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CCH – Consumer Advisory Board – Community Advisory Board – CAB How We Can Make It Here

July 19, 2016

Consumer Advisory Board – Community Advisory Board – CAB How We Can Make It Here


CCH  Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

How is life?  

McCune, Mary Lea Forington, Shalonie


community drive,  Coalition did a sock drive for 1,000’s of pairs of socks   staff connections  –  for outreach travel with shoes all of the time.  Talk to Renee  not in the way they have a really tight schedule  – BACK TO SCHOOL

winter time  there is a stock of shoes for families


National Homeless Youth Awareness Month  –  Erin is in charge of the event


did a general drive at North Colorado Station  have a store room full of stuff from WalMart that has to be catalogues.


Send a message to the Sports Authority  (They’re going bankrupt)



Rocko,  LaRay, Steven, Randle, Tanger,  Lori,  


Shalonie  is presenting on  fund raising and CCH



Walmart:  Is it possible to have a community drive with NEW SHOES  asking for a sponsorship    “Healthy Kids Shoes”


Statement   mission aim  will not be possible by AUGUST because it is short notice


donating boots for men and women


Servers are very expensive


JP in Norway find some salmon  see a fjord.  


software will start in October works side by side with Nextgen.


# of people seen is on target


no paper in dental clinic


not clinical    consumer health care rating went out pages and pages of care


deal with a person who is disturbed


Pharmacy first aid trainings  talk someone down.


Elizabeth Cookson  head of Mental health  care


environmental trauma scan  does it feel welcome?  


medical and behavioral health care  


dually boarded general psychiatry and addictions


submit questions



physical and emotional  no clothes very traumatized what can be done about this person


peer mentor came and worked with the person  


comes everyday


foot  wear  make it possible to praise the person  


eye contact:   


check on the person how they’re doing.


1 question   National Consumer Advisory Board manual on line  by-laws


modeled the by-laws of the CAB after the National manual


Next meeting is the second Tuesday at 11:30 at the Stout Street Health Center in the conference room






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