help..i am far from denial because I accept the choices that I make and I accept and own them…I am not angry at myself or at others who have been a pothole in my drive to move forward and attempt to be succesful..i do not owe anyone anything..on the contrary I might owe myself..i have no excuse or owe an excuse for anything thing in my life..I am a great person..but remember I am not perfect..i can be obnoxious..i can be arrogant and inpatient..yet I own those and I am not ashamed of who I am…Denial should encourage you to admit to youself, God or to another the true nature of your pain and your short comings..AAAnnnnnd..Acceptance forms the foundation for loving yourself..Greet each day with a quiet heart and you might find serenity..your burdens are no one else’s problems..So Act Like You Know Before You Loose Everything.,i refuse to..yet like I said I am not perfect.”



well said  lady

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