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CSLC Luncheon Women’s Health Issues @ First Baptist Church in the Basement Every Monday during the Legislative Session – noon to 1:15 pm

April 11, 2016

Colorado Social Legislative Session  Luncheon of Colorado   Noon to 1:15 pm every Monday from January to mid-May.


WOMEN’s Health  Issues


Colorado Consumer Health Initiative:  organizers of this meeting  Kaiser Permanente  poll extremely important to Americans

Reproductive Rights and health policy locally as well as nationally


Supreme Court  funding Planned Parenthood


Representative Lontine

Women’s Lobbyist of Colorado


Bill   representative of contraceptive equity:   Affordable care Act  list of essential benefits

access to contraception  and use of any supports

18  contraception methods

3 are oral 

surgical sterilization

emergency contraceptive   pill after sex

insurance will pay for this


all passed on party line among all legislators  fate of this is precarious  

HB 1294  Judicial Committee

democratic affairs –  2 male legislators will switch with two women on the meeting about access to contraception  right to choose

Supreme Court Rulings  Hobby Lobby  case  ruling released

4 profit companies can have a religious objection and not pay for this provision


Little Sisters of the Poor  they have a case that is coming before the court.


Heard in the middle of March  after the death of Justice Scallia.


4 X 4 decisions there is a lower court ruling


Joint Budget Committee     2.5  million was received for the continuing program in Colorado  ONLY GLIMMER of HOPE anywhere


advocate for choice for women


economic justice issue helping women have rights to choose



PEG  will speak to the Supreme Court Issues


7 of 10  people right to choose  throughout AMERICA





limiting physicians,  clinics and procedures  is their battle cry


the vast majority of their funding comes from fundamental religious right funding streams


changed language     –  decided to use other means to push their agenda  model legislation  BOILER PLATE

  crisis pregnancy centers  faith based   no medical  staff whatsoever.


NARAL  pro  choice   people who work for these facilities  tell them garbage 


constantly fighting these battles   –  LARC  bill to protect pregnant workers


WOMEN’s Right to KNOW  legislative proposal  


preventing low-income women to having access to adequate health care




2  supreme court decisions  in JUNE with split court.    TRAP LAWS  undue burden  incremental 



hard to find a place and a person  to do it Mississippi and Texas they have the most repressive system


1 facility for abortion right appointments in TEXAS


redistributed  programs and $


4 poor people these needs are climatic


HB   1203  Women’s Protective Reproductive Health BILL NIXED


Person Hood  HB 1218:  REP Neville


4 X 4   can carry over a decision   Justice Kennedy only judge left  crafted unburdened standard  sending back to Texas to get more evidence


gather more factual evidence:  capacity and distance issues will help to over turn this legislation


Blocked laws in other places  at least 5 justices takes to block a law


contraception  law ten cases across the nation  regular commerce.  religious organizations sufficiently burdened in their religious creeds


they do not have to provide the services and the company pays for the service 


10th  circuit  filling out a form is not a burden in your religious creeds  in COLORADO

initial conference was a 4  X  4 split

women’s legislators taking up the wild ideas of how women are treated.


majority  in the majority  play a straight game  try to accomplish standard things women in Kentucky  she’s fighting for economic justice rights for women


not made it out of committee because a woman in the committee:  Aguilar’s amendment:  only way to prevent an unintended pregnancy   MEN could have an orchiactomy:  Senator Jimenez  removing the testicles of a male


establishment clause of the constitution:  most are based on religious teachings


NO WAY AT ALL  SOME DON’T  CARE AT ALL   against establishment laws of the Constitution  concern and cared for laws.















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