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CHUN Fiesta de la Plaza de Denver en Junio el primer fin de la semana de Junio Steering Committee People’s Fair

January 26, 2016

La Fiesta de la Plaza De Denver en el primer fin de la semana en el parque  


ndrea Furness <>
to: Dave Cook <>,
Debra Adams <>,
Doug Goldman <>,
Doug Kacena <>,
EJ Worden <>,
Ellen Kennedy <>,
Emily Richardson <>,
Heather Bendele <>,
Jay Finesilver <>,
Katie McCusker <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Rob Weil <>,
Sebastian Metz <>,
Selena Martinez <>,
Steve Riordan <>,
Sue Gates <>,
Ted Heckel <>,
“Tommy Nahulu (” <>,
Vince Gavito <>
cc: Roger Armstrong <>,
Alicia Fresquez <>,
Randle Loeb <>


Art & Music Festival

Produced by Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc. (CHUN)


Contact: Andrea Furness

CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair

303.830.1651 ext. 20





Denver, Colo. – January 25, 2016 – The Capitol Hill People’s Fair is excited to announce a new collaboration for the 2016 festival with the Denver Arts Festival (formerly the Downtown Denver Arts Festival).  The People’s Fair and Jim DeLutes, director of the DAF, will collaborate to create an expanded Fine Arts Avenue, showcasing the works of local and regional fine artists.  Fine Arts Avenue will be located on 14th Ave. between Broadway and Bannock streets.


Jim DeLutes brings over 25 years of experience in the Art Festival business. As an artist, he has done over 350 festivals across the country including most of the top 10 ranked shows. For the last nine years he has been the Director of the Downtown Denver Arts Festival (now the Denver Arts Festival) and the Affordable Arts Festival since 2012. During that period he brought DAF from having no national ranking to being ranked #22 in 2015 (out of 600 shows). The Affordable Arts Festival has also moved to #36 in just four years.


“I’m excited to partner with the Capitol Hill People’s Fair,” said DeLutes, “because I think growing the Fine Arts area of the show allows more people to broaden their experience when visiting the Fair.”  Jim is looking forward to bringing in some great artists and creating an arts venue that patrons will enjoy.


“We are thrilled to partner with Jim DeLutes to expand Fine Art Avenue and incorporate a variety of outstanding local and regional artists,” said Roger Armstrong, Executive Director of CHUN and the People’s Fair.  “Jim’s wealth of knowledge and experience in producing top-notch shows will be a boost to our arts program


The 2015 CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair was presented by Coors Light and 9NEWS.  Associate Sponsors included: The Denver Post, Xfinity by Comcast, Entercom Denver stations 99.5 The Mountain, KOSI 101, Studio 1430 AM and Alice 105.9, Cuervo, and Pepsi. Kaiser Permanente was a Supporting Sponsor of the People’s Fair.

20 @ cession and three daily   6  altogether   1 to 2 hour sessions

people here  staff  no interns :   Jeff Goldman  Jipson amelia,  Rob Weil since 82,  Tommy NaHulu,  Ian Tafoya, JAMIE new on board   paint parties  organized   did one in the room  last year  one at City Grille  First  Meeting in 2016

AGENDA:  January, 2016

increased 38% in 2016  special event committee  Beth Asbee   Grace  493,603  budget proposed page 254

all steering committee meetings will be in HALL at CHUN

charging for bagged meters  and street closures

new policy changes in Parks and Recreation with regard to Rules and Regulations

Director of Office of Special Events  special appointee  Katie Trachinna  –  3 staff

new public works policy  percentage of c construction costs  closing the streets will mean 1,800  + 900,00

goes up 1% every year starting in 2017

20   people in paint party  works with primary colors and they learn to make color  like   the Color Kittens

event forum  ask all of the events 17 departments where events will interface.   


expressing frustration:  

Veronica Barela is writing the letter

Layout/ site set up/security  –  ADMIN TRAILER  where o where to put it  cannot use the Election Commission  Building  or McNicols

Environmental Protections is in the Elections Commission  Building


Fine art Avenue –  signage   see above  collaborating building on this asset  financial   they’re increasing the numbers to three times last year  Jim gets 62% of fees and   CHUN gets the rest of the fees.  they still make their projected revenue  they are keying on expanding their market

Jim will take over the exhibitor relations  Downtown Arts Festival  changing name to Denver Arts Festival in Stapleton  Community

Crafters will be in different locations:  Morning Stars Farms  other places will be set for the event


Exhibitors   Dave Cook   no esta aqui   exhibitor relations    new    leadership

exhibitor relations

community partners

food and beverages

applications rcc’d  Fine Artists  –  2  

MARKET Place  –                                7  

Hand Crafted –                                    9  

Capitol Hill business vendors  –   0  

Personal Service  –                             3  

Non Profit  fee $125.00 –                 9

 Gourmet Food  –                                1  

Entertainment   JAY  FINE   no esta  aqui  – 87

early bird discounts but not many people are signing up early  we’ve received $12,000.00

Entertainment  –   Monoliscious  would be a good group tp bring in

Instant Passport

Mural Project

Decked Out  –  mural kids get a discount  paint a blank skateboard deck for $25  on Facebook    303 Boards Sam owns this place  Bound by Design  owner Patrick   art competition   35  tickets at most here in this room  –  @ costs  $13.00 for the deck  Ursula’s  Taco Shop

event April 30  sponsorship  packet  $1,000.00 level a free space at the People’s Fair


Art In Park


Corporate Sponsors

Debriefs done except Comcast, Kaiser, Denver Post

Kaiser is stepping away   – Denver Post have not met with them  –  COMCAST  exclusive provider with cable Internet  –  Coors  debriefed   Jennifer contact  meet in the next week   –  Budweiser  UMX  not opposed to changing if they can   –   liquor  beverage distributors 20K last People’s Fair.  split the spirits and the wine    PEPSI  last year of their contract  with them.  Coco-cola  getting back in  COKE DOES NOT DO ICE   –   Cricket  left company  ATT  merged  –   Greenwood Village  – Horizon  –  T Mobile  –   

PR and Marketing   marketing committee    –  Jamie     listening  

marketing committee

social media campaign

media partners, 9 News

The Denver Post  Comcast and Entercom Radio


VIP  catering companies  life styles catering wants to come in and take care of all of this   Do not do this area  A lot of sponsors have depended on this  –  


Greening  –  diversion numbers   35%   diverted   before 32%   year before  with   44%   goal   40   to  50%  recycled   educating the vendors about what is recycled and what is not.  intensive crew at the University of Denver  at an event.  Auraria Campus  City and County of Denver   environmental consciousness  covered areas  volunteers stand by signs with the maps and where to throw their trash

 real diversion   5%  with Whole Foods  received several 1,000  dollars for this   liners  Waste Management 

Phil  Haberman?  lots of ideas of continuing   posting that on the signs  you can help  recycle

filled a mermaid with plastic as a barometer as whether they are recycling effectively.

ap for mobil ap for guide  instead of a lot of maps.

recycling seems to grind to a halt

voter registration people will be teeming at these events

Kids and Family Areas

Volunteers  – Alicia is going to a fair next week  Metro Volunteers

CHUN Booth/Raffle

2016 Schedule

steering committee meetings – fourth Monday each month

UMX   and crafts Jury    APRIL 2 and 3  Celtic Tavern  the gambling bar

ARTS and Crafts Jury  April 9

Siting  APRIL 23

Decked Out   April 30

Music Showcase   May

Mural Project Kickoff   _____ no time and place determined


Steering Committee  meeting Civic Center Park  JUNE 1

45th People’s Fair  JUNE 4  and 5  possibly  June 3  

Mural Showcase event

almost   8 pm  

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