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January 28, 2016

Destrezas a Competir   Skills to Compete  Colorado Center on Law and Policy  CCLP



Attached is a rough draft of potential Skills Training related bills at the State Legislature which have already been introduced. We hope to have time at the meeting tomorrow to identify which are in or out of our scope.( See notes as to our previous criteria on the handout itself.).Please don’t share the list too widely yet, as it is still very rough.

I believe the two most relevant to our work are probably Senate Bill 077- which would align secondary and post secondary courses of instruction related to the State Career Pathways. The other is House bill 1116 calling for a public forum on microcredential.  If you get a chance you might look at those two in particular at

Welcome to the Colorado General Assembly’s official website The Second Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly convened on January 13, 2016

To:; Alison Friedman;; Andrea Stiles Pullas;; Ashley Shaw; Aubrey Hasvold;;;;; Cedric Lindsay; Chaer Robert;;;;; Claire Levy;;; Davis, Megan;;;;; Eric Mergens; Gallegos – CDHS, Jon;;;;;;;; Jessica Cassarino; Jessie Hawthorn;;; Jirous, Jennifer;;;; Karen Stran;; Kelly Folks; Kesi Relyea;;;; Laura Gabbay;;; Lee Wheeler-Berliner;;; Liu, Michelle; Lorena Zimmer; Luis Duarte;; M Barry;; Margaret Kirkpatrick;; Michelle Webster; Monica Guardiola; Paula Schriefer;; Petti, Anne;;;; Renee Ferrufino;;;; S. Casey O’Donnell;;;; Sheri Michael;;; Stephen Moore; Steve Del Castillo;;; Tim Gaudette;
Subject: Skills2Compete Tommorrow

See you tomorrow.  Attached are proposed comments Michelle wrote up from the S2C committee that met to discuss WIOA Draft Plan Comments on the section on Eligible Provider Training list. Thanks to Bryan from Ntl Skills, Jessica from Emily Griffith, Sasha from Arapahoe Douglas Works, Jim Schultz from Pretty Good Consulting, and Aubrey from CCLP who attended that roundtable discussion.


Anyone bring your recommendation for comments on others sections, even if they aren’t written up. 


Chaer Robert


Family Economic Security Program

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

789 Sherman St #300

Denver, CO  80203

303-573-5669 x307

To: ‘‘; Alison Friedman; ‘‘; Andrea Stiles Pullas; ‘‘; Ashley Shaw; Aubrey Hasvold; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Cedric Lindsay; Chaer Robert; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Claire Levy; ‘‘; ‘‘; Davis, Megan; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Eric Mergens; Gallegos – CDHS, Jon; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Jessica Cassarino; Jessie Hawthorn; ‘‘; ‘‘; Jirous, Jennifer; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Karen Stran; ‘‘; Kelly Folks; Kesi Relyea;; ‘‘; ‘‘; Laura Gabbay; ‘‘; ‘‘; Lee Wheeler-Berliner; ‘‘; ‘‘; Liu, Michelle; Lorena Zimmer; Luis Duarte; ‘‘; M Barry; ‘‘; Margaret Kirkpatrick; ‘‘; Michelle Webster; Monica Guardiola; Paula Schriefer; ‘‘; Petti, Anne;; ‘‘; ‘‘; Renee Ferrufino; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; S. Casey O’Donnell; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; Sheri Michael; ‘‘; ‘‘; Stephen Moore; Steve Del Castillo; ‘‘; ‘‘; Tim Gaudette; ‘
Subject: Next Skills2Compete Meeting Jan 28



1.     High School Equivalency Test Update:


State Board Action December 10– Go ahead on all three tests……………………………………………………..Shirley Penn, Frank Waterous, Laurie Harvey


    Related, from Shirley:  GED lowers passing score:


The GED Testing Service, responsible for administering high school equivalency exams, is lowering the passing score for the test.




2.      Proposed Comments on WIOA Draft Plan ……….

We anticipate the bulk of our meeting to be devoted to this.  While anyone may make any comments on their own on the website before February 9: , the discussion will be on what comments S2C wants to submit as a coalition.


-A subgroup met and will  have specific recommendations on the section on the Eligible Provider Training List———————————————-—Michele Webster, Jim Schultz


-At least 3 members are reading the section on Adult Education


-CCLP is focusing on references to populations with barriers to employment


If you download the document in Word from the web link above , you can then do a word search on whatever issue or item interests you most, e.g. “career pathways”, “youth”, “manufacturing”


Bring any suggested recommendations to the meeting and we’ll see if the group would like to include it as Coalition comment.


Hope you all saw the link Jim Schultz forwarded from CLASP: “ Questions to consider when reviewing State Plans”:



3.      Workforce Related State Legislation – Will email out a preliminary list next week.  Time permitting, we can at least sort by whether the proposal is within our scope or outside our scope.

May need to defer deeper discussion until February’s meeting. But if you have specific bills you think we should endorse this month, email me and I will flag them for discussion and vote.

S2C did already approve at our November meeting work on multiple High School Equivalency Exams ( which ended up being the proposal that passed the State Board of Education) and the bill for a Task Force to look at Child Care for Skills Training (now HB 1050).

  •  2004    private student loan cap
  • 43           Student Loans Consumer Protection
  • 45           education finance to schools – student Loan Debt – retirement
  •                  certify personnel
  •                 employment first people with disabilities
  • 79            aligns  secondary and post-secondary training individual plan  and ICAP career pathway  K-12
  •                   middle class college savings act
  •                   change name area vocational schools  replace name with technical schools
  •                   western state college Colorado  moderate selective to selective
  • 1100        tuition status  unaccompanied homeless youth  identified during High School  til 22 
  •                   micro credentialing badges post secondary skill based certified skills
  •                   equal access to  concurrent training at college level when one is in high school 10 dist. $
  •                   transparency  courses that do not count  transference of courses taken
  •                   WIOA  work force bills


4.     Skills2Compete – What is the Problem We are Trying to Solve?……………………………………………………..Pete Mathews

    For clarity of our identity and purpose, beyond our 5 year work plan:

We should have an agreement on “ What is the problem we are trying to solve?”

Pete would like a couple volunteers to work with him to come up with a proposed S2C Problem Statement that we can discuss as a group in a future meeting.

 #1 ISSUE ———


Thursday January 28

11:30 – 1:00

789 Sherman St #300

A light lunch will be served to those attending in person. Free parking may be available in the Yellow Lot directly across the street- enter from 8th ave between Grant and Sherman.  Otherwise, there is metered parking along Sherman, or paid lots between 7th and 8th and Broadway.


Call in number:




Chaer Robert


Family Economic Security Program

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

789 Sherman St #300

Denver, CO  80203

303-573-5669 x307



From: Karla Nugent []
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 9:29 AM
To: Chaer Robert; Pete Matthews; Amanda Raker; Kristen Blessman
Subject: Fwd: CO Public Radio article and radio broadcast


Nice middle skills article 

Karla Nugent

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jeff Barratt <>
Date: January 19, 2016 at 1:27:34 PM MST
Subject: CO Public Radio article and radio broadcast



I hope this email finds you all well!


I am pasting a link to a nice article and radio broadcast about the need for middle skills jobs and EGTC is featured.


Enjoy – thanks!



Jeff Barratt

Executive Director

Emily Griffith Technical College

“For All Who Wish To Learn”



From Shirley Penn: 


GED Changes Passing Score: 

Attachments area
Preview attachment 2016Skills 2 Compete Leg Summaries.docx

2016Skills 2 Compete Leg Summaries.docx


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