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Coordinating Committee April 2016 Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative MDHI

April 22, 2016

Coordinating Committee April  Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative


quien esta:   Tom Luehrs,  Lindi Sinton,  Joshua,  Leah     Home for Vets, Sharyl  Boulder Vista,  Claybaugh,  Renee Crews,  Alejandro Community Representative, DAVE,  

 Kathryn Malley  VOA,  SUE  Gilman, Bayaud,  Allie  Card   Frank romero,  Jess Stechler  Leanne Vasquez,  attention homes  MCPn  Tom Horton Tammy Bellofatto,  


Laura Ware  veniendo


IBM  SMARTER CHALLENGE;  IBM EXECUTIVE  TEAM:  launch on MONDAY with ten mayors  listening tour all over.  IBM  CONFERENCE   170  interviews   6 group  interviews.

AMANDA  Marhsall from MDHI  Office  MAY 3  closing  at MHUW  3  to 5  pm



people are speaking about this process  systems and process 


data systems,  information  objectives  expand  CAHPS  access services  



recommendations   that we can make   1/2  million  dollars  recommendations on how to achieve these objectives


Veterans Services Center was location of the meeting  Ian Fletcher  unhappy   person  receiving services


HUD  multi-family HUD  202 properties  one from homeless families  9 units for older adults  PILOT PROJECT

lower need who can live on their own


services that are related to the placement of the person


Portland trip  by people on the street  from BOULDER   –  


SOME WENT to  SEATTLE  to see what they are about


we’re unique  state supervised  WASHINGTON deals with Oregon as well


VOA  has in  Durango a Shelter and SAFE HOUSE


all people passing through  


marijuana  impact


low employment rate    –      influx of people


Laura WARE  my family  OIL GAS CRASH  DURANGO  impacted    


Thomas  tagged on   innovative ideas  campaign new strata  people attempting to camp as a housing solution


MARIJUANA  is a way to avoid feeling


camping bans 25 years


a lot of people are attempting to buy a car to live in


LONGMONT:  Local government Marijuana    retail  impact    –   1 year  projects


Center for Disease Prevention Control and epidemiology  Drug Strategy Commission   City Human Services  does a 1/4 report on substance use with diverse populations  Dr Bruce Mendelssohn .


employment and use of substances    of  110  people 8  people asked to pursue jobs in the marijuana field.



legally   50% of people are here are using drugs


AUDREY  SENIOR PROVIDERS   mature workers   



Coordinated  ENTRY  scores of people who have been housed   complex case meeting yesterday  identifying people who are vulnerable    2,510  46%  scored in 10+ range  median score is  14


definition that is chronically without a place to live  2015  434   total who have been housed.  statistics on how many are housed   housed since 2014       we are going to focus on housing retention which at the moment is 96%.




























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