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Denver’s Road Home Employment and Training Sub Committee July 2016

July 15, 2016


Arellano, Kenneth F. – DWD Workforce” <>
cc: Keegan Kuhlmann <>,
Tammy s Bellofatto <>
date: Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 2:05 PM
subject: Reminder – DRHES meeting tomorrow, Friday – June 17th

DRHES and HIREDenver members,


This is a reminder that tomorrow is the DRHES meeting in which we will have the Denver Workforce Service providers ResCare and Dynamic Workforce Solutions present on the new services that will be provided in Denver beginning July 1st.

Tammy  primera

PHC 15  responsible for job fair on Thursday


Duante Parks  Labor and Employment VETERANS

Keegan Kuhlman:  Cwee  co-chair:  rescare to return –  suggestions comments utilize OED consortium share comments  Ken information August 4 Tivoli


DAN KATZANBERG:  employers and job seekers for anyone  criminal back grounds.  FEE  employer who cannot afford the fee.  10 employers needed  –  luncheon – benefits for employer  –  information booklet  –  free access to web site  Connecting Colorado  went out yesterday.  anybody with criminal history.  $500.00   fee




Tracey Montero Community reentry


Brad Corrigan  Denver Rescue Mission


Anne Mi Casa  August 16  new class financial services  bank teller  more stringent  clean drug screen and background check   8th grade skills  MONTH LONG   9 am to 3 pm  guaranteed three screenings  also 16th FREE LEGAL  NIGHT  20 lawyers open to anyone  doors open at 4:30  seen by 7:30  pm  coming at 4 pm to get on a waiting list.   22nd ESL registration  Acoma and ______ addressSpring Institute offer these classes.


Kay Sasser Medicaid   Health First Colorado


Catholic Charities


Alphonso Swanzo  CCH


Rocky Mtn Human Services


CWI  =   Center for work initiatives    WIN  skill building  CCD  Community College of Aurora grant on manufacturing with child care fund


Helen Kadesh  Metro Carering  expanded documentation program in state or out of state    9:30  – 3:30   M – Fri.  Certifications fork lift everything is FREE   18  minimum age.  fixed income benefits:  walk up to her for seniors


Tom Warton Catholic Charities


Empowerment  –  Vicky  –  DCPC slated to 10 Promise Zones   cities received depart of funding funding   –  accept referrals until September 30  follow up until 2017.   paying for training will be eliminated.  helped 350  people.  objectives were 250 people


Gebben Tipton:  New LB  


Chelsey Wesling Warren Village


Allison Adams 13

Mary Whitehouse  voter registration


Goodwill  Joberado  hiring ex offenders  Deborah Scarpella  VAN  DRIVE TO AND FROM PLACES WHERE PEOPLE ARE WORKING

$10 an hour for post construction clean up  use the career centers


boots on the ground will be offering whatever is needed for people to work through Denver’s Road Home Sub Committee


$8:50  an hour  barebones  everything barebones call her personally she is the gatekeeper 




Billie Jean ST Francis Center  Jean  deputy director  program director as well


audrey Cressent  aging and adult services    WHOLE FOODS HIRING




Adrian Maldonado  Bureau of Prisons


Melanie Day The Gathering  Place


Samaritan House

next meeting at 1247 Santa Fe at the VOA veterans center 



Our meeting will be held at:  1247  _SANTA FE  DRIVE__at   VOA Daniel’s Center


DHS, Eastside location:

3815 Steele Street

Rooms 1032 and 1033

Denver, CO 80205


I have attached the agenda for tomorrow.


If you are unable to attend, please try and have another representative from your organization be present.


We appreciate all your hard work and look forward in seeing you tomorrow.



  Ken Arellano, Jr. | Business Services Team  |  Employment Specialist/Business Services

Chair to Denver’s Road Home Employment Subcommittee

Office of Economic Development | City and County of Denver
720.865.4824 Phone | 720.865.4801 Fax | 311 Help Center





Remerg  Carol Peeples  owner of Humboldt Consulting   –  Tina Yankee-Squire  board member

Reducing Recidivism through technology

National Science Foundation for people coming from incarceration  clearing house web based  membership based to jails  12 funds  main information that people need take what we know as educators simple to read and simple and minimize the clicking to get to sites and information.  linking to web sites is less frequent.  LIFE SKILLS  Marcus Weaver  “Control your weather”  problem solving narrated by her son in law.  “Advancement + response equals outcome”


find your bill your notes gather everything write them every time not anger frustration and a feeling of hopelessness


Tony Medina:  “Get Your Iron out Everywhere.”


never answer phone calls  offering 20 messages


community organizations are going to want to see them




track data being used  what information people need the most support  a call center bilingual former person incarcerated  primary  customer is the jail systems and county holds.  Beta Tested soon.  This is out sourced to the offices for employment services  specifically for people coming from a jail.


Women’s Bean Project Mary Wyciechowski – Program Manager  

“I learned sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place you feel like you’ve been buried, but in reality you’ve been planted.  A dark place is nothing more than an opportunity to grow.”

University of Denver and Metro Denver  have training programs.  they should consider the reeducating program of Ft. Lyon


3201 Curtis Street Denver, Co. 80105  8 am to 4:30 pm.  MUST APPLY IN PERSON


They hire year round




Universal Protection Services  Andrea McDowell   – staffing specialist –  UPS  United Protection Services  –   Allied Barton  merging on officers will be armed.  At least 18 years old background, GED, DRUG tested  –  paying for licensing $57.00  Guard License  1965  janitorial    became a big fish  focused on security.  10 year time frame.  special needs  –  funds for the merchant license   hir letter that says that this is all they need can be applied for this.


Mandy  Housing sub committee 


1247  SANTA FE DR   at  VOA the  BILL Daniel’s Center  professional development


October Hire Denver  meeting employment panel


Shelter Providers Meeting at Harbor Light


care fair from 10 to 2  pm


ice cream  school supplies


veterans service center a one stop health care service provider


November 3  – PHC 15  Katie Symons and Angela Nelson







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