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Board of CCH Program Committee Meeting Family Planning Services Title X Grant – Government Regulations Equalization OPPORTUNITY

March 10, 2016

CCH   Colorado Coalition for the Homeless  Program Committee Meeting CCH


Title X   Grant    Family Planning Services  EQUALIZATION opporrunity  Colorado Coalition for the Homeless




Laray  K.

Mandy   Staff

Elaine Gallagher

DU  mad hatter


TITLE X:  Family Planning Services




reported out  seldom increasing the amount of reporting

to anyone no matter what


Sam House  Catholic Charities:  

reproductive preconception STD  Colorado department of  P health and environment 


underserved services

unintended pregnancies  –   counseling   advert  27,000 annually in Colorado


a leader in this way  nationally


4  years she has been involved in this area of work at the Clinic of Stout Street.  PRIMARY and ACUTE CARE


150% of poverty level  family of 4  family size  income plays into this  


Budget:   2016  funding $50,000.00   $6,000,00 LARC  Long Acting reversible Contraceptives  TEMPORARY

rest of this is Stephanie Davis  and benefits  8 hours weekly  indirect costs 10%  Travel Conferences  trainings $4,000.00

Amanda and annual State Conference billing and coding  depression  human trafficking


young women and men  labor and sex  trafficking 


homeless young adults  victim counseling and intervention


medical devices and prescriptions  $250  to $300.00  each   

Up to Date Program  on line training.

73% on medicare and medicaid  in this program


adolescents  13 years of age and older are eligible for free confidential counseling

transgender STD  menopause 


12 year old presents for service there is an evaluation – provider discretion


HIV TESTING  some restrictions with respect to anonymity


women female to male transition   no surgeries  preventative screenings

DE – stigmatize  these services

adolescents to age 29  is the range of people who they treat  1/2    rest are older


adolescents on their own and those living with their families


These preventative reproductive interventions are available for both Men and Women


450  patients annually  who receive services for Title X








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