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March 14, 2016 Colorado Social Legislative Committee Luncheon @ Capitol on “Right to Know” Privatized Services for People With Disabilities

March 14, 2016



Colorado Social Legislative Committee Luncheon at the Capitol on “Right to Know”  Privatized services for people with disabilities

Meetings take place MONDAYS during the legislative session at the First Baptist Church in the Basement at NOON

Monday, March 14, 2016

  1. Welcome & introductions

  2. Member announcements

  3. Bill proposals and endorsements

  4. Panel discussion:

Introducing the people who are here:  name organization   what you might have to say about the world and what matters


SENATE BILL 38  Councilwoman Deborah Ortega reached out to Irene Aguilar     –   crafted a bill about community service boards  fairly straight forward  raised to 75% of their funding received subject to CORA and audit fundamentals.


First hearing:  ROOM PACKED  with people


who was up there testifying:  what was behind this legislation


parents service providers others who are activists  relatives are not getting treatment and care  December 31st hearing?    Maureen Welsh  took this issue on how do you lobby   working with Julie Reiskin,  Jeff Freedom of Information Coalition.  I would not have much trouble with this bill  -she  naively  thought that this bill would not have much resistance.  


Our Right to Know: Transparency in Privatized Services for People with Disabilities

Irene Aguilar

  • State Senator, Senate District 32

Jeff Roberts

  • Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition

Maureen Welch

  • Chief Opportunity Officer, Real Life LLC

Anne    _________   Parent   Community Center Board assessments     non profits   open records act  but not NON PROFITS  spend $300 million dollars  annually,  


Rocky Mountain Human Services was one of these boards that misused their funding  previously Denver Options  over sees  mill levy  funds  of  County   High Profile CEO Executive Director of 1/2 million dollars.  Audit was done by Auditor  of Denver


they all use the same financial auditing firm to examine their auditing records  


parents have been asking for information for years that the Community Service Board has not divulged any information about their inquiries.  


Paying for   employees to have Internet at home and COSTCO  cards  significant waiting list for people with developmental  disabilities.


Katie Dahl,    Associated Director of Common CauseModerator


The Colorado Social Legislation Committee is a coalition of persons and organizations interested in legislation related to human needs and human services, especially at the state level.

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