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Consumer Advisory Board CAB April Sun and Stars Arise Light and Heat and the Promise of New Life

April 19, 2016

Consumer Advisory Board CAB April Sun and Stars Arise Light and Heat and the Promise of New Life


People who are here  Lori Malone, Laray Kreaplin, TJ Tanger  Jones, Rocko,  R.L., victoria 


Sarah Lightfoot and MaryLee Forington but she is gone


Shalonie  fund raising


Guests:  Sarah  and   Becky  HUNGER FREE COLORADO


Joanna new Manager of stout street

i line for pick up


check In  line



fill out comment card  let us know what you think?


4  pharmacists are working  to fill out prescriptions


interact  with volunteers  peer mentors


Shoe  Drive  Fund Raising moving forward   Chalonie  Volunteer Coordinator  market  drive with Annetta.  


NEW shoes –  getting rid of their stuff clothing drive  big bags of clothes     rags  manufacturers  marketing concise clear and precise

North Colorado Station she has a storage room

community drive

11:30  Maggianos’s  Restaurant  eating salads   Volunteer Luncheon


Which companies or public at large  ask fora company is an official  –  from a place like Payless shoes


Septermber  due date:   Renee  Kid’s Fair  at the same time  AUGUST week before school starts 250 kids and  equal number of volunteers  Health Care Event



Renee is person  to approve the proposal


Chalonie is lovely as a new born  sapling


HUNGER FREE COLORADO  BECKY   focus group collecting indformation SNAP application    Hot line state wide   855 855 4626  HOT LINE #

Supplemental   Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP

Becky was on the street couch surfing  two children sons   lost her income    AARP placed her 20 hours weekly eventually full time  led me to resources obvious issues  great insight on most of this  sign in sheet and county


we will connect back to you for participating in this focus group  legislative issues  Hunger for Change  speak about issues  how can we make resources more available  SUE IS LEADING THIS FOCUS GROUP  understanding your experience personal experience.  using the EFT cards benefits and ideas of this  we record the group


emergency  CCH Board Meeting   VP not to the meetings  scolded out for this

lack of communications

move forward
























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