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DRH Employment Sub Committee of Denver’s Road Home May 2016

May 20, 2016

Employment Subcommittee of Denver’s Road Home  May  2016


REZ CARE piloting the transition move from Montbello to West SIde  they are not sure about the changes that will be taking place  all phone numbers will  be changing  ALL #’s  will not be 720 865 #

staff is supposed to report there at Montbello Employment Centers  they  are keeping DIA Denver International Airport

13th Delaware  to 12th anf Federal   people living on the east side

Dynamic Work Force Solutions  TANF will not be separated from Work Force


Temporay Aid to Neddy Families  – TANF


co-chair  they need to make decisions as to who will follow Tammy Bellofatto



Universal Protection Services:  Andrea McDowell


HIRED Denver Merging with Employment Subcommittee

Jessica Cassarino  Anne Volcher  community outreach for Community College of Emily Griffith Opportunity School

overlap with the sub committee HIRE DENVER  complimenting each other’s services  sustainability plan.

Anne Volcher  –  employer seminars  inviting employers to speak to the social service providers  developing and recruiting for jobs and hiring practices change the culture within the community  utilize tax incentives training $  how they access this money.  

Teacher a decade established herself as a job developer.  

Quarterly BASIS HIREDenver will host the meetings  –   examining best practices  employer seminars  talk about themes that are relevant.   tapping into the untapped work force hiring people with criminal backgrounds,  could be hiring people with barriers to being employed


second month quarterly  February May August will be the first months for the HIREDenver  and Project Homeless Connect in November  on the 3rd at the Convention Center  employer-centric workshop


Metro Denver Homeless Initiative  will be included in these professional development training.


Laura Ware:  mentioned this   NOT A PARTNERSHIP  available to them  cross over  

employer network  training for this community


HIREDenver  is a network of members of the employment community


Colorado Coalition Development Center


time of the meetings  will be 9:30 to 11 and then a second meeting despues at 11 to 11:30 am


HireDenver met Thursday nights  3  to 4:30 pm

They pitched changing the day of the meeting and the time  to Friday mid morning will employers wish to change when they attend?


schedule changing will be changed everyone would have to be ready to switch the time


Community ReEntry Project  Agavina?

TWO times annually there would be employer development  meeting


21 people are here at the meeting today the entire membership is  200 people and agencies


Tony Medina  is involved with veterans

homeless services target audience

employer centralized with people who are hired or job development

They’ll send out a survey  to everyone to tell who wishes to participate


When did HIREDenver begin

 3 goals and what is the purpose  

  • Professional development
  •  advocacy employment centralized
  • networking

4 years ago   HireDenver started


we are not DRH  Tony states


conflicts with Office of Economic Development  REZ CARE is running  this



passed unanimously


Boots to Work

bus passes  reimbursed  goes to King Soopers to buy in bulk passes for RTD  gas, driver/’s tests, clothing, training.  Identification


supplies  boots clothes  anything to go to work


THEY HAVE $4,000.00 altogether



has to be on a lettter head


The Give Center


someone lose out on a job


MI Casa  Mile High United Way  2-1-1 list who has funds available


emergency resources


around the room anything to add  anuncios


Samaritan House  30% over last year’s #’s  have shoes for women with steel toes

Deputy Director Bayaud Enterprises  Back from being ill 

Agenno Otto  here for Tracey  June 15  open House CRP  13th and Delaware

Brad Allen  Volunteers of America  Career Development  Pets  1247  Bill Daniels Service Center free exams, obedience training, vaccination for anyone @ 9 am

career  readiness who do they look for JULY 29  1 to 3 pm LOCKHEED  MARTIN:  Pay well  excited to hire 

1247  Santa Fe Drive Veterans Service Center


Warren Village:  First Step

Laura  Up Stream and Impact

transitional  housing is fine they have to be stable

Find out how they’re doing


Angela  Project Homeless Connect  ELisabeth Ochs is a lead in this  ione day event PHC 15 twice


Jessica  Emily Griffith  

33rd and Holly  at Resource Center where I will be working  readiness for getting a job  monolingual Spanish speaker



Carla Kaplan-Gomez  Mi Casa  at millennials  5 week training starting June 21  and must apply by June 4.  

financial services training


Tony Medina:  mountain bike I have access to 3 of them

Tina Yankee-Squire:  encourage them to VOTE in the primary


Chris Daffeny  retired to go to Mexico  building a home in Mexico BCCP  program  contact Alison

three people part time employees Allison is the only full time employee working with offenders 

Sarah Fisher  Hope Communities  


Melanie Dean Gathering Place  glasses  job fair Denver area Labor federation  Monday 9:30 to 11:30

Audrey Cress Colorado Dept of Human Services Adult Service low income seniors – Professional Development Academy


access all of the presentations:  PDACONFERENCE 2016 Vail Colorado  (GOOGLE)


Nicole Palidwdor   7 874 7014  works with WIOA  Arapahoe County Work force












YOUTH  as a viable resource  retention and work life  we are not always the ones who are putting on these seminars.  


Ken Arellano  –  OED   OFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  –    business development  specialist  business focused   health care development

Tammy Bellofatto  cch

Keegan Kuhlman  urban peak

Angela Nelson  DRH staff


Mandy Housing subcommittee meeting


Anuncios  alrededor el salon


REZ CARE  business development team on this committee

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