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People’s Fair Steering Committee a month out MAY before us April Meeting of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods CHUN

April 26, 2016

People’s Fair Steering Committee Monthly Planning Meeting  April  2016


Staff  +  Rob Weil,  Charles  _____, Jay Finesilver  NOT  PRESENT either one Vincent Gavito, Heather  B.,  Debra Adams, Steve Rioerdan, Ted Heckel,  Emily Richardson,  Doug  Goldman, Doug Kacena, EJ Worden, Dave Cook  NO ESTA  Tampoco, Jamie Heldt, Selena Martinez, Tommy Nahulu, Katie McCusker, Ean Tafoya,  moi,  Alicia, et al.  Mark  is here from Musicians –  Nicky Nguyen,  


Dave Cook <>,
Debra Adams <>,
Doug Goldman <>,
Doug Kacena <>,
Ean Tafoya <>,
EJ Worden <>,
Emily Richardson <>,
Heather Bendele <>,
Jamie Heldt <>,
Jay Finesilver <>,
Katie McCusker <>,
Rob Weil <>,
Selena Martinez <>,
Steve Riordan <>,
Ted Heckel <>,
“Tommy Nahulu (” <>,
Vince Gavito <>


WE are waiting for everyone.  There are about half the steering committee @  6 VICENT  no esta  ni  Jay  


MARK  Musicians in ACTION  non profit  2009   – founded,  Arapahoe Douglas  Mental Health  Mark worked with  people with disabilities  hiring homeless,    food drive for the Gathering Place   –  

14th and Broadway  sound stage  –  street team  will be working on getting people  Supportive EMPLOYMENT    Corporate Sponsors,  working on sponsorship,  Looking for corporations,  through the Denver Technology Center like ____, and ______,  back line drums,      Stage Plots  working with Nicky and Jay  (Nicky  Nguyen)  is here tonight.

Electrical  lay out  –  

collateral  when Mark can be involved

donate a certain amount of food you can get a coupon  for booze  –  they had a food campaign one year.  NOT an EASY  TASK

Layout  Lincoln  is open and 14th  there will be areas for service truck

closures THURSDAY  NIGHT      ON FRIDAY   –   7 pm  Broadway and Colfax close completely

Site Set Up  



Exhibitors    new people siting for the stages and exhibitors will have three new people 

exhibitor relations  2  have two spaces each  there are food trucks but they usually are not as robust.  they have about half the vendors thus far.

community partners

food and beverages   14  on Broadway and 12 on Bannock they are reducing the numbers of food vendors beer vendors ON EACH CORNER   all fencing will go up  starting to go up Friday  morning  –  as road closes they pop the fences  buttoned down tight by end of the night  entrance was moved to corner  –  allow people to come in off the sidewalk from downtown  two street access for this.  Veterans Memorial Park will be fenced   –  GREEK AMPHITHEATER  will be at the central areas of the CARNIVAL  events.    tents  for tables are a problem with wind.  THURSDAY NIGHT  SECURITY there will be on site from THURSDAY through Monday.


TWO TENTS  are Margaritas,  no liquor sponsor

applications:  FA – 85  partnering   a lot of double booths,  chunk of vendors from the past,  a lot are returning  arts  all of this  will be managed at the fair by the art’s  director

increased fine artists that we have ever done in 45 years

partner on Colfax Ave. with artists an event of the arts

HC  –  48

PS   –  10

GF     –  11

MP  –  22

CH –  1

NP  –  55

K/F  – 3


Food  –  15



Musicians in Action Stage


Tivoli  they are coming on with draft beer  they are not paying anything 


nailing down wine and spirits –  may have to separate the two  alcohol types

Beer meeting Thursday  afternoon with Beer Tasting   goal they want number of feature beers, they want to mix a variety of beers in all of the tents   21 brands and they will staff the beer.  in store marketing,  limited in the past,  TIVOLI wants to do a supreme marketing drive  all Colorado BEERS will be marketed.  They will market to students on Auraria Campus  –  They will have one light beer  –  they have ASPEN  GRIMM, 4 or 5 distributors.  featured on Colorado  Company,  KYLE CLARKE LOVES BEER

celebrity  judging the beers  –  kick off program at the TAP ROOM at Tivoli  maybe they can make a beer that is especially for the fair.

affordable  $5.00  premium  $6.00  price point for the beer  a strip for a beer and same thing for the liquor,


CAN  WE DO THE KICK OFF PARTY  AT THE TIVOLI  -=  give people their first beer,    we can work with  RTD.  Validate parking from the SIE FILM CENTER

Center for Urban Connections they can sponsor  they can validate for all of the parking  SITES   –  RYAN CAMPBELL



Entertainment  –  they are paying for the BANDS  Jay is involved in raising money for each band

UMX was  great  really great  researching PEARLS

parking for the bands was a challenge.  They are members.  

86  acts on 4 stages  90% confirmed  over 20  made the cut  –  all favorites  HIGH SCHOOL BANDS will be there

Insta-Passport     –      9 Health Fair  –   FILLMORE will promote the event  –  reaching out to the people who attend the event

limited # of pedometers  will be a part of the scavenger hunt

Mural Project:  5  groups  kick off MAY 25  YOUR FUTURE Is the THEME  KICK OFF 3 to 4 pm

mural project theme   –  “Your Future”

DECKED OUT  THIS SATURDAY   7 students will be participating in the vent  DECKED OUT  sold OUT  there are 4 left  

keg of beer in TIVOLI  –   nice to have it afuera  if not inside the HALL    LIVE OUT COMPETITION  1st 2nd and 3rd  and people’s  choice  and Tommy will be a judge  a  few judges  ‘  youth are doing the painting  and families and some others who bought the boards  –    7 students are committed,  Bendele said that she can help,  $25 00 is the cost of the board  beverage ticket for an adult it is anyone over 21 who can have a beer,  family friendly noon to 4 pm  volunteers are doing the set up and tear down.  kids who are small are at a table.



Art in the Park:   Tommy   paint party  instructing 20 people to learn about painting murals  $20.00  to participate for an hour or two  three Saturday and three sessions Sunday   6  distinct art    They are meeting on Tuesday  lower right quadrant KSEW  stage   they will provide a tent on the grass in lower right corner  protect  ground  –   pre sales  are possible through  they can go on line  and sign up,  Parties coming up are  at the People’s Fair  Art  at   his  site  publish on our marketing pages.  Ground breaking  –  any marketing strategy as soon as possible.


Van Gogh  or Renoir to demonstrate how to make a masters painting


Corporate Sponsorship:  told board last THURSDAY NIGHT that they are struggling with Corporate sponsors we lost 70K  morning star farms,  Beer and wine spirits ,  Westword  ENTERCOM  may have a tequila sponsor. CENTURA  community grant they met with them separately for a project


Public Relations and Marketing:  Westword,  Denver Post,  Entercom, lost Kosi,  KS 105  sports channel,  9 CHANNEL NEWS,  morning show  they have come down early Friday  Morning.  pitch the shows  and do marketing on air,  


Marketing Committee:   


Social Media Campaign


Media Partners:  9 News  Denver Post  Comcast


Entercorn  Radio


VIP  Very Important Persons   3 tomatoes will do the catering


Greening  Heather:  Earth  DAY  60  volunteers  signed up  PHIL working with Heather background in sustainability 


Kids and Family Area  train in the middle that goes around and round the central park area


Volunteers:   Seal Pond  40 X 20  Tent  – Jamie is in charge of the Volunteer tent  about 50  people thus far  –   following up with groups  how many do we need?  400  for greening,  what are volunteers doing they will stand behind the waste stands,  2 hours of volunteering for each  stand  hard cor about recycling  –  ideally  one person at each  AirMark is doing the clan up.  compostable   have a hard time to recycle.  anything with a triangle on the cups is reusable.  


age limit   for volunteers  –   16  alone and with a parent  three year old are eligible.


32%  diversion    –  from last year  


Ryan Campbell at Auraria Campus  is capable of providing a number of volunteers. ALSO   UNITED WAY:  




CHUN Booth  –  45th  anniversary:  history  museum  of  People’s Fair.  Old photographs  any memorabilia   –   the FREE LIBRARY has archives of everything.  Board extra $  went in the mansion  list of beneficiaries,  all access pass.  Western  History   all images are digital  and we can make a way to bring them down  –   we need a host of workers to do the packing and unpacking of the truck  4 times.  Rob Weil, Ted Heckel and Michael Henry,  David Walstrom,  people like Kathleen Riley and  ______.


Steering Committee 4th Monday monthly


Music Show case


mural Project Kick off


Kick Off Party  May  31


Steering Committee at Civic Center Park  JUNE 1


45th People’s Fair  JUNE 4  –  5


Mural Showcase Event








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