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Colorado Social Legislative Committee Executive Committee January 2016 7127757300 #126862#

January 15, 2016

Call  in for Executive Committee  712 775 7300   126862#



 Executive Committee  – bill, bridget, chaer robert, Chris, Dave, Diane, Doug, Elena, Jennifer, Jill, Kay, nan morehead, Peter,
  Chaer Peter  rebekka  bill  Kay  on phone  Elena,  Dave, Chris, Diane,  
Jennifer from the children’s campaign standing conflict  on Fridays @ 3
 2 p.m.  will be better starting  in  February
  • Reminder:  the CSLC Executive Committee meets this Friday and every 3rd Friday of each month.
                            3:00 – 4:30
                           789 Sherman St #300


    Treasurer’s Report  –  $4,600.00  accepted  bill moved
    Minutes  –                        November from Bill Hanna Secretary
    Debrief – First Session – Hospital Provider Fee

  • January  11  65 people room was packed en how  Bill put together the panel;
  • Ft Morgan  person  Henry Sorbonet   –  Catherine Mulrhenny
  • I heard from people  sending this to my network.
  • this had an impact on membership?  several people asked
  • Dennis Galagher  said that he was renewing

Kay  20 of  12 came in

  • Upcoming Programs

Bridget  Kamenetsky:  

  • Chris Hine  second row push the tables in:  main entrance was changed this year  able to get into the building  elevator did not work  Mondays  church is closed   elevator was stuck on a different  floor
  • Communications – Clarification of Responsibilities
    PA System  mess “is it on”   research on microphone:      
  • upcoming programs  –   
  • through February 29  planned


  • Bridget panel  on parental  concerns  January 25
  • representative Faith Winter  –  Corrine  Fowler  – Color  Maggie Gomez  9 to 5  Parental Leave and related accommodations for workers who are pregnant and for people who are standing or have to have reasonable support for them to be employed 

Death With Dignity  

February 1  –    Chris Hine  –  Compassion and Choices   context  reservation  if disability community presents against this  legislation Colorado End of Life Options Act   –  Representative Lois Court

February 8        Jill coordinating the meeting:  regarding  –  Black Lives Matter for Racial Justice  Inter-Faith Alliance  Amanda

February 15         President’s DAY  no hay una reunion

February  22   –   Jennifer Corrigan    housing  Doug Wayland  el dijo  no veteran’s housing

February 29 –



  • Legislative Committee and legislative awards Diane and Chris forms from Diane  1050  for support
  • Bill  – Diane  and Bridget   Pat Steadman  life time, Grantham  –  300K  for ID’s , Petersen and Langraff
    There is no meeting this Monday  holiday for Dr. King Jr.
  • $81.35
  • $195.95 

  with a blue tooth connection  top of the line $200.00




microphone  in hand by the 25th of January






Chaer Robert
Family Economic Security Program
Colorado Center on Law and Policy
789 Sherman St #300
Denver, CO  80203
303-573-5669 x307

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