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PHC – Project Homeless Connect November 3, #15 – @ Convention Center

April 12, 2016

Project Homeless Connect  15  Kate Van Daele has been engaged in PHC (9) November 3


clients at 10  volunteers at 9:  Training  must be impeccable  –  


Birth Certificate  –  ISSUING THEM AT CONVENTION CENTER.  produced in Indiana   what you get is a sticker of your ID in Black and White  Photograph,  DMV  operates in their way.  two  proffs of address  letter from a shelter is one proof,  KATE  telling everybody that is was cancelled.  Mayor Noah    is this still taking place.   gave everything out by providers,  cancelling an event of this size is daunting,  we need a cancellation plan.   KEY time is 4 am for cold weather alert,  


SUSTAINED CORE AREAS  out reach to diverse providers  –  sponsorship   have been changed  different sponsorship package.  


Housing Resource Guide  Catholic Worker House  black out some resources  –  relevant   –  Deb Grey:  Colorado Access  2,000 bags  –  warehouse  this year they can store all of the product at Americorps   rescue mission all of the snacks from all of their services,  Sage Hospitality will donate again,  Ready Care Hygiene Co.  Xcel Energy sock Drive,  PET SUPPLIES,  collars et al, work boots,    SUSAN COLE –  legal services,  Homeless Court,  child care  METRO  Jones they are committed,  50 students   toy drive,  work force –  Tammy  workforce centers  – job fair    –  lap tops  we have ten,  all came from DHS,  from IT department,  Tammy recruit , set up Denver Daily Work Program   people be paid street level  –   HOUSING PROVIDERS  –   throw in their units of   housing  –  system changes IT,  MONTHLY MEETINGS   –   sub committees,  TRAINING SCHEDULE:  WIFI  SMART CITY   –  write up of the event  –  $ 20,000.00 labor costs  (3)  years  donated assigned parking.  LOCATE more offender job sources.  LESS and LESS are willing to hire felons  –  broader housing and employment  resources  REGIONAL  FRONT RANGE:   Bridgehouse  presenting models throughout  the Metro Region   –    general  meeting  every month  second Tuesday of the month at MHUIW:    


Housing Summit  small media reception  at the event  forum to consider the etiquette  a pre-event for the media  training is technical:  all these students  15 minute video    I still did not get everything   in the loop  –   training is indispensable    –   MDHI  EVERY SINGLE E-MAIL:     marketing struggle  face book page   get some stuff out there.    bigger reach   Denver Gives  –   HUB  great way to get volunteers.

fact sheet   providers from  Front Range  variety piece   –   collaborating         how many people have been involved    –   always how many volunteers  are engaged who express a desire to be involved.

How many   video   performances    



people who are involved:  Bennie  # of yrs.  (4), SUSAN,  Scott Van Daele –   ASHLEY INMAN marketing communications   (3),  Carolyn Veteran Affairs  (2),   Cathryn  Gaskins  Case Manager  MHCD  (7), Meredith Blanchard  (4) MHUW  departing Boston to Tufts, Chris  Regis University, FINN  (ALL ), 500 volunteers @ Regis  – Harlow  (SCOTT)   Legal Waste ED  – (6) J. Garland  –  (2)  (FILL A PLATE FOR HUNGER) , DEB GREY  (7) , ANGE –  2007 primero  (8),  RENEE  L.  2006 (9)  DRH STAFF,  Jon Loper (8), DRH, white t-shirts #( 2),  Tammy Bellafatto, CCH (3),  Luis Hernandez  (1)  Metro Carering, SUSAN TATTERSALL legal services of Colorado, (2011) (4),  MOI,  Chris C.  (9),  KATE:  Happy Trails  –  Kate’s mother – KATE URBAN PEAK  first worked  -demand of homeless,  Kate has always been determined.  grew up in Minneapolis  moved to Denver after COLLEGE:  Urban PEAK  promised to work in Mayor’s Office,  Kate  went to 10,000 people Nestle Plant in the middle of the town,  needle exchange,  fresh off the boat,  list of all of these organizations check them out,  2 weeks what did you learn?  Rescue Mission, Gathering Place,  ANDREW McCLURE  Lawrence St. went down there alone. Not being freezing  sunnier. Duluth Minnesota:    homeless planning for 100, 000 people,   


for 2016’s event, and say a special good-bye and Thank you to Kate Van Daele –  – as she and her husband prepare to move back to Minnesota to pursue new adventures!
We hope you can join us! Also – if you have co-workers or colleagues who would like to join in on the planning this year, please feel free to forward this invite to them as well.
Please just let me know numbers so I can plan for food J
Angie Nelson, MSW, LSW |  Program Administrator
Denver’s Road Home | City and County of Denver
720.944.2885 Phone * * * * * * * *
Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact Milliner *  ED  DRH * * * * * * * *  Chris
Chris Christner *  
christopher. conner *  DRH   outreach  shelters
Debra Gray *  DRH  HOUSING * * * * * * *
John Claybaugh *
Jon – DHS Luper *  financing  DRH  
Josh Garland ( * * * *  KATE HUNT  se fue * * * * * * *
Lisa Raville * *
Melanie Lewis Dickerson *
Meredith Blanchard *  MHUW  volunteers
Missy Mish *  veterans *
Morina E. – HS Office of Community Impact Duerson * DRH  Staff
Nancy Rider * *
Nicole Y. – HS Office of Community Impact Fuller *
Renee L – HS Office of Community Impact Crews *
Robert – DPD Parks * * * *
Steve Perichetti * *
Tammy Bellofatto *  CCH  EMPLOYMENT * * * *
* Calendar cannot be shown. Why?
Suggested times
Mile High United Way – 711 Park Avenue West, Denver CO 80205




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