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Out Reach Working Side By Side to End Misery or at Least to Cut it Off

March 8, 2016


logo Out reach!

​1.  What  are the ​causes name 1 overall as you go down to ground zero?


2.  What can be done about these circumstances that will provide a lasting solution?
3.  Do you know anyone who has been couch surfing, thrown out, abandoned, trafficked, an immigrant who was threatened with deportation, a family that has been split up, any persons experiencing domestic violence or child abuse?
4.  What is trauma Care and how do we offer the best that we have in assertive community treatment to change the course of a person’s life?
​5.  What are we doing to include all parties and priorities in safe guarding vulnerable people?  Name five to ten ways.
6.  People Living In Public Places  PLIPP  what does this mean?
7.  Where do we live and what is our safety net?  Can we lose everything and regain our connections?
8.  Basic Daily Living Skills what do these include?
9.  What are the skills that a person needs to survive in local areas of the Metro Denver region, in the countryside, in the suburbs?  How do these three differ in what resources are available?
10    What are the ​adverse childhood experiences that lead a person to find it hard to function and how are we resilient and able to rise above these conditions and move on?


What questions and issues does this raise in your life?  Can anyone crash and fall down and lose everything?  Are some people more likely to fail or lose everything?   We’d like to have two or three questions from each pairing to add to this and make a follow up report.
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