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Democratic House District 8 Meeting with Representative DeGette

January 16, 2016

House District 8  meeting with Representative Diane DeGette


Dave Wolfe  called the meeting to order.


Fellowship  and hopefully personship 

10th term of the representative who took over for Pat Schroeder


UPDATE  D.C.    State of the Union  special work


special guests Muslims from our communities  embrace immigrants and Muslims  Iman  Shahib

Pelosi reception:  met leadership  –  nothing except good will here in Denver and Colorado

Ralph Carr  closed internment camps of Japanese


Sequorra Square  band meeting


omnibus bill in December  – smallest # since 1929  since gerrymandering


40 – 60 tea party people do not participate in the approval of minutes


it was and is not ALL GREAT last year  no additional riders were in the omnibus bill

eliminating many programs  no defunding at all of any programs

Hobby Lobby   working for religious bodies cannot get birth control


broke sequester  get increased spending  extending clean energy tax cuts,  extended research in medicine, reauthorization of community health centers  type i and ii research of diabetes  21st century cures patient groups  medical research centers  344 against 77  on this  playing defense  all of the time  CONGRESSIONAL  SCHEDULE deals with programs and not voting.


2 weeks  Ryan’s budget will be released  –  target working americans


The Donald and Cruz   –  1 manages to get nomination


transpacific partnership:  against fast track authorization  work a long time meeting with constituency  groups


TPP  Complex  numerous issues  started to review this and have to consider what she is doing when she votes


cost of living quality of life  suffering what can be done across people without options?  


co chair Japan born on a military base in Japan  primiminister OBI


will not come up until after national election


net  neutrality bill telecommunications  set supporter of net neutrality

takes back some net neutrality  federal 


convention  district  goes to  super delegate  representative 

co chair of Clinton campaign ion 2008  endorse in 2008 


Bernie Sanders  by time of the convention we will be on a team together


2010  Supreme Court  Citizens United  campaign reform  –  passing big 21st CURES BILL + campaign finance reform relief for student relief


issue with Citizens United     put these lies on the air which are confusing  – public funding for elections


congressman Sarbane  comprehensive bill on campaign funding she is supporting


list the sponsors financially  constitutional amendment to repeal  citizens united

real solution keeping the white house and get the supreme court changed  new justices


running for re-election 5:30 to 7:30  30 south broadway  SOZO  on 19th  Tuesday  campaign kick off


Aaron Goldhammer and Leslie Herod are speaking about the house seat


I spoke  ten minutes with  Congresswoman DeGette  and she mentioned that precision health care is a top priority that we are addressing from top to bottom with health care that is affordable.  She expressed that Bray Patrick-Lake contact  her staff member.


gun control strengthening gun control  local weapons for recreational activities  background check mental health conversation around guns  mental 

what do you think of this process?  not much


the whole process is jaded  why are so many people in this lawyers?  It is ridiculous  – working hard and living fairly what does that mean?  anyone who is humming and bumming should be forgotten?  I disagree, people need to be safe no matter who they are and where they come from.


resources for everyone  Salt Lake City   lowering the costs of public services:  public housing costs  looking at accessory dwelling, reauthorizing low income tax credit  set to be termed  losing a lot of social benefit for housing  people.


TABOR  Gallagher  what can we do about this  denies services  benefits quality of life for people  human suffering  –   cutting down the care of people generally by not raising revenue  higher education tax refunds  


electricity  climate change using obsolete  fuels and resources  –  look at what will happen in the long run?  Oil prices are very low  – transportation costs hedging in green economy  sun shine wind power  new technology  investment


change in district WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  whole range of interests registered democrats  range of neighborhoods  people owning and rentals more affordable housing increasing density  providing public infrastructure   costs of transit  changes


State of Washington  over site charter school  –  school discipline:  800%  more likely to be involved in discipline if you are non white.  

DAVE:  establish Internet service  BROAD BAND  century link and comcast  change that provision in legislature.  telecom big industry  power lobbies that are conflicting with support of change


Colorado Community Network  living wage Internet service  state government interferes

local control  has appeal to everyone  actually  advancing public agenda  Peggy Wallace is her  7 383 4873  cell for Aaron Goldhammer


SENATOR JOHNSTON  DISTRICT 33  ANGELA WILLIAMS   SOME ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE a voice  small business voice encouraging growth  consumer protection


HOA  majority of people liver in these  they do?  KIOWA law  license HOA managers  do not how to administrate KIOWA LAW

POLICE changes in support working with law enforcement  loop holes in law enforcement background checks

close  MARCH 1  CAUCUS:  HUMBLY    representative McCann  DENVER DISTRICT ATTORNEY:  elect

ISSUES:  disappointing demarcation  HOSPITAL PROVIDER FEE  bucket for funding  give that back and not paying for indigent health care  –  800 million dollars is not a tax not considered as  general revenue

Brandon  will not support this  not possible to change this  cutting 20 million from higher education  payment will be cut to medicaid patients  less doctors will take medicaid patients


transportation bonding   issue bonds to repair roads and bridges  takes $  we should be used for bridges and roads to build new roads  like route 40  Colfax Avenue  have not caught up with education k to 12  not able to get back to where we were,


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  always the main stay of failure to cover and protect people


redefine parole  transition role of parole officer is to aide people  independent ethics commission  she is also running a bill from 9-t0-5 Colorado  what is that bill she is sponsoring?  health bill  stand alone emergency rooms  – urgent care fees are exorbitant   –   mile away going to major hospital always when necessary.


SOCIAL IMPACT BONDING  SIB  return on investment  SAVINGS  get people  section 8 housing more attractive  income based  people will be able to be in better places  3 year wait list  more affordable housing  extend income tax credit  saving9s account to purchase a home  helping those who are impoverished. 


major gun bills to protect people both in homes  passed 5 bills  she is sponsoring that I now remember  pay for their background check handling a gun 


repeal those bills is one top priorities of the legislature


1057  narrow fiscal double number of signatures 10% in each district  for initiatives  no initiative passed without a lot of $  requires be repaying the costs, information that is supported about the initiative  we do not get that information   BLUE BOOK HAS The statement that goes on the initiative  Representative Cort is in the room


limiting corporate spending 190K  signature  invalidated  100K  we had out of state notaries who processed these initiatives


may be referred to ballot


absolutely support   being able to vote


no more things in our constitution because they’re tough to repeal!


Cannot say what is what  cell phone:  for anyone  can come anytime to see me at the Captiol.


AUDITOR TIMOTHY O’BRIEN:  Denver  –  free from conflicts of interest  –  Kathleen MacKenzie  –  Jeff Garcia  3,500 contracts  JULIE CONNOR  staff out reach coordinators  Gallagher  new level


comprehensive audit performance  cyber security  extensive support  –  performance and financial audits what are the distinctions  DOLLARS duly authorized recorded properly  –  performance  answers what did we get for our dollars.

dollars will be spent were they spent wisely contract  audit  ROCKY MOUNTAIN HUMAN SERVICES mill levy  monitoring how these dollars are used   over charged and unfortunate use of funding.

what does auditor do and how are you telling me about what we are doing  sign up


brother who died two years ago  Timothy O’Brien  –  who was without a safe place to lie down and rest!!!  amazing  the connections.


HIGHWAY STATE SYSTEM  money from states to counties for maintenance.  RTD  highways auditors DPS  who does an audit of Denver Public School System who does this?  independent CPA  STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION  monitors all financing

ARE THERE RULES paying for state project  83  million dollars for 1-70  through northern part of the state   reconstruction of I-70 through DENVER  state highway  there are issues of storm water, exit and entrance ramps  expenditure of funds

SOCIAL IMPACT BONDS  are on our radar screen


rapid fire  we have a lot to report on caucus PCP training  Representative Court  –  changing threshold was constitution  how to deal with the constitutional barriers

finance committee long term fiscal policy  reign in expenses on school board elections


outrageous amounts of funding from all sources  DAN PABON  

end of life options terminally ill patients to have medication near death  diagnosed by two doctors  self administering  hearing 


we do not always agree  what a surprise:  senate District 31  supporting end of life  primaries instead of caucuses  more people people going to choose delegates

individuals caucus and primary both done


ERIN BENNETT  senate District 31 fighting for everyone  more champions  more valued organizers  community  low income women securing paid family level  affordable community housing  pushed from the region  transit system from 9 to 5 Colorado


STEVE SHERRICK  SENATE DISTRICT 31  Hygiene Colorado  9th and Colorado rural Colorado Alamosa  honored to have both   physician  take up the mantle  business practices endorsed labor  Pat Steadman  next senator  Alec Garnett and   Paul Rosenthal  canvass  after this


BERNIE SANDERS   32nd and Stout organizing since September  8 to 10 at night  awesome issues  who______ Edgewater and east Colfax chief deputy Smith  and someone from IOWA  phone banking  senator  Joan SANDERS solidarity of movement


Charles Norris:  started US CONGRESS first congressional district  has opponent  geologist,  business owner.

differ from congress woman  DeGette  legitimate to vote for someone other than the constituents  based on carbon community  cash for campaigns


National Parties  Citizens United is a cash cow for both properties  corporations are not PEOPLE

CAUCUS  get people to event MARCH 1  –  848  7 pm  6pm checked in  MANUAL  HS  – Smiley  venture prep  –   DAVID WOLFE is printing out where we go  10 to 11:30  here in the library  PCP training


10 to 12 people


two weeks VAN training   mini van  use a phone or tablet is much simpler and more effective  23rd at 10 am at LIBRARY


duties aside from caucus central committee January 30  the date for meeting  noon on all day SOUTH HIGH  SCHOOL


lengthy rules changes for this Scarborough MARK?  clarify simplify  clarify  PROXY  SIGN FOR THIS assign a person

delegate formula  Derrick is a captain and Dave Wolfe  attached is a proxy form  turn over someone else

each precinct will have its own area.  817  8a 1 precinct over  we are voting on this at next meeting in February.


we are here at this place for at least  3 months  difficult to get this place all of the time


Spaghetti dinner  STATE CONVENTION is in Ft. COLLINS on  Saturday APRIL 16  at same day as MARch 23RD COUNTY ASSEMBLY:  move this to weekend before  where will the dinner be held  one place at 22nd and Dexter  church  Parkhill United Methodists.  HOLD THE MEETING ON APRIL 23 IS   Passover 


anucios:  women’s legislative breakfast  February 23  7 to 9 am  Scottish Rite Temple 1370  Grant STREET


























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