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MDHI FamilyCAHPS May 9, 2016 and Lindi Sinton at VOA

May 9, 2016

CAHPS  FAMILIES Making it possible for them to be Safe and Secure


Tier 1   –   2   lost a few transitional housing grants  there were shifts but not sufficiently  3  will not be funded  and one new they said that they will not be funded

crisis center in Douglas County.

lost STRIDE and CCH and Link with Third Way 


Grace  families in Aurora who were affected through Arapahoe House and Community Housing Partners.    STRIDE is impacted after JULY 1.

New FUNDING   will not cover the shifts  defunding is not adequate,


CCH  voucher transition TH  rapid rehousing  38  families for whom they have been paying rent.  They are moving them to  DHA vouchers  and covering them.


MAXED OUT  they cannot move the people at STRIDE.  100+  she reached out to CCH to house 10 families at Arapahoe House

Third Way has been using the funding for Lincoln Street.  they will not discharge the people  Dave Eisner is the ED at Third Way.


Stride met with the families last week there have been calls all last week  there has been publicity on channel 4 News.  


20  years these have been shifted to other programs


the most difficult part is how fickle and indeterminate the federal government is in decision-making.




BALANCE OF STATE MONTROSE   –  other counties across the state were impacted directly


There is a comparison to the losses from other states and communities that cut out more programs


Paul  said that they lost one staff member and all of the staff of Stride  Sarah is volunteering and the board has shit down STRIDE.


CAHPS  cheerful  story  building our family   MDHI is lead agency and contracts out to others for services




SYSTEM based coordinator and separated in two buckets.


coordination and housing coordination


Out comes related to families:    brain storming




housing navigator in schools is indispensable


working with a community design team to coordinate efforts


case management coordinated  connected to housing pass to case management


looks different for families  than single adults

specifically  Father Ed Judy House Models and HOUSE OF HOPE  




increase capacity of case management 






CLUB HOUSE:  more and more  public housing support group of graduates


lease in place permanent voucher  building a community that is permanent


standardized approach to case management between organizations and service providers


How do you close a case in rapid rehousing  different expectations of what their outcome measurements are based on


Ft Lyon model  needs to be duplicated  working on community building


KIM  HORTON EFA  Emergency Family Assistance  former mayor of Lyons is the Executive Director


HOUSING FIRST  for families  has existed for decades across the nation














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