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Young Adults Feel Covers Me with a Raiment of Love and Compassion Reigniting My Hope for Us All

March 14, 2016

How Young Adults Feel Covers Me with a Raiment of Love and Compassion Reigniting My Hope for All of Us

Thank you for coming to our class this quarter to share about your life experiences.  The students were really touched by the time they spent with you.  They’ve written notes to say thank you for your time.  We are so glad you are willing to come and share with us!

All the best,

Pamela’s Service Learning Class

P.S.  These are all unedited, so please excuse any grammar mistakes!  


Really you are a great person. When you started to speak, I was surprising. You are smart, and have a great source of knowledge. I learned from your speech that about the relationship who to deal with homeless people. Also, I learned not all homeless people don’t have education. Actually, I respect you so much, and I hope you have a better life with my best wish.



I really enjoyed your talk, and especially when you talked about how can we help. I have learned a lot of new information and vocabulary from you. I hope that you have a great life and reach your goals. Thank you very much,




The thing that I liked about this experience is to get the chance to meet with a man who have such an amazing experience with life. I enjoyed listening to him as he was telling his story to us. His story touched me as I imagined myself in his shoes. After he told his story I felt honor meeting with him. Randle taught me a lot of things after telling his experience with life. I’ve learned how to struggle and accept my situation. I’ve learned what should I do to make the homeless happy. Finally, I’ve learned how to get up after falling apart.  I wish for this man to be happy. I hope he could fix his life and be the man he wishes to be. I feel optimistic toward this man. I have a great hope for him.



Dear ,

I’m trying my best to write this letter.  After you talked to us I had mixed feelings, I didn’t know that just looking in your eye will do something better than giving money. I hope that you’ll have a beautiful, happy and quiet life; after all sudden things that makes you exhausted and worried. From the bottom of my heart, much thanks, for everything, for every moment, for every word.

Bayan Als


Dear ,

I can’t express how touched your presentation is by words. It is just so great.

I love your presentation so much and I am also very respect you about your spirit. You chose to live goodly after you tried to suicide yourself because of the hardship you have experienced. I can understand how hard a life is when it makes a person suicide himself. However, finally you chose to live goodly. I can’t believe how brave you are. Also, in the end of the presentation, your world shocked me again. You said that what homeless people need is not only the material support but also mental support from others. They want feel connected. I never think about that before. Thank you for making me realized that. I feel really appreciate about your presentation and I also think you are a very great and brave person.




Thank you for coming to our class and speaking to us. I like that you talked about your difficult situation and the hardships that you lived without feeling shameful. I respect that so much. I learned from this experience how to be more confident even if I am a simple person. I hope that you can achieve what you want and live a comfortable life for the rest of your life.

–Bayan F



Thank you for coming, you are the first homeless person I talked to, and knew about your hardship. I learned from you that life can change in an instant and without each other it would be really hard to live alone. I hope that you accomplish your goals of changing homeless people’s lives.




I really enjoyed your speech and what you said about how it is important to let homeless feel that they existing and they are not ghosts. And they do not want money or food they just want us to communicate with them. This is really changing my perception to this topic. So thank you so much for coming to our class and open your heart to us, and sharing your knowledge and interest with us. And I hope that your concern about children trauma and their childhood will be taken in account soon.



Hi ,

Thank you for sharing your homelessness times for us. Before you shared the experiences, I never know how it likes to be homeless. You story teaches me that I need to realize how fortune I am now. And I hope you can rise again in future.

Sincerely yours,



Dear ,

I’m really appreciate your sharing of experience. Your introduction of the homeless people really gives me a deep impression. Also, your achievement in study surprised me a lot. That totally change my mind. That was my first time really know about the homeless people. Your speaking makes me moved and know the true homeless people. Especially when my classmates asked you that what’s the most thing that the homeless people need, your answer impressed me. Your answer surprised me, but that was also the most reasonable answer. Because of your answer, I realized how important to respect people. You reminded me that we are all people and no differences. That thinking make me use the more equal way to communicate to everyone. Thanks for your inspiration to me and I’m so glad to meet you.

Best wishes!


Yuwen Sang

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