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CCH Board Program Committee – Personnel

May 12, 2016

Board Program Committee  theme Personnel  (CCH) Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 


  • Human Resources –  Kert  Hubin   – Director
  •   –  Work Force Development  –  May 12, 2016  
  • keep them here  attract the best continue to develop
  • Quality Assurance Plan    outcomes  Amanda Fitsimmons

Gillian McCune  –  Integrated Health Services

25 – 30%  turnover  average of other institutions like this is 35%

younger workforce  people move generational gap  

hiring people who are brand new 

we have challenges in keeping good staff   $ for one thing


all kind of reasons to leave

turn over at Stout Street Health Center  at median turn over for health care

How Much turn over is from BURN OUT


overwhelmingly  people leave compensation relationship with the manager


salary rates is not a significant reason for being paid


what is important maintaining the talented work force 


required  by Congress not been assessed in 80 years  earnings test

exempt or non-exempt  position  certain amount per week in order to be exempt


will increase the pay double  

retention rate  better or lower  majority of the workers are women


capacity has been limited  


slice and dice the trends by ethnicity, sex, personal 


natural attrition


one team had two staff leave and that was half the team.


lateral movement to moving to a different department


Some positions we offer only internally

hire from within  as often as possible


majority of open positions we open up internally and then look outside


emotional maturity  intelligence  –  do you try and work with people with their declivities weaknesses and struggles


racial profiles are most of the staff hiring are White


MOSES EDWARDS  remember his perspective and role in the adult protective services  State worker


employee engagement process   

a year of non-linear experimentation


ULTIPRO  platform  employee information data base.  

recruiting and on boarding


roll your eyes   in payroll

complex system  many hours of training


OFTEN 4 hours training  everyone uses the training


administrators have access to everything in the system  only upper management


pull up your profile yourself  your HR file is available to employees directly


collaborate with their managers for setting goals for the place training and development  automated 


historical records are maintained  CLOUD BASED STORAGE


computer log on credentials  see window punch

if you forget computers


staff survey will be released soon in MAY


application process is not cumbersome


what compensation would you like?

















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