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“I Had a Brother,”

July 10, 2016

i had a brother who i grew up with and he was caught in the system and I did not understand how he’d been singled out and we were together at the camp we had and he was singled out in a store. we used to do role plays and our program was like William Strickland’s in Pittsburgh only we did leadership training and with all people living down under the El where the Rocky films were made, We talked but we skimmed the surface.

then thid not respond to the events of the time with enough clarity, but through conventional university associates simulations and role plays and we did not embere was my wife and my children and their choices and again I SEE because in this time and context it is clear that we were doing what was perceived as correct but we were not looking beneath the surface at the mass of the iceberg.

We drace the violence that permeated the WAR on DRUGS and Criminalization of people of color.

I ACTED SHABBILY in retrospect not as a person who listened but as a person who is and was privileged. and though my friend and I were always brothers his walk and way were completely different and mine was frivolous and I took my gifts for granted.

All of that changed when I faced ultimate issues and for a change could feel the pain and living where I am could tell that many of those who I distrust and reproach were hurled under a semi.

i looked through a lens of kaleidoscopic glasses and assumed that everyone else looked out the same from the darkness.

I DID A LOT THAT I AM NOT PROUD OF and as it says in the Talmud that does not alleviate my responsibility to do the work.”

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