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WHAT WE NEED MAINTENANT Compassion patience simplicity – “What we all need now is love sweet love not a little but as much as the world can stand”

January 14, 2016

Compassion patience simplicity – What we all need now is love sweet love not a little but as much as the world can stand


  • pinpoint precision health care that was referred to in the address of the President of the US and that means that we have a way to access efficient and compassionate care for all both mental and medical care.


  • couple this with housing options that reflect the demands of all citizens to be safe and especially obtain housing for single women with children and youth.


  • we have to listen to Dr, Burke Harris on TED MED TALK regarding ACE and the #1 national epidemic that 70% of the people in America FACE.


  • Let’s remember that behavioral health and grinding poverty is blind to where we live and where we come from. Trauma impacts us all.


  • Please explore the Manchester-Bidwell Corporation and job training and housing such as Bridgehouse in Boulder.
  • Listen to constituents and respond with trauma care that we are proud for the courageous act of people taking charge by working to overcome the obstacles be resilient that none of us is meaningless.




“It is in the Shelter of each other that we all live!” Let us require citizenship responsibility and response as beings who cherish this orb we are attached to spinning round.

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