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“This Garden Is Dedicated to Those Who We Loved Who Died on the Street”

May 3, 2016

“This Garden  Is Dedicated to Those Who We Loved Who Died on the Street”


We Persist  we persevere  we move on despite the loss and persistent turmoil  We sit on the threshold of change  a juggernaut  a gauntlet a gaping chasm that roils above the cliffs reigning down on everything that we feel is constant and fixed

Leaving us gasping for air  it is our birth right  to be out on the razor’s edge  apart from everyone else an albatross circumnavigating the currents aloft for ages with no sight of land.   

We spread our magnificent wings and draft upward above the seas out of sight of all that we hold dear and cling to hope that we’ll come to rest safely on a promontory above the icy shrouded cliffs.  We have gaped at the expanse of jutting peninsulas, fathomed darkest depths of oceans that hold out all light


We know loneliness we are transformed by shadows of isolation like a shroud that descends smothering everything a foggy bottom of a morass without end

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