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On and On and On and On Whether or not to Support Lasting Change in World and Local Politics – We Stand at the Nexus of Change

April 8, 2016

maybe not my generation but those to follow are going to bear the brunt of Panama, of corporate domination, of military occupation, of unilateral militarism, of criminal justice for maintaining a segregated society, for the injustice of Wall Street holding hostage people of Puerto Rico, of major interests protecting billionaires. ANYONE reading this, are you that well off that you can afford the greed and malice of a POLITICAL SYSTEM that holds nothing for future generations of citizens, the earth or for all of its inhabitants?


I’ve not been gung ho about the political system (I mean, I always vote and I am civic-ly engaged in my community), but…
This 8 minute video is as close as anything I’ve seen about what is interesting about Bernie Sanders. His fundamental values are grounded in the idea that all of us are in this together. Whatever we imagine for the immediate land we occupy, we can only hope that it allows us as individuals to raise our families safely, live in communities that support the good of the whole, and occupy a planet that recognizes all life is a gift from our maker, and Love is stronger than hate.

Watch this amazing video that a talented volunteer put together showing 30 years of speeches. Video by EJH
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