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Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth State Wide

July 12, 2016

Advisory Committee of Homeless Youth   STATE WIDE COALITION of people and organizations  regarding young adults and children  throughout 64 counties.



ACHY meeting Tues July 12 2-4pm

Toombs – DOLA, Kristin

5:46 PM (20 hours ago)

to Kristin
 Look forward to seeing/talking with you at the ACHY meeting tomorrow, Tuesday July 12 at 2-4pm.  Please note the time is different than the usual 1-3pm
Mile High United Way, Busse Board Room
711 Park Ave., Denver
Call in details:
Participant Code: 129013
Webinar link:
Feel free to invite others. 
Take care,
Kristin Toombs
Homeless Programs Manager

1313 Sherman St., Room 320, Denver, CO  80203
Under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), all messages sent by or to me on this state-owned e-mail account may be subject to public disclosure.

ivision of Housing    Kristin Toombs

FUP  Family Unification Program  extended from 18 months to 3 years.    age will be brought to 16 from 18 in foster care.


Family Self-sufficiency  5 years saving and match goals for independence and budgeting and financing management


new housing resource youth bonus   33 vouchers Shelter + Care  different than housing choice care vouchers


still can maintain the voucher throughout  their life time  prioritized or youth from 18 to 24


common assessment  tool for SPDAT  who has the most need.  YES THEY WILL USE Transition AGE YOUTH


Specialized person development  prioritization assistance  assessment  index tool 


Commitis, Urban Peak, Attention Homes,  Volunteers of America,  family Tree,   mental health center of Denver   –  will be started in OCTOBER


2 year rental assistance  partnering with public schools  elementary  through high school   homeless students


talk about:  


Next Step  TBRental Assistance  2 years vouchers Boulder  Family Tree  Aurora  Denver Grand Junction  UUA COG  Canon City  Pueblo  serving thirty families only  limited on 1 million dollars


family Youth Services Bureau   traditional service support




a lot of funding comes from the federal government for 64 counties  COC NOFA   the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless involved in this weighting for the funding  TOM POWER   regional support –    new funding source  focused on youth   for next two or more years depending on politics and elected officials.


MDHI Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative  –  7 counties


Rural Collaborative:  Roz Wheeler Bell and Tom Power


$  FROM THE STATE    a lot of money is spoken for which is allocated to programs already 


permanent housing  each CoC  has one of these projects


FAMILY YOUTH SERVICES BUREAU:  basic center grants  all of Colorado street out reach  reapplied they were denied last year  Grand Junction 21 day shelter

Transitional living program  aged out of foster care at 18  8 pilots    LGBTQ youth  TLP  rural collaborative.  FSB  is involved



Shiloh House


Permanent Supportive Housing with special needs


STATE is setting aside a certain number of their vouchers for these units  ties the voucher to that unit


4th  tool kit  Jennifer Lopez at Governor’s Office  what will project look like?


who are the investors  what is ownership process  5 were funded last year   222     last year  132  this year are applied for


not only Denver metro area 


Mid September through February


Attention Homes has done one of these in Boulder  in 2 years in Boulder 40 units  will be constructed 


KIPPI CLAUSSON  wrap around pocket of young people 16 to 18 years old  system involved  child welfare is not opening because they do not rise to the level of risk.  Medicaid will be important  # of young people is rising perceptibly.    getting ready for these issues.


actively involved in  Continuum of Care


THURS 28th  9 to 10  am talking about pathways tool  kit  @ CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


Larimer and Weld County they meet together on Friday the 22nd.  MARK on phone


Pathways to Success  Erin is on the phone  IRB from   6 demonstration sites  monthly meeting yesterday


CHILDREN’s BUREAU  18 sites nationally,  3 years to do an evaluation  navigators  14 to 17 aged   entered in foster care at any time  18 and older any foster care




counties working with HRS providers comparison transitioning from foster care




CONET  where are we at this moment  COLORADO NETWORK FOR YOUTH  HOMELESS YOUTH PROVIDERS  non youth providers


ACHY was established by statute because they cannot do organizing


URBAN PEAK  ATTENTION HOMES  another meeting in August




JULY 25th  8 to 10 am


homeless youth provider  Kippi  Clausson:  


Inter agency council on homeless does not exist


`Alejandro    worked in New York  gaps in services   working on specifics to work on sheltering in all 64 counties  largest concentration is in DENVER METRO REGION.   


centralized homeless agency  best practices from many other places


public rest rooms 24 hours care   some people don’t want the support  they cannot be supported young person  who wants to listen  I worked at a day shelter in Kansas City Missouri  I graduated from high school  you are doing a good job   Valentino Valencia  been on the streets and young adult


Aurora is using their marijuana supported funding


MARK  reference to Alejandro  focus first on DENVER  less urban centric  per capita data


McKinney-Vento  data  just as mush a burden in the areas outside of  Metro Region.


Valentino Valencia  some people cannot get housing  some people have a hard time that is what a shelter is for.


HIV clinic  at St. Joseph’s  many clients experiencing  being without a place to stay


sub committees are being proposed


Erin  on November events :  for homeless youth awareness month


State Youth Development Plan


Project Homeless Connect  15  November 3  at the Convention Center



















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