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It is a lot easier to Hate and defile others than to LOVE

July 14, 2016

It is a lot easier to hate and diminish others than to love and embrace the other


i’m sorry but none of this is that simplistic just as homeless is difficult to get straight. slavery subjugation domination brutality beating down others putting your boot on someone’s shoulder has been endemic to our genetic disposition throughout the time we’ve been here and reflects the finite need to survive at all costs. Many responses are auto reflective coming from the primordial reptilian brains of our cortex. What we don’t realize is that we are not far removed from our ancestors who came out of the sea. When we see how brutal any of us can be we have a choice to follow that genetic disposition or to refine and overcome out violent origins? I do not feel it is simple to accomplish. Unlike what she admonishes to do. I think it more understandable for people to hate, it is a lot easier than to love.

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