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Please find the April Agenda and March Minutes for your review prior to our next meeting Tuesday, April 5th in the SSHC Community Room 2130 Stout St., 1st FLR at 4PM. For your convenience, the call in number is 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596. Please RSVP your attendance as a light snack will be provided. Best, Tristzette _____________________________________ Tristzette Morton Executive Assistant to John Parvensky Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (303) 312-9596 (office) (303) 293-2309 (fax)

April 5, 2016


CCH Governance Board the Colorado Coalition for the Honeless





Stout Street Health Center – Community Education Room

2130 Stout Street

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596


present  Laray  and then Leanne  who is phoning, Jim, Savage, Virginia, T.R. Jynx, Daryl, 

JP. Louise,  Mandy, Stan, Pete


4:00 – 4:05 I.     Approval of March Minutes

4:05 – 4:10        II.     Executive Committee – Jay


4:10 – 4:30        III.    Finance Report – Virginia    Pete Stoller

450K owed on line of credit  reduce interest line by a few 1,000.00 monthly

February  74K  net income  on track, Garfield property sale coming

Budget approved


cash flow:  – 1.8 million dollars.  We held a number of payments until January  cash balance to be sufficient


audits for CCH will be in front of the board for review  no material surprises


1 addition or 2   JOHN P.  claims to bed created positive impact  additional revenue  sold Garfield March 15  480K  netted 430K.

Booked as a gain.   Non operating gain.  target paying down the Kresgee loan   KRESGEE formal extension program related investment extended 2 years  pay in 3 Octobers subsequently.  hearing from them as soon as possible.  They are happy we worked on this early.

Northern Trust:  one investor in Social Investment Bonds.  Cheap Capitol they wish to deploy.    on going line of credit for general operations  have line of credit to consider receivables.   Mercy Loan Fund:  loan  meeting capitol interests of development at 5% interest. Working capitol compliment commercial line of credit  1 – 2 million dollars with interest of 1 to 2 percent.  We want to continue  cheaper million  makes sense.  site control invest a lot in due diligence  get all of the financing in place.  

up front we have to borrow to make the property fully financed  soft costs scans for environment with the architectural plans we have to consider infrastructure costs


don’t receive the developer fees back until the building is constructed.


10% on completion, 2 feez 1.8 million on Colorado Station,  when book the balance of revenue and not as cash



3.5  million dollars  booked on Colorado Station,    booked as revue in 2015  providing additional income for our audit.

submitting a request for construction completion 


cannot get the money until after we need the cash.  connected to  CCH  they have a national recognition and the BALANCE SHEET


ask ask ask  primary lender  Renaissance Housing Corporation is a part of CCH


you only work on development though the Renaissance Housing Corporation Board.  Make their money on credits on development 


U.S.TRUST   investment managers  make a lot of money on credits.  Northern Trust feels that giving away funds is bragging about their efforts


giving 15 K for the WINE TASTING  cierra community reinvestment act  CRA  and have to invest in their community


Kresgee is not making money any more investing in bonds the stock market taking a portfolio and investing in us  they feel that they are giving a part of their money away


GOING TO give a raise 


encounters slower to pay 


business rules in the ways of Capitalism  which in itself is absurd


  • February 2015 Financials


4:30 – 4:45       IV.    Resource Development Report – Jynx


4:45 – 5:00          V.      Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)  

talk about charity food line  barbecue  NHC4 the Homeless:  TJ  and me  Lori, Rocko  national health care for the homeless end of May end of June  TR  Colorado Care  overwhelming approved,  


5:00 – 5:10 VI. Program Committee Report – Charles

public title X small program  458 patients 42%  22 to 29 years of age

Stout Street Medical Center study from Roy Wood at the University of Denver   Lessons to be learned –  feasibility study  1 how to do this and how to do this right 2 helpful public relations,  Do we pay for this report.    Publish the report afterwards,


5:10– 5:30           VII.   President’s Report – John

  • Denver Social Impact Bond Update  closed all launch conditions  we are in   2 teirs of investors Colo Health Foundation  single payment entity  corporation for supportive housing community partners  200K  received in February for first quarter. Requested second payment next week.  Only get reimbursed when we deliver services.staffing up first team program  new modified assertive treatment team  ACT another Housing First  Karen Craig  team leaders counselors  case managers get in housing and stay in housing recruiting nurses and psychiatric staff,  Housing intake treatment team  street out reach team  identifying people who are eligible   25 people referred working toward a pool of 1,300 people people who are arrested and serving in jails.  There will be a control group    58 people 28 referred End of March 28 have been engaged,  another 10 will be added.  18 received a voucher  6 are waiting for housing 12 leased up  4 are going into North Colorado Station,  not wanted housing has not been accurate   25 at the end of March End of April we  will hit the 65 people by the end of the year.  THEY’re the only ones doing housing and services as of now.  They will be housing in the future on line next year.  arrest #’s    do we see progress  they have fewer police encounters.  SOME WILL NOT BE WILLING TO COME INSIDE.  INTENT TO TREAT.  they will not get housed through this program.
  • we expect to house everyone, Unless they have a serious  Urban Institute is doing the evaluation  intent to treat  model   you keep them in your evaluation and continue to help people
  • 2 metrics housing stability and then beyond that  if we hit 83%  minimum bench mark  90%  investors  reduction in jail beds  the highest front end users who are homeless if someone dies they are taken out of the measurement,  How long have they been housed and what is their quality for them of their lives
  • 20%  reduction if they hit 40%  reduction in incarceration,  police interventions, court costs  casts avoidance
  • no controlling entity  not returned to community  it simply means that they’re more efficient   CITY willing to put up the money to entice investors to come to the programs

a lot of variation  heavy utilizes of system when they die they cost nothing more  – regresses toward the MEAN average

exceedingly hard to retrieve the information to do cost comparison.  No clear way to evaluate these programs


25  we’re responsible for and 12 have been housed   40 scattered site.  work groups  formed a series of work development groups  employment organization    6 groups




  • Organizational Development Update

meeting three to six times  have engaged professional    90 days ending in May prioritized recommendations to implement these strategies

expanded executive team

MANDY AND KIRK lead the development planning for the future  positive

many of the groups are not managers  business acumen in business plan for the analysis  value proposition  Pete Stoller engagement knowledge treatment and engagement in wider role in the office.


where will money come from and what will this cost?  risk laundry list that we cannot meet because these recommendations are unrealistic


strategic goals passed out  Jennifer on boartd is heading this  Goals 2nd third and fourth goals infrastructure staff investment financial atability  flesh out the specific initiatives that have to be implemented  how we meet the mission first two  last 3 what have to do to meet the capacity of the organization


mature balanced worker  allows people at the work group make it  grow and perpetuate  a lot of interest to be able to meet all this  balanced score cards.  



  • Denver Street Sweeps:  


no on believes that people living in public places is not appropriate  city should be looking at other means  fell on deaf ears  particular concern  # of out reach workers could not reach the people with whom they were working   article in the Westword on these matters what needs to happen comprehensive plan investment other cities are doing these as well  work for solutions that are constructive  larger scale investment


fencing off Maestas Park>  invites miserable conditions of life.  a lot of this is similar to Open Air Drug Market at Logan and Colfax is not sustainable.  23rd and Lawrence is multiplied by 10  in SKID ROW L.A.  conditions that lead to this are contributing factors.  Through water on that idea it was 13 years ago.  Market is shameful    

alternative services:   alternatives shelter occupancy rates are 89%   Chris Conner      shelter spaces instead of beds and areas for their belongings    some can make it and many more cannot deal with the oppressive  alternative and appropriate  alternate shelter means  


critical article on the Commission:       JYNX  city approached Merchant Mart out reach  partnered with the organizations  started long ago in November  not much support existed among the social service network.  Communication went to the people out there to move away to more reclusive areas.    



  • 2016 Legislative Update

Ft Lyon adopted  companion bill fund a study for Ft. Lyon  how well this is working  budget needs to be in place through 2018 and 19.


Claire Levy   center on law and Policy  200K for a comprehensive study.  18 moved in to Ft. LYON peer run supported 1 from   another local program  pleased that it is working out well  


5:30– 5:45         VIII. Renaissance Housing Development Corp. Report – John

  • Renaissance Downtown Lofts Update
  • North Colorado Station Update

downtown lofts  US BANK  hitch with financing  free up from this  city council hearing next tuesday  1 million dollar grant  getting permits and financing  – break ground in early May  next summer another 100 units  next 2 months


neighborhood meeting with 1 Lincoln Park, Ball Park and __________ neighborhood organizations  are calmed down


VA Hospital  terrified with homeless people are in and coming to Aurora.  Now they are concerned about the medical center people will wish to be closer to this site once it opens


Su SYden   keep the land under Department of Human Services  Build different types of housing for families  appropriate line item second reading and passed  Department of Human Services broken out services into parcels.  Ryden’s bill will get all three of these things passed.  SO MUCH FOR PUBLIC WILL BUILDING


RESOURCES  DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE  Colorado  Health Foundation  June 9  the wine tasting  SIP CITY  great momentum  Meg Mullen will follow up sponsorship will follow  think of supports family network resonate with the mission.


BUY TICKETS MARCH 9 went live  more we can communicate sent to 5,000 people   on the Internet.  Big piece   JUNE (  whatever we can make beforehand  silent auction of gifts  MONTY  selling auctioneer and MC  OWEN SWIFT  the Prisoner   mid to higher end line of wines.  Marketing tool   REGGIE RIVERS will be the MC  spot light paddle poll  list to read off to contribute for  pretty succinct  and bringing in major donations it will be at the Colorado 350 people HEALTH CENTER.


MAY  will be executive session   chain on the front door as of this evening


Please find the April  Agenda and March Minutes for your review prior to our next meeting Tuesday, April 5th in the SSHC Community Room 2130 Stout St., 1st FLR at 4PM.

For your convenience, the call in number is 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596.





Tristzette Morton

Executive Assistant to John Parvensky

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

(303) 312-9596 (office)

(303) 293-2309 (fax)


Recorder: Tristzette Morton


Present: T.R. Reid, Virginia Berkeley, Chris Bates, Darrell Brown, James Davis, Tanger Jones, Jynx Messacar, Charles Savage, Leanne Wheeler, Jim Winston


Absent: Peter Calamari, Jay Brown, Jeremy Hotsenpiller, Meshach Rhoades, TaRhonda Thomas, Jennifer Bettridge


Staff Attending: Louise Boris, Stan Eilert, John Parvensky, Pete Stoller, Meg Mullen, Cathy Alderman, Mandy May, Kert Hubin


Meeting brought to order at 4:08 p.m. AGENDA ITEMS:


TR Reid facilitated the meeting 


  • Approval of Minutes


Minutes from the January 5, 2015 meeting were reviewed.  Randle motioned to accept the minutes.  It was seconded by Leanne Wheeler. All were in favor; motion carried.


  • Executive Committee


No committee update provided.  


  • Finance Report – Virginia Berkeley and Pete Stoller


(Refer to Finance Committee handouts for details.)

December Financial Statements

The December Financial Statements were reviewed. Increase in Net Assets for the twelve months ending December 31, 2015 was ($152,639) as compared to a budgeted gain of ($499,516).  Please note that this a preliminary, pre-audit, result with final net income projected to be approximately $3M.

Medicaid/care revenue is $9.64 million through December, under budget by ($326K).  Total Medicaid encounters through December were 41,510 ahead of target for the annual goal of 39,230. Medicaid revenue substantially lower than budget in December due in part to provider PTO, holidays and weather related slowdowns.

Contribution revenue is $2.12M through December. Certain HRSA and HUD grants are below revenue as a result of vacancy savings.

The balance on the line of credit as of December 31st remains at $1,900,000. Subsequent payments have brought this balance down to $900k as of February 25, 2016.

There was a detailed discussion of the HRSA Financial Performance Measures as this measure will no longer be a HRSA benchmark in 2016.


2016 Operating Budget Approval

The 2016 budget was also discussed in detail.  (Refer to handout for highlights.)

John discussed the expiration of the Tax Credit at OBL (Off Broadway Lofts) and the request to exit early.  

John discussed the plan of action for the loan extension request to the Kresge Foundation of $3M dollars.  The plan would include payment over the next 3 years beginning in October, 2016 with final payment in 2018.

James Davis wanted to know if CCH’s performance met the Kresge requirements and was told 7 out of 10 measures were met, with 2 of the remaining 3 partially met. James also wanted to know if there was ability to give a cost of living raise to employees and was told that the pending sale of the Garfield property could assist with a mid-year pay increase for staff.

The budget came to the full board as a seconded motion from the Finance Committee. After discussion and questions the budget was passed by a 4 to 3 vote. Dissenting votes were cast by board members who stated that staff raises should have been at a higher priority than debt repayment.


  • Resource Development Report – Jynx Messacar and Meg Mullen


(Refer to Resource Development minutes for details.)

Meg Mullen reported the 2016 departmental goals of Resource Development and Marketing group.  Plans to secure charitable support for the Coalition’s budgeted operations and strategic priorities at a 9 percent increase over 2015 actual revenue was discussed.  Plans to secure approximately $15,000,000 in government grants and contracts in support of program delivery and capital development was discussed.  

Meg shared the Department’s plan to develop and launch a community marketing effort, coordinated with the goals of the Coalition’s Education and Advocacy Department (E&A), to increase awareness and brand identity of the Coalition among key support audiences.  

A review of the sources of charitable revenue and related activities ensued.  Meg announced the upcoming Wine Tasting event to be held at the Stout Street Health Center, tentatively scheduled for June 9, 2016.  Jynx Messacar reported that the Resource Development Committee has its first meeting of 2016 scheduled for next Thursday, March 10.  It was also reported that the committee plans to engage a third party event planning team to assist with the tasting.  Five Sponsorship commitments have been secured to date, 3 of those are from CCH Board members.     


  • Consumer Advisory Board Report Tanger Jones


(Refer to CAB minutes for details.)

Tanger Jones (TJ) reported that there was some discussion regarding the desire to host a fundraiser for the committee and plan to invite the Resource Development team to come speak to the group for that discussion.  Other items discussed were the Trauma Informed Care Survey; photography in the Suites, and the application for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council –Regional Training.


  • Program Committee Report – Charles Savage


(Refer to Program Committee minutes for details.)

The Customer Satisfaction and Resident Satisfaction Survey summary results were reviewed. The overall customer satisfaction score was 4.50 (out of a possible five points) with a predominant negative response being the timeline to access housing.

It is believed that improvements at Renaissance 88 were a culmination of events including community building “Coffee Talk” with Tim Marshall meetings where actionable items coming from those meetings were addressed; senior management visiting property to engage with concerned residents; and implementation of additional security measures.  

John asked to have the Executive Summaries of the Satisfaction Surveys distributed to the Board.

Charles mentioned there has been some discussion with a Professor at the University of Denver and a principle at a consultant firm in Denver to possibly conduct a study of Stout Street Health Center’s formation.


  • Education and Advocacy Update – Cathy Alderman


Ninety days into her new role, Cathy is still getting acclimated to the position. She reported that John testified on House Bill 1191 as part of the Right to Rest Act last week.  

The Coalition will support an upcoming Bill that State Representative Max Tyler will introduce.  The bill will direct unclaimed property funds to an affordable housing fund in Colorado.  


  • President’s Report – John


Social Impact Bond (SIB)

Since the last meeting, the Social Impact Bond has been finalized and funding released.  Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) will be assigned 165 participants of the program with the remaining 85 participants being assigned to MHCD.  John discussed the repayment process, and reported the Exit Clause was adopted into the agreement giving CCH the ability to exit the agreement any time after 2 years if insufficient Medicaid revenue is generated.  

John shared that the larger investor, Northern Trust, has agreed to give CCH 2% of their 5% return if we achieve the higher marks of housing stability (exceed 83%). John also reported that the first quarterly payment was received last month.  

HRSA Scope Change

John reported that CCH is no longer providing health care at Urban Peak. Since those services are no longer provided, the site must be eliminated from the HRSA Scope of Service.

In addition, Optometry and Ophthalmology services were previously included as Vision services in the Scope of Services now needs to be separated due to HRSA’s list of expanded services.  Therefore, we need board approval to add Ophthalmology as a designated service.     

Virginia Berkeley moved to eliminate Urban Peak as a site and to add Ophthalmology services to the Scope of Services.  It was seconded by Charles, all were in favor.  Motion carried.    

Strategic Plan Update

Mandy May reported about how the process began approximately one year ago with a Capacity Assessment (an online survey) the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) in which every CCH team/department participated.  Those results were collated with the Annual Employee Engagement Survey.  From those efforts, specific recommendations were identified and the Strategic Planning work group consisting of CCH employees and Board members met in December, 2015 and drafted the 2016-2018 Strategic Goals. Based on the findings from the SWOT, Annual Employee Engagement Surveys, and Capacity Assessment, Consultant recommended Organizational Development Workgroups were created.  Next steps will be to convene the Board Strategic Planning workgroup, which will review the draft strategic goals and present a final recommendation to the Board in May.      

Organizational Development Update

Six Organizational Development Work groups were created or expanded (Decision Making, Infrastructure, Communication and Transparency, Workforce Development, Succession Planning and Policies/Procedures) to build a sustainable organization over time.  Each group consists of a staff liaison from the expanded executive team and professional facilitators. John reported that the goal is to have each work group present specific and prioritized recommendations 90 days from their initial meeting to the expanded executive team to produce an action plan in the near future.  There was a robust discussion regarding what that means for the culture of CCH and its future.   

National Council for Behavioral Health Award

John will accept the National Council’s Helping Hands Award of Excellence on behalf of the Stout Street Health Center (SSHC) for Integration and Wellness on Tuesday, March 8th in Las Vegas, NV.   A ten thousand dollar grant comes with the Award.  Approximately 8 staff members will attend the conference as professional development and attend the ceremony.  

John asked the Board for consensus to use some of the award money to generate community awareness and branding as recipients of this prestigious award.  The consensus from the Board was favorable.


  • Renaissance Housing Development Corp Report – John


Renaissance Downtown Loft (RDL) Update

Progress continues with acquiring permits from the City, and contract engagement with FCI.  John reported that US Bank was given a final chance to match the combined equity tax pricing construction loan terms offered by Well Fargo; US Bank declined the participation agreement.

T.R. Reid wanted an update on the conversations with the neighbors who are opposing the RDL project.  He was told that a meeting is being coordinated in the coming weeks and there is some discussion regarding the creation of a “Good Neighbor” plan at the discussion.   

North Colorado Station (NCS) Opening

John reported that the NCS opening and was very successful, both the Governor and the Mayor attended along with many other stakeholders and partners.  Board members who were also in attendance gave “kudos” to all involved and especially appreciated the musical offering from the Fort Lyon resident.

Other Business

John reported that the liens against SSHC have been released, and the law suit resolved. As part of the settlement agreement with Kiewit, CCH’s claims against with the Architect have been assigned to Kiewit to pursue.  John will still participate in the arbitration discussion when scheduled. John also reported that some funds owed to Kiewit are being held until various construction defects and “Punch List” items are completed. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m. by T.R. Reid. The next CCH Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for April 5th, 2016 at the Stout Street Health Center, 2130 Stout Street, Denver, CO.









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