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CHUN People’s Fair Steering Committee February 2016

February 23, 2016

CHUN People’s Fair Steering Committee


February 20 – Entertainment Listening Party at CHUN, 9:00am (for the Entertainment Committee – Steering members may attend if you’d like)

February 22 – Steering Committee meeting at CHUN, 5:30pm X

March 28 – Steering Committee meeting at CHUN, 5:30pm

April 2 and 3 – UMX at The Celtic Tavern, 11am-6pm

April 9 – Arts and Crafts Jury at CHUN,  9:00am (for the Exhibitor Relations Committee – Steering members may attend if you’d like)

April 23 – Siting Meeting at CHUN,  9:00am (for the Exhibitor Relations Committee – Steering members may attend if you’d like)

April 25 – Steering Committee meeting at CHUN, 5:30pm

April 30 – Decked Out at CHUN, noon-4pm

May – Music Showcase – TBD

May 23 – Steering Committee meeting at CHUN, 5:30pm

May 31 – Volunteer kickoff party – location TBD

June 1 – Steering Committee meeting at Civic Center, 5:30pm



2016 People’s Fair

Steering Committee

January 25, 2016


Attendance:  Emily Richardson, Rob Weil, Ean Tafoya, Jamie Heldt, Doug Goldman, Tommy Nahulu, Roger Armstrong, Andrea Furness, Randle Loeb, Alicia Fresquez


Welcome and Announcements:

  • The Office of Special Events sent out an email regarding new policy changes to rules and regulations.  They are instituting fees for street occupancy (based on a percentage of the fee charged for construction companies to close streets) and changing meter bagging fees to a $5/meter daily fee rather than $10/meter/event.  This affects People’s Fair greatly – our meter fees will increase by 50% and the estimate of street occupancy fees in year one are $2,000 and year five, $10,000.  This increase goes into effect in 2017 and will increase by 1% each year.  The formula for figuring out the contruction company fees is 10 years old so it’s likely that will change and cause all fees to increase. This significant change in policy was not run by the Event Advisory Committee for discussion and input. Tuesday, January 26th there will be an event forum to discuss these changes.  All city departments will be in attendance, Roger and Andrea will be attending this meeting.  The advisory committee is composing a letter this week to be sent to the mayor to express frustration and will be sent by Veronica Barela.  After the email came out with the policy changes, OSE Director Katy Strascina reached out to EAC members individually to suggest a one-on-one meeting.  Roger and Andrea will meet with Katy on February 11 and hope to gain more insight into the policy changes.  The hope is though that the City will review the new policy on Public Works fees and possibly change them with input from the EAC.

February   office of special events  Katie Thresena  – commission of special events  –  Large events will be meeting in the first week of March.   In adhoc as a relation to Mayor.  What difference would a commission make?  more official advising and guiding entity.

what area of the McNicols’ building can be used. rent a trailer.  Office of Special Events  –  controlling policies, procedures and fees

put the trailer will have to be on the street  Capitol Hill Developers  –  coordinated one for them  $600.00  20 X 10 ‘  

Met with Public Works George DeLaney  – show that office of special events is legitimate?   

Layout/ Site setup/ Security

  • McNichols building – not available to us  –  maybe some of the building
  • Elections Commission building – UNAVAILABLE!    Ean suggested that we reach out to Deb Johnson for use of the building as the message from OSE is that events are no longer able to use space in the building.
  • 2016 is an election year, we anticipate more petitioners and voter registration people roaming.  They will be asked to stay within the nonprofit area.

February Minutes:  Vincent comes in March


Fine Art Avenue:


  • New partnership with Jim DeLutes who does the Denver Art Festival and Affordable Art festival
  • This new partnership will bring new fine artists and hopefully new attendees
  • Last year we had approx. 35 Fine Artists; this year’s goal is 100
  • Profit share with Jim and he will be managing Fine Art Avenue from the application process, jury/siting,  and will be on-site all weekend and serve as the contact for the fine artists.  Also he is letting us use his account for Zapplication and will be bringing most of the artists.
  • There only sponsors on Fine Art Ave will be Comcast and The Denver Post
  • Moving crafters to other streets
  • Fine Art Ave – 14th Avenue from Bannock to Broadway
  • Reaching out to the Art Museum and library to see if they would like to somehow be involved
  • Suggestion to reach out to Fresh City Life – DPL


ANHEISER BUSCH          BUDWEISER      BEER   BEER   BEER   different brands    Colorado Native  on site staff  provided  Miller Coors won’t pay sponsorship package.  Beverage Distributors has Guiness    –      Celtic Tavern simply provides a space for the listening Ultra Music Experience.     Dog House Music donates equipment   

two sound engineers APRIL 2nd and 3rd  Dog House Music  at Celtic Tavern

Exhibitor Relations:


  • Looking at CHUN board members to run exhibitor relations team
  • Takes training to run Exhibitor Relations
  • Long hours (Friday afternoon/night, Saturday from 6am-9 or 10pm, Sunday from 7am-10pm)



Applications (roughly $12,000 in revenue to date):

    • Fine Art — 2 (doesn’t include Zapplication apps)
    • Hand Crafted — 9
    • Personal Service — 3
    • Gourmet Pre-Packaged Food — 1
    • Marketplace — 7
    • Greater Cap Hill exhibitor — 0
    • Nonprofits — 9


  • Entertainment — 87





  • 87 Entertainment Applications in so far
  • Next year need to update the application verbiage and what we request from the bands (Ex. Three music videos, Youtube Channel, Stage Plot, Press Kit etc.) Instead ask what venues they have played etc.
  • Online application needs updating
  • Need to know the demographics of the bands playing and coordinate that with the times the bands are scheduled at the fair


listened to 80 groups  about  at least  hand full of good ones  interns ran the whole affair with Jay   average of all of the bands.


a number of the bands are not auditioning because they have played often




  • No updates at this time


Mural Project:


  • Started outreach to teams
  • Donation requests will begin this week
  • Decked Out event – Fundraiser for the mural project on 4.30.16 at CHUN (1290 Williams St.)
  • Reaching out to sponsors for both Decked Out and Mural Project – Tuesday meeting with 303 Boards to see if they have any interest as coming in as a sponsor
  • UMB Bank might be interested in sponsoring Decked Out
  • Updated the Sponsorship Packet after review by steering committee members

new teams  Home Depots, Lowes, Ace Hardware,  DECKED OUT   $25.00 blank skateboard deck  keep the decks there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Hang their decks  free attendance  Taco Truck Ursula’s  truck vendor, whole foods,  selling beverages,  303 skateboards donating boards,  Ks105  promoting the event

primary radio sponsor Intercom  Alice KZW  and the Mountain.  – selling beer @  $5.00   



Art in the Park:  Tommy  teaching classes at the Fair


  • New this year we will be doing an Art in the Park series which fairgoers can participate in (similar to Canvas and Cocktails)
  • This will be located near the Mural Project
  • Tommy Nahulu will be running this area and assisting in the creative process with fairgoers
  • Tickets will be sold and there will 2 or 3 sessions per day that people can participate in
  • 20 people per session



Corporate Sponsorship:


  • Comcast is considering exclusivity (no DirecTV or Dish)
  • Kaiser is out
  •  Setting up a meeting with Coors
  • Pepsi – Under contract for 2016   – more Pepsi products



PR & Marketing:


  • Marketing Committee – in the works





  • Looking for a catering company to do lunch, dinner and snacks
  • No budget for VIP area





  • Last year diverted 35%, Goal this year 40%
  • Educate fairgoers on composting and recycling
  • Sustainability vendors located together in the nonprofit area


Heather Bendele wants 100 volunteers at each trash bin

Kids and Family:


  • A suggestion was made to look into Apex gym for kids area





  • Ean suggested we use Sign up Genius
  • Volunteer fair at Tivoli on 2/4/16 (Alicia will be attending)


a train that people can ride in across the park

CHUN Booth/ Raffle:


  • Need better activation
  • Have more visuals of what CHUN does
  • Create an exhibit to add value


Board members who will participate

Other Business:


  • Music Showcase in May
  • Suggestions made to reach out to Lost Lake, Pearl’s, Tony P’s, Brik and M’s Uptown (needs to sell Coors)
  • Update People’s Fair Mission Statement
  • Ean Tafoya mentioned a grant that is available to help with planning and goal setting (plan for the future of the People’s Fair
  • REMINDER NEXT MEETING: February 22, 2016 at 5:30 pm.
  •  Please let us know in advance if you are unable to attend.  
  • (Steering Committee meets the 4th Monday of each month through May)

Emily Richardson,  Doug Golman, Rob Weil, Ian Tafoya, Heather Bendele, Chachas, staff, Selena. 









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