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DRH Employment SUB COMMITTEE at Mi Casa RESOURCE Center 360 Acoma St

April 15, 2016

Denver’s Road Home Employment Sub-Committee @   Mi Casa Resource Center



every  third meeting will be HIRE DENVER  –   is there a way to work towards coordinated entry  training components



this is one of the highest functioning committees of the Community for people who are living in public places.


   Friday, April 15th  from 9:30am to 11:30am

Location:        Mi Casa

360 Acoma Street Denver

Parking Info:  With Friday being tax day, Mi Casa will likely be busy with The DABC being located at Mi Casa. There is metered parking on the streets near Mi Casa and there is free parking a few blocks away. Please give yourself a few extra minutes to find parking.


If you are in need of directions or further information on Friday, please contact Anne at 303-539-5648. Thank you Anne for hosting this month’s meeting!


If you are unable to make the meeting on Friday, please let me know so that I can get you the notes from the meeting.


Keegan Kuhlmann

Employment and Business Services Lead

Urban Peak

730 21st Street Denver, CO 80205

303-974-2971, Direct Line

Keegan Kuhlmann <>to:cc:“Ken Arellano Jr. (” <>,
Tammy Bellofatto <>,
“” <>
date:Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 11:52 AMsubject:DRHES Meeting, April 15thmailed-by:urbanpeak.orgsigned-by:urbanpeak.orgencryption:Standard (TLS) Learn more:Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.


Ken Arellano  and Keegan Kuhlmann, Tammy Bellofatto,  Angie  Nelson, 


Office of Economic Development,  WOrk Force Development  Tony Anderson Business Service Manager

Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute  Aaron Witzke Outreach Coordinator  –  helping low-income  entrepreneurs start businesses

brief history of their programs  founded in 2008  to fill gaps  self sufficiency  self-worth,  align with the purpose of their lives  launch these businesses lending component  typical customer stuck in low wage jobs not a lot og professional upward mobility   –  any barriers natural support net work  no  basement to live in  instead of rent  no business Acumen.  

technical assistance  exploring business skills  MBA  training  at Mile High   course offered 2X monthly  exploring business ownership  how business is balanced with personal  lives.


strategic planning will this make $?


Business Launch BOOT CAMP  costs $400.00   we work with people under the AMI cap  $42,000.00 boot camp is 12 weeks  1 starts in MAY and 1 in AUGUST


@ has three coaches  offering of course at night   last 4 weeks is launch start making $  $2,500  loaned at 8% about $200,oo a year.


partner with AXIOM and other partnership agencies

POST BOOT CAMP PROGRAM  continue to support the entrepreneur


we are able to offer up to $10K  especially if their credit is not sufficient

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition:  Juston Cooper,  Deputy Director



1451  bill 

JUSTON  CCJRC  Deputy Director:  


expansion of prisons in early  90’s   over 30  prisons were created,  ending mass  incarceration  closed 5  prisons saved over 30 million dollars


more complex issue than simply prisons:  CCJRC  multiple entities operating autonomously.  overhauled  the strategic planning over use of criminal  advance health and safety in communities there are 4 staff  all exposed to criminal justice system in some ways  –





COUNTY VOTE PROGRAM  VOTING RIGHTS WITH PEOPLE WITH PEOPLE WHO  ARE  INCARCERATED  eligibility to vote  disenfranchised  marginalized  –  2,000 people who have been in jails and prisons.85,000  people are on probation  all eligible for voting.




2nd campaign:   District Attorney  accountability is unchecked.  22 judicial districts 17 of these contests were uncontested.  DENVER ADAMS And ARAPAHOE counties have local candidates.  Denver DA candidate forum,  


3rd campaign health care  that matters:   CCLP  BAN THE BOX will be killed in Senate  barriers to criminal background people have to have access 

launched 3  years ago.  Affordable Care Act  is a game changer for many people


400 under sheriffs  Denver launched the first pre release program with Gary Wilson  –  

4th campaign

crimes of others victims of crimes


posters that we can put at :LOGAN STUDIOS


1355  community re-entry  services


124  expanded the amount to 1,5 million $


due diligence  tackling disproportionate  launching a program




lost recall by 300 votes   JOHN MORSE  lost SENATE


systemic issues



CLP Resources:  Perry West Recruiter  TRUE BLUE  training program:  construction  started 30 years on West Coast  1/2 billion dollar organization  temporary employers  $12.00  an hour  LABOR READY  ENTRY LEVEL   –  EL CENTRO HUMANITARIO:  short assignments felons  ask for background checks  must have your transportation  CLP  whatever that stands for.     __________________________


DO U WORK with EL 


Labor Ready  –  Temporary Labor   –  Spartan


their are opportunities for people to obtain real  jobs


CLP   we do not have a good record on permanent  jobs





Mandy  regarding Housing Subcommittee Meeting


MI CASA:   40th  anniversary   more economic stability and training career development    4 sites throughout the region  in Parkhill 33rd and Holly,  also at Lakee Middle School and North High School



health care 

4 to 6 week training

GED  program training

background checks for criminal backgrounds


drug screening  have to be clean  meaning?  TANF  $75  for training of work force 

navigators  are employed to support people who have training  120 people annually


Business development for entrepreneurs   14 week course  excellent 


$35.00  for DENVER RESIDENTS  Mi Case does micro lending for $3,000.00  Probo PAT  US patent secure patents 


Youth and family  services from Lake and North High School  5:30 to 7:30  every night free CHAILDCARE


Northeast Park-hill business   putting together a resume   1:1  career specialists



Next Meeting will be Friday May  20


REZ CARE  in 24 states  will take over work force development.  national corporation  MI CASA is a sub contractor


all of the work force centers will continue to operate  as of this moment


CENTRAL  DIA:  most people will be using the main office of Denver Human Services:




City Council has to approve this contract to begin July 1.


Out of School   youth  we are in contract negotiations  at Castro Building 12th and Federal Blvd.


DYNAMIC YOUTH RESOURCE SERVICES  has been awarded  Maxim  will also be working  with them  WIOA


IN SCHOOL WILL BE  Denver Public Schools   

6 awards are given


hard to say  if they will pass these  contracts


operating costs will be same  a wash    in replacement  ease of access customer service


OED  WORK FORCE DEVELOPMENT  EMPLOYMENT FIRST:  two programs receiving TANF  Temporary aid to Needy Families-


getting into employment  plan comprehensive services delivered to clients customers   WIOA  targets harder to serve the hardest to reach  people looking for employment


Dynamic Employments 


frank question:  city  being sued by some of the providers   about these contracts.


SKILLS TO COMPETE  meets at Colorado Center on Law and Policy


180  jobs no longer available  who were working with the City and County.  AND 1/2 have moved to other occupations


JULY 1  is a hared deadline for opening the new  program


other 1/2 of the employees  –  some retiring,  transition to next opportunity,  currently interviewing with  REZ CARE  60 positions Dynamic   24 jobs they are searching for new personnel.  70%  are brought in from current work force centers,  They are having a reverse work force fair next Wednesday.  People are hiring and there is every opportunities.  continuity of service,  they will cream some of the candidates because of changes in their style and penetration of the market.


THEY HAVE HAD ISSUES EMPLOYING THE CURRENT STAFF and recruiting the best people to serve difficult to serve people.  


RELEASE  HOW THEY CAN MAKE THE CONNECTIONS for their programs  survey monkey wll be in 2 weeks


Corresponds amount of $ available to youth as opposed to adults   PY 16  budget  Workforce Development ACT  allotments are standard

Dallas Department of Labor more $  for adult services  POT IS LARGER FOR ADULTS  displaced adult needs more assistance.




dedicated meeting for the contractors  and sub contractors  for 2 hours on MAY 20  a@  __________


DENVER’S  ROAD HOME IS NOT CONNECTED TO OED it is the Mayor’s Commission to End Homelessness


Ken Arellano:  decision to move in this direction July 1  all 180 positions  27 will be new  ultimately this is the way we are moving   change of legislation  WIOA  legislation  ALL 64  counties are going to go through this change. Ken is talking about his perspective   built out RFPS   sent in November  –   notified like everyone else.  Many times ?  WHY  ?


internal resume byproducts of being a multi-national company  better product  overall    ONE STOP  leverage  different issues  bring a lot of support to the development of work force services


future   there will be sites all over



Denver Job  Fair at the Airport  on May 9th and Botanic Gardens

Wednesday  MAY 18   UNION  101  women and transgender at the Gathering Place


treatments if someone has a need to treat bed bugs  at Coalition  three months internally DU Students  sustainable  NEXT YEAR















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