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Denver Shelters 2016 Meeting of the Shelter Committee Denver’s Road Home

March 10, 2016

Denver Shelters 2016  Meeting of the Shelter Committee of Denver’s Road Home

Chris  Conner  DRH staff

 Shelter & Service Provider Meeting will be this Thursday, 3/10 from 9-10 am at History Colorado (1200 Broadway).


 Deb Butte  arranging this –  History Colorado are inviting us to stay and tour the History of Homelessness exhibit for free at the end of our meeting.

Angie Nelson, MSW, LSW |  Program Administrator
Denver’s Road Home | City and County of Denver
720.944.2885 Phone

Angela Nelson  DRH Staff

Sarah  Newell  850 Lincoln  

Joe veteran’s  reentry employment program case manager of CCH  Colorado Coalition for the Homeless  


Deb Butte   Christ’s Body Ministries

Elyssa Hardy –  Public  Library social worker

Irma   veterans  employment for 

ray mitchell

St. Francis Center –  JIm Bobberschmidt

Urban Peak

Gathering Place


Family Promise

Sacred Heart

Safe House Denver

Senior Support Services

Bryan  VOA

Denver Urban Ministries

Janice Burns Salvation Army



  • (” <>,
    211 Colorado <>,
    “Alexander, Lanceferd L. L. – DSD” <>,
    Alicia Aguilar <>,
    Alix Midgley <>,
    Aliza Asocar <>,
    Allie Card <>,
    Allison Watson <>,
    Andrea Mitchell <>,
    Angel Hurtado <>,
    “Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
    Anna Aragon <>,
    Anna Lee <>,
    “Arellano, Kenneth Arellano, Jr. F. – DWD WIA Title I Adult” <>,
    Ashley Hudson <>,
    Aubrey Payne <>,
    “Audo, Kevin M. – DPD” <>,
    “Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
    Bille Gene <>,
    “Brad Meuli (” <>,
    “” <>,
    Briana Smith <>,
    Brunetti Lofts – Kirsten Strietzel <>,
    Bryce Holland <>,
    Carol Robinson <>,
    “Carolyn Moreno (” <>,
    “Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
    Chris Venable <>,
    Christopher Madsen <>,
    Chuck Lortie <>,
    Cindy Ramirez <>,
    “Tatro, Constance H. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
    “Craven, Ligeia – DPD” <>,
    Daniel Horsey <>,
    Debbie Winans <>,
    “Debra Brunner (” <>,
    “Debra Butte (” <>,
    “Debra Gray (” <>,
    Donna Rauen <>,
    Elisabeth <>,
    Elissa Hardy <>,
    Ella Blowers <>,
    Erma McCalister <>,
    Ernie Hernandez <>,
    Fermin Avila <>,
    “Fischer, Richard R.- DPD” <>,
    “Fuller, Nicole Y. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
    “Galvan, Stacey – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
    “Geoff Bennett (” <>,
    “” <>,
    Heather Beck <>,
    Henry Concha <>,
    Iain Wilson <>,
    Ian Snyder <>,
    Jacob Wessley <>,
    Janice Burns-Clerkley <>,
    Jeanne Newland <>,
    Jenette Jamison <>,
    Jessica Holmes <>,
    Jody Curl <>,
    Joel Levitt <>,
    Joey Guynn <>,
    John Moorhead <>,
    Jolynn Snyder <>,
    “Luper, Jon – DHS” <>,
    Joseph Edwards <>,
    Josh Geppelt <>,
    Joy Waughtal <>,
    Kathryn Chaney <>,
    Kelly Menegocci <>,
    Kelly Smith <>,
    Kendall Rames <>,
    “” <>,
    “Kortman, Pamela K. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
    Kristie Bramley <>,
    “” <>,
    LeeAnn Felder <>,
    Lenny Ford <>,
    “” <>,
    Lindi Sinton <>,
    “McLaws, Lisa Y. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
    Lisa Raville <>,
    Lisa Wheeler <>,
    “Lopez, Tony Cmdr – DPD” <>,
    Mandy Garman <>,
    Marcus Weaver <>,
    Marissa VanDover <>,
    “Mark Wright (” <>,
    Marsha Carey <>,
    Mary Mish <>,
    Matt at TGP <>,
    Megan Weaver <>,
    “Meiers, Thomas J. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
    Melinda Patterson <>,
    “Munoz, Lisana D. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
    Nancy Peters <>,
    Natalie Hicks <>,
    Nichole Garrard <>,
    “Niemela, Dana L. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
    Niko Medina <>,
    “Parks, Robert – DPD” <>,
    People’s Advocacy Council <>,
    Rachael Sheaffer <>,
    Rachel Penn <>,
    Rafael Vega <>,
    Randle Loeb <>,
    Rebecca Wiman <>,
    Robert Schoenberg <>,
    Ruby Purdy <>,
    “Grier, Samuel B.- DPD” <>,
    Sarah Kinzer <>,
    Sarah Newell <>,
    “Saunier, Ronald – DPD” <>,
    Shawna Miller <>,
    Sonja Dahmer <>,
    Sophia Lawson <>,
    Stacey Moslet <>,
    “Meadows, Stephanie C. – DPD” <>,
    “Suzanne Wilson (” <>,
    “” <>,
    tammy s bellofatto <>,
    “” <>,
    Tom Luehrs <>,
    Tracy Brooks <>,
    “” <>,
    “Villalobos, Jesus A. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>,
    “Lombardi, Vincent – DPD” <>,
    “Williams, Lynn – DHS” <>,
    “Yates, David A. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista” <>



“Searching For Home”  Basement of the Colo. Hist. Museum


Exhibit will be here until August  Public

Will Building Campaign


Shelter opened  no new place opened


Crossroads  other locations


Chris looking at the numbers  no spike after yesterday.


single people


Lawrence Street under capacity  


people have not been turned away because of lack of capacity


Chris Josh and I Lawrence Street not reaching capacity  –  700  people  450  – 500 on average


530  capacity at Crossroads  regarding SINGLE MALES


people with animals  people who have special needs undeserved


what can we bring on board how can we keep people safe


no plans at the moment

city wants all side walks cleared health and safety  people assaulted women beaten horrific 

they will not engage with the police to treat the issues


clear the environment  hides and houses all of this


rabbit hole on my article


on line comments public at large where are they on board


much impact in your agencies?   what people are experiencing  


Deb  Butte  disappointing   we need to make people seek services they have to wait for two years for any type of help.


personal community  forces people to seek services  they have to be patient


Sarah:  services are overloaded  Human Services closed Wednesdays to do paper work


Triangle  Broadway  camps along the sidewalk  14th and Network  camps are growing  everywhere


“I am going to make my own place to sleep”


#’s will keep rising


new policy in the public library have to pare down their belongings to come into the public library system  when are they initiating this policy


Christy and Elyssa  are representing the library

Monday morning meditation group at main library  10:30  a.m.  has significantly increased their numbers  APRIL  writer’s workshop with Lighthouse writers


TRE  should be implemented


branches  have information


Lambuth  full   –  flooded with calls.

Briana 2-1-1  United Way   12 shelters available spaces  afternoon check  around 3 pm

pilot intake Family Promise with families


collaborate in another way    how do you access   these services through the Mile High United way  specific section from 2-1-1


little pilot severe shelter nights   beginning of February  they began this project
DenUM   services that they provide:   change of their schedule


Chris  responses to the sweeps:


how far is this work of cleaning this area going 5 blocks in any direction  they are focused on with public works.  there are other pressures in other areas of the city there is a follow up meeting that is being scheduled now.


Platte  River people are getting a lot of flack from Parks and Recreation rangers  people have always been pressured no matter where they are 

Adams County  Parks and Recreation 45th and Washington and they have no place to go.


NO citations were issued   no bump in shelter use  what I have been seeing and hearing people simply disappeared to park areas Sustainability Park  moved to private parcels of land

Protocol  getting their belongings old Emily Griffith 1222 Glennarm Pl. in Auto Body Shop  photo logged in the things  went into receptacles that were used for recycling


they took great lengths into storing their things  all needs to be salvaged no matter unless it is litter and things infested with vermin  bodily fluids and anything that is questionable


12  to 2  pm every day of the week they can reclaim their things


walk up Broadway  1.2 miles from Maestas Park


They have 30 days to pick up their things  This is only a holding area of their things you have to get everything when you relocate everything.


Everything will be destroyed after a month.


weapons will not be stored there  drugs, knives, and other things   eyeglasses and prescription anything in back pack will be left in them  no one went through their belongings.

temporary band-aid  if this goes back to what they were up to before?


JOHN PARVENSKY  was speaking about enforcing camp ban  which had nothing to do with the matter at hand   –   a deeper set of issues he was harmful  to their actual purpose


  garage sale public works has responsibility to remove their things.  


most people dispersed  from the vicinity  people will go and hide if there is any place to go  which there is not.


short on partners who  want to delve into making a place for storage  in bins.  Formal practice   storage limited –  

Evan Dryer has been asking about a means of taking care of the things people have.

Sustainability Park


Public restroom  encouraging   noon to midnight daily opened next to Fillmore on Colfax at Clarkson St  near District 6.


3  units will be created  and there will be an office at one of them  contracted to Liberty Company.  Program Administration has been hired


measurements of people who are using this service


expand to a fixed site  like at Skyline Park


no showering facility located.


courtesy  knock by the attendant will be for use of the facility


NARCAN training  Harm Reduction may be included in  disposal boxes will be incorporated in the models.


Peoria shelter  Westword  city closing no firm date  same message not different it is borrowed and we have been staying there   people have stowed their for a long time and messed up the place


too large a place for the staff to take care of.  Early summer has been set as a date to shut down  we have to identify a new place and we have not done this as of this time.


Father Woodys  wellness fair  10 to noon  a few providers will be involved Regis University  and Homeless Gear  SATURDAY


MEETING NEXT MONTH  at the Gathering Place.  TRAUMA CARE:  Nadine Burke Harris  Trauma for young children and the national epidemic that is not being addressed.  TIME will be at 10:20 am  in APRIL.


National Jewish Hospital  cultural  competency.    they want to work with indigent people in pulmonary care.
















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