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Camping Ordinance Colorado Springs Out Reach Colorado Springs Police Department – 444-7666 or via email at

May 23, 2016


The CSPD Colorado Springs Police Department    – Homeless Outreach Team may be contacted at 444-7666 or via email at regarding additional questions or concerns.

Below are three of the most commonly discussed municipal code ordinances which apply to camping within Colorado Springs. The first applies to general public property, the second to city park property, and the third to private property. The Colorado Springs Police Department Homeless Outreach Team will not cite violations of 9.6.110 Camping on Public Property Prohibited if there are no alternative shelter options available for the violator. Shelter space availability is evaluated on a continual basis by members of the CSPD HOT.  However, violations of 9.9.404 Camping Restrictions and 9.6.102 may be cited independent of available shelter options.



  1. It is unlawful for any person to camp on any public property, except as may be specifically authorized by the appropriate governmental authority.
  2. For purposes of this section “camp” or “camping” means to use the public area for living accommodation including, but not limited to, the activities and circumstances listed below. These activities and circumstances may be considered in determining whether reasonable grounds for belief have arisen that a person has “camped” or is “camping” in violation of this section.
  3. Sleeping or making preparations to sleep, including the lying down of bedding for the purpose of sleeping.
  4. Occupying a shelter out of doors. “Shelter” shall mean any cover or protection from the elements other than clothing, such as a tent, shack, sleeping bag, or other structure or material.
  5. The presence or use of a campfire, camp stove or other heating source or cooking device.
  6. Keeping or storing personal property. (Ord. 10-10)

9.9.404: CAMPING RESTRICTIONS (Only applies to city park property):

  1. It is unlawful for any unauthorized person to camp, as that term is described in section 9.6.110 of this chapter, on any park property.
  2. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any movable vehicle or structure or special vehicle, such as a house trailer or camper trailer, under the person’s control to remain in a park after closing. (Ord. 89-97; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 10-9)

9.6.102: TRESPASS (applies to camping on private property):

It is unlawful for any person intentionally or knowingly:

  1. To trespass or enter upon the land of another or in possession of another without the permission of the owner or the person in possession of the property, or, having lawfully entered upon the property, to remain on the property after having been directed by the owner or person in possession of the property to depart; or
  2. To enter into or upon land or a building that is posted, locked, or otherwise fenced or enclosed in a manner that a reasonably prudent person would understand that the owner does not want the person on the land or in the building. (Ord. 4517; 1968 Code §8-34; 1980 Code; Ord. 01-42)

CSPD often encounters additional violations with those camping on public property. Common violations include:

  • 9.6.107: Open Burning Prohibited
  • 2.5.704 Drinking in Public Prohibited
  • 9.9.201 Pollution of Park Waters
  • 9.6.202 Littering Prohibited


Of these violations, littering is the most prevalent as evident in the few below photographs taken last week in the downtown area.



The CSPD Homeless Outreach Team may be contacted at 444-7666 or via email at regarding additional questions or concerns.

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