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CCH Board Meeting March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

CCH Board Meeting March 1, 2016


Finance committee  meeting  always starts off the three hours of the meetings


John  P.


Pete Stoller

Mandy  May



Chris  Bates

Cathy Anderson

James     DAVIS

T.R. Reid


Jim Winston

Louise  Boris

Stan Eilert

Virginia Bishop


Cathy Kaley


Tanger Jones

Leanne Wheeler

Charles  Savage


Darrell Brown

JYNX Mesascar



Off Broadway Lofts    December 31, 2015  becomes a part of CCH from Partnership


pharmacy inventory


3 million increase  transfer  enterprise community Partners to Coalition

Off Broadway Lofts 1% partner of the general partner  CHFA and other approval from the city

disregarded entities  real estate owned by partnership owns limited and full partnership




Budgeted net gain by $500,000.00


Coalition does not include the five or 6 entities that make consolidated partnerships

MEDICAID made progress  41,510  medicaid encounters through December 31.

Budget linear for the health center,  there are pronounced changes in the line items


1 million through December 31, contributions




2.2 million  cash flow


medicare  653,000 and medicaid  257,000 increase from last year.  takes longer to collect money than before  have to be very clean on submittal  and time frame  medicaid takes longer there is a lot of denials.  fluctuates  27  days went down to 20 days.

take fifteen days to 30 days to go through.  Medicaid is cleaner resolve them faster.

cash flow  230,000  net of 1.8 million  300,000 paid early 2015 to pay of the construction claims.


line of credit  best news  paid down 900,000 in the last two weeks.  will pay off rest of this to zero.


500 to a  million would be a decent line of credit to have.


nervous how the cash flow never moves


saves interest  


U.S. Bank  run like a book transfer through a transfer

HRSHA  financial measures they no longer use any more

still tracking  quality outcomes  we need to track  ratios dash board 

tracking cash on a consistent basis,  dash board  approve operational budget

financial covenants  on everything done annually not monthly

liquidity would be a great thing to share with the board

cash flow from operations  pay for operations  –  2 million dollars

January  numbers by next meeting in April?


untouched from several weeks ago in the budget


summary  budget  Delta  major categories from year to year.

based on current state

2015  revised on actuals

grant funded salaries

projecting general expenses consolidating HUD grants

make sure that they spend all of the $.

adjust for changes

material change in how we have to do business

personnel budget 3.5 % salary increase not reflected in the budget

6 months $350,000  cost for this increase of 3%

$250,000  capitol needs that are necessary in the last 3 years  750K  standard accounting gap

anything that will be flowing back into the Coalition  unrestricted resources in the Coalition.


early exit from the Off Broadway Property.  

list two properties for sale  Garfield property was listed last week  realtor   Grant Muller fielded 4 offers  they will be presented later   $450,000.00 not in budget

can budget the gain on the sale on the sale.

Kresgee not hitting the income statement because it is not a cash flow because it is based on the principal.

family is living there who has no other options  single family  not immediately

diversion to core mission globally  not a strategic interest


rental assistance  Renaissance Children’s Home  Family Support  Services  multiple activities  grants went away  fund them  anyway  3 million unrestricted dollars who do not have enough funding   –  rural –  $250,000,00  rental vouchers $35.00  from the state  –   fund $200,000.00  good yield  for resources that we could not get in any other way.  Private housing vouchers  net benefit to the consumers.


have to come from private courses medicaid revenue  indirect  fund raising dollars sources for the revenue for these programs

become more efficient cut more money and raise more money.


Renaissance Children’s Center   misleading  unfunded cost twice 400,000  dedicated childcare dollars market these credits   $600,000.00 

other budget Health Care Center empirically centered:  behavioral health 11,000 visits  HCQ  medicare pays a lower rate  medical a little higher 26,000 visits  dental  14,000  huge opportunity  support additional dental teams this is medicaid.

dental fine productivity model  well constructed budgets  48,000  encounters


how much increase did we budget  run rate for 4th quarter  productivity and expectation  empirically based  medical side based on improvements  commitment to Dave Otto’s group.  manager’s estimates for 2016.

slightly UP  nowhere near 20% rise from 2015.

federally qualified visits   FQV’s 

not billable services  community resources where they can get services enabling contacts  are not billable  100,000  annually


HUD grant funding increased by 1.8 million dollars.

HRSHA 550,000  dollars increased expansion grant awards

foundation expectations revenue  500,000 dollars increase

can we do another 1/2 million dollars  

interest income much less than before

developer fees 900,000 less

CICP primary care 450,000  new awards less and less money available for it

uninsured  pots of money

how is this distributed


audit annually

30%  uninsured  still  this is covered through state funding


I wonder what the demographics of these people is?  Immigrants who are illegal?  children unaccompanied


made paying back the loan a higher priority than paying the raise based on a legal obligation


They’re willing to take a look at the whole thing


4th  partnership that comes into the Coalition





3,000,000.00  loan repaid  extend the terms of the loan 2 years,  pay off  1 million  annually



Medicaid revenue has not run in projections


I would stop paying at all  on the deal  – pay for success meeting a variety of metrics  we proposed loan forgiveness  require their foundation board we will have to pay that back.


POOR  ALWAYS SQUEEZED  7 of ten measures which have been met


extending the loan   miffed about this extension  program officer  support from foundation staff and board

some forgiveness of the interest.


4%  all interest  1%  if we met the metrics


sad definitely uncalled for FUNDING



March 10  committee  is meeting  JYNX  IS RUNNING THIS        WINE TASTING  EVENT   the event will be at Stout Street Health Center


Campaign Funding Plan for 2016   4 areas that they’re running  development of grant,  coordination of volunteers  3 million in charitable support

the grant side of this is not included  68% of donors  best practices 85%  increase retention  looking for new donors


great stewardship experience  tandem with education and advocacy  educate the community feeling really good about providing the largest provider of services for families and individuals in Colorado.



300,000 pieces of mail early march april may  annual tax summary  direct solicitations   foundations and giving campaign with United Way  9% higher than last year


TANGER is speaking about the Citizen Advocacy Board         


we’re doing workshops  a number of people are attending training at the Convention Center March 31 and April 1


Charles is doing Program Committee presentation


University of Denver study of Stout Street Health Center


give summaries to the board


CATHY  education and advocacy  almost a MONTH   JOHN TESTIFIED ON RIGHT TO REST


hold people accountable 

Center on Law and Policy  Unclaimed Property Funds  Max Tyler

North Colorado Station.


Ground breaking for Broadway Center


President’s Report:    SIB  Social Impact Bond















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