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A TOOLKIT FOR LIFE (10) Principles for Life

May 31, 2016




  1. Life is meaningless and therefore your have to fill it    Our presence in the universe is minuscule, of little consequence in relation to the 13.8 billion years of events that have transcended our meagre existence. Leave it to humans to feel that their lives are central to the unfolding saga of all life and purpose.   Our purpose is a not determined by what significance we have.  If you choose to go after what is in your heart and which you feel passionate about that is fine.  May it take you the rest of your life and when you’re dying you can then see how it is unfinished and feel this has been a way to spend the whole of your lives.
  2. Learn as much as possible, share all that you learn spray it far and wide.  Be a lover of learning.  Be a teacher, teaching is a significant gift and be a great teacher.  Even if you are not a teacher share whatever you have learned.  Examine everything as finitely as possible  without end    QUESTION  –   QUESTION    –   QUESTION  EVERYTHING


  1. Have compassion, love the least of those with whom you meet as much as the heads of everything.  Be giving to those who are the least.   Compassion for you as well as for all else is essential for weathering the adversity of what matters and transpires in your lives  Be careful and giving and respond with compassion for your gifts and troubles as much as for those who you injure.



  1. Your life is a gift no matter how it teeters or transforms, feel the blessing and rejoice whether you’re successfully challenged and rewarded or stumble and falter in your ways.
  2. Venerate all life – Write thank you notes, praise as much as possible the gifts that are bestowed on you, be grateful and especially for everything that has been given to you because nothing that you have is yours alone. It belongs to everyone connected to you forward and aft of your family, ancestors and for all of those who you touch.  Remember always to acknowledge their gifts and be thankful graceful, present to them as long as you are able.
  3. All disciplines are interconnected.  Love for arts and sciences are integrated.  Experiences of other aptitudes and disciplines matters more than everything else in achieving success in one’s art or profession. Encompass the gifts of every other person and you will be aware of their grace. 
  4. Hopefully, you will choose to focus on a task that forges the crucible of what makes your life meaningful.  You will be satisfied with the opportunities that confront you.  You will understand that what you have chosen matters more than anything else you embraced, this will be true for relationships, community, achievements, responsibilities, presence in the world.
  5. You will take time not rush, be steadfast, don’t panic, fret or be fearful of the commitments and challenges.  You will get to where you are going inevitably.


  1. exercise  run –  run –  run  work out  remember that the Academy is based on the discipline of the spirit and the mind.  Meditate, do yoga,  live  –  live –  live  you beautiful young leaders of today
  2. BE PRESENT  live for this moment before you because this is the only experience time and place that matters.  Leave time to be still.  



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