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Trauma Care for Self – Let Go

March 7, 2016


​Trauma Care for Self    =    Let Go​


​Does Anyone Hear  You Ever?  Does Anyone Get It?  Does Anyone?  ​


does anybody!? this set in stone noneria that I AM ON THE RIGHT side that divides and conquers has to end we need a way to reconcile differences and plan for all contingencies. the fact that so many have been left out must end but so too does calling someone down because they just don’t agree. In all this time what I have learned is how little I understand the issues. But what I see is spiraling levels of violence and I feel this personally. How many have turned away turned their backs turned a deaf ear simply because it is not what you believe to be correct. You can complete my fill in the blanks about this. My mother taught me to fathom what matters most and to seek for a way to open the door, that is all I ever wanted. Yet I was told I was of no importance not once but by multiple parties. and no one said cease or offered an alternative. In my time I lost everything literally and when the young person was done I said in response that I was already of no consequence. It did not matter what he was up to I had sealed my fate and there is nothing that I expect.


The public deserves insight into what really is at stake by being permissive about where people live and how they act in public places.  A  lot of times the activists, to put it simply, don’t care at all how anyone else lives and they waste invaluable resources pressuring the city to let anyone do whatever they wish on the streets.  All anyone has to do is look around at the mess and chaos of the garbage that is piled up every time an encampment is created and you can understand city officials perspectives that health and sanitation are prerequisites for the streets to be safe.  The fact is that we live in a metropolitan area and we are subject to the rules and regulations that all citizens must abide by whether they are living inside or in public spaces.

The reason that the City of Denver is closing down the encampment is that it violates the quality of life both of the people living in public places and the residents and people passing by who have to handle the disorder and destructive behavior of those living in public places.  Inevitably all substandard housing in urban areas must be eliminated.  People must be directed with trauma care to come in for their safety and the rights of all residents of the city and surrounding region.

The Urban Camping Ban is not nor was it ever the main interest of people living in public places.  Improving the quality of life with assertive community treatment, trauma care, job training and employment mixed with housing must be our first priority.  The issues of people living in public places would be solved with 100 Catholic Worker Houses,  100 Irving Streets, 100 Father Ed Judy Houses, 100 cafes,  100 places for people to come in sit down and rest.  These sites need to be spread throughout the metro region.  There should be not less than 250 out reach workers combing the area of the seven county Continuum of Care and a coordinated entry system to make available with one entry point access to services and a place to stay.  These centers have to be maintained by all of the community representatives and paid for by our financial institutions, like the sports teams, the businesses, the unclaimed property of the state, the increases in making low-income housing mandatory everywhere throughout the metro region.

ONLY  when we have solved the issue of families and children who are unaccompanied being safe and permanently housed can we begin to curtail the need for people to live in public spaces,

Our mantra must be:  “We All Live in the Shelter of One Another.”  Never again here and never in this way will we be left to wallow in misery and succumb to the cold, heat and our desolate poverty.




i’ve taken a lot of heat for testifying and sticking to principles that I always proposed that people all of us need to feel safe and sound and live in a place where we can find sanctuary. People living in public places and those who walk through the neighborhoods deserve safe, clean streets and that all citizens are regarded with dignity and grace. This requires trauma care for many vulnerable people but not to be left to live and die in misery.


1 thing I learned in all these years is how complicated this is from the stand point of the economics and politics let alone the gentrification, who came first, and of course, where do people have to go to fend for themselves. I am surprised that not more of the officials like Deborah Ortega, and Joe Salazar don’t come up with what you’re asking me. I met with one city council person and I am meeting with others to answer the issue. I think that they genuinely want to do something. Chris works hard to come up with ideas. He is a good man, The out reach team needs to be expanded. We need 250 like I said. AND MONEY. The faith community in all has done a lot and needs to do more in the breach, providing temporary places for all thje people regionally. WE CAN take in 8 people my church si beginning again sanctuary for a person being threatened with deportation. WE HAVE TO be creative resilient never give up hope that the leaders can make real change, not spare change. I know this sounds like a campaign speech but I am not interested in wowing you or anyone. when I speak to groups I talk about listening of hunkering down and getting to know people not just homeless people. THAT IS the issue we’re not on opposite sides. when I listened at the hearing of right to rest what struck me is how much we agree. Therefore, we have to be patient and full of compassion and live as simply as we can tp provide for one another




looking this over it did not help much, let me say that having places like the libraries we once did this at St. Francis Center and the administration nixed it after 13 months, we need to provide as I said a lot of diverse places Safe havens like the fire stations are seen as or the family motel, or Irving St. or the Open Door Fellowship, or 850 Lincoln. Some of the groups are really working over time Comitis is and there are many others. We need to install an emergency support system based at its core on Trauma Care and then it will not be punitive maybe that came a little closer.

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