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Denver’s Road Home Employment Sub Committee of RESCARE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 4 Denver JUNE 2016

June 17, 2016

Denver’s Road Home Employment Sub Committee of REZ CARE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 4 Denver JUNE 2016


9:30  –  11:30  am  at the 3815 HUMAN SERVICES BUILDING  room 1032 and 1033

Denver Workforce Centers    -n-   BEST PRACTICES

received questions from the subcommittee of Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative


There are about 60 people in the room.

Volunteers of America is as always involved.

CCH is also involved as well as Denver Human Services

Veterans are represented

Bayaud Enterprises



Emily Griffith Opportunity School




Auraria Campus



RIDER is here



ReEntry  Veterans


homeless community  


become a part of the community

Michelle Roberts  – operational manager from Indiana  TANF  state wide work force center


Sir Green  operations management

these are team members

Castro Street will be the largest center at 12th and Federal Blvd


Sub contracts with several schools


all corporate hype  my my my  what’s next?  slick screen


oh my     corporate America how droll


47  years mission  how can this be?  Respect and Care

3 lines of business

career centers in 28 states


started in 1974   1.9 billion dollar revenue serve over a million people  330 locations




Sanchez started in 1989 child support  in ADAMS ARAPAHOE COUNTIES

how we always should have been treating people in the first place  deserve to be heard and make their own choices


industry and business needs  3.1 percent unemployment  rate  and what about lack of affordable deeply subsidized rents and trauma  centered and matching people with wrap around services as well as making people feel safe and sound as well as to have basic living skills


TALENT DELIVERY  educated decision about what their path    do have barriers


Laura   Wagner Pizer  


envision the middle circle all people who work for other people


many of the people are working for non-profit organizations


Alphonso  from CCH Memorandum of Understanding  MOU  Mountain States employment Services


People released from institutions of incarceration, people with severe handicaps, people who have lived without basic living skills for their entire lives.


tell their stories in their letter of employment  –  making it possible to find ways to inform the employer of the skills and experiences of the person


customer experience is for reals of people who are traumatized and have been under duress for generations


Service Delivery SYSTEM  engaged leadership team  everyone from the vicinity


national brief case   national director   Tony Anderson  met with him 


Dallas one stop center 




people will never forget how you made them feel?  Maya Angelou  depends   dignity and respect  –  trauma informed care

“woofound” tradify


“Talent Market”

“Supply/demand Portal”

“RESCARE  Academy”



partner integration and transparency


State  of Colorado  Liaisons  Ma May LIZ and Lisa  Paul’s Liaison


rural as opposed to suburban and urban matters


Perhaps we already knew what the person seeking a job needed and what career was best for him or her  they can make decisions about what matters most in their lives  –  most people will have over 10 different employment experiences  – also most of the homeless here are single women with children.


Childcare and transportation and where you live in relation to work then can become overwhelming burdens to surviving


the approach is personal kind  underscoring that the person is welcomed and honored to be engaged in the work investigation process






REVERSE CREAMED?  only working with the best  most able


every population is special including diverse cultural GROUPS   and age and gender and those who are coming out of institutions


questions being considered  regarding the diverse needs of specialized groups of vulnerable populations with long term personal health diseases and generation to generation  difficulties


YOUNG in transition from foster care from circumstances of domestic violence and child abuse  MAXIMUS  URBAN PEAK  out of school youth   between 16 and 24 year old students  depending on what 18 year olds have to face and barriers will be referred back and forth


Youth program will serve people who have no experiences  working  almost everyone has an experience working  


2000 youth annually in five states  for 27  years

80%  of the students are for OUT OF SCHOOL YOUNG PEOPLE


evidence based  started on career pathway  4 or 5  high demand industries


social welfare system   limited by feeling that they will not be hired in their life time


competency  in “soft skills”


building those soft skills  WIOA  targeted employed and support keep that job after second and fourth quarters  and to be looking ahead to gaining more experiences toward a long range career?


Servicios De la Raza  will be taken to young people at community centers  wherever youth are located


Maximus working with community partners


motivational interviewing


James     speaks about   ____________          ________________________


as opposed to harm reduction which allows the person to remain in the same static situation


I have never felt that my career was ever stable and secure  never ever

always have a problem with bosses

always feel that they are self-centered


wish that we had a chance to make a change in my life from start to finish




literacy  fear rage  grinding poverty   lack of  sustenance and self care especially  basic living  skills


generation to generation   poverty   lack of ability to function


live at this time and be still listen be present  take care of my life here and now  –  this is the only moment


when you have been let down abandoned felt that no one cared about you ever  what can be done to ensure that the feeling between and betwixt is trusting and permanently secure



PURPOSE  everyone needs to find a meaningful  place to serve in the person’s life time


IT MAY NOT BE possible to work in a “normal” job


meaningful  activity  


supporting people where they are  community based opportunities for celebrating and living successfully however this is defined by the person primarily


someone with age related stress and loss must be cared for even in a frail and older condition there should always be a community based opportunity for people to develop their leadership in community






























































Displaying image001.jpg


Regional Director David Sanchez  REZ CARE

Attached please find an updated Job Description for the Employment Program Director/ Operations Director role for which ResCare is recruiting.  ResCare is the overall the operator of the Denver County WIOA/TANF operations.
Employment Program Director / Operations Director

Denver Workforce Services

ResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s leading workforce services provider with more than 45 years of experience in successfully matching job seekers with the needs of employers.  With operations in more than 300 locations, our national footprint has allowed us to build an expansive staff of workforce experts who use the industry’s best practices to help reduce poverty, crime and unemployment in the communities they serve.  We customize workforce service solutions for federal, state and local agencies that allow us to assist more than 1 million job seekers and thousands of employers annually.

As an Employment Program Director / Operations Director for Denver Workforce Services, you will provide leadership, budget/fiscal management oversight, supervision of assigned staff, and monitoring of performance management and the performance review process. You will ensure compliance to meet or exceed contractual expectations while responsibly achieving our mission and vision, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the operation. Join us as we assist people to reach their highest level of independence.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with our customers, including the funding agency and area employers.
  • Ensuring compliance with contractual and program requirements.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with community resources to further program goals and enhance the success of job-seeking and employer customers.
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience of each of our employers and job seekers.
  • Evaluating the performance and impact of the organization and staff in meeting objectives and delivery of services; performing quality assurance and quality monitoring.
  • Directing, motivating, and developing program managers, operations managers and other staff to align with and promote the ResCare mission, vision, values, and brand.
  • Managing HR responsibilities while directing, motivating, and developing staff.
  • Ensuring all requisite training is delivered appropriately.
  • Ensuring proper practices regarding record keeping, control systems, and proper reporting.
  • Fostering a motivational, collaborative, and innovative work environment.
  • Providing effective training and support and supervising staff performance.
  • Administering policies and procedures in accordance with ResCare standards.

Successful candidates for this position should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with strong business development acumen and multi-tasking abilities to handle multiple and shifting priorities in this rewarding, yet critical role. Experience working in workforce services and a performance-driven environment with contractually defined outcomes is a huge plus!

Requirements for an Employment Operations Director / Program Director include:

  • BS/BA in Business Administration, Organizational Development, Project Management, or closely related field of study.
  • Operational leadership experience with a minimum of 5 years professional experience organizing, planning, and developing programs and services at a management level, including supervision of others; Senior level management experience managing multiple departments/functions/teams, with direct responsibility to executive leadership or a board of directors strongly desired.
  • At least 2 years of experience providing operational oversight in a staffing agency or a workforce services-related environment desired, but not required.
  • Fiscal / financial management experience, operational oversight, and experience managing grants and/or contracts.
  • Proven ability to manage contractual relationships.
  • Ability to innovate, solve complex problems, execute plans effectively and create a culture focused on achieving goals and positively impacting those we serve.
  • Culturally sensitive; ability to work with and relate to diverse individuals.

Strong organizational/people management skills.




Please respond with application materials to:

David A. Sanchez

Regional Director, ResCare Workforce Services

ResCare – The Expert in Workforce Service Solutions!

(913) 231-6376 – mobile

(785) 640-2301 – office


Laurie Harvey President and CEO

CWEE | Center for Work Education and Employment

1175 Osage Street, Suite 300 | Denver, CO 80204

303.892.8444 ext. 313| fax 303.892.8375


Visit our NEW Website

Follow us on Twitter @CWEEorg

Join us on LinkedIn

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Dynamic Workforce Solutions  –  Paul Dunn  CEO out of school youth program


Next meeting is scheduled for Friday July 15 at the Daniel’s Center at 101 Monroe St.


Ken Arrellano, Subcommittee Chair

Tammy Bellofatto, Subcommittee Chair

Keegan Kuhlmann, Co-chair  Kkuhlmann@CWEE,org

Angela Nelson, Denver’s Road Home Liaison  –


HIRED DENVER professional development workshop  “Get Your Net Working”  AUGUST 19

Jessica Cassarino, Chair of HireDenver –






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