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A Nation Fragmented and Held Hostage

July 26, 2016

A Nation Fragmented and Held Hostage

Democrats struggle to unify.
Fractures in the party were exposed on Monday as supporters of Bernie Sanders booed when he urged them to vote for Hillary Clinton. They also booed Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a meeting of the delegation of her home-state, Florida, andeven the pastor who delivered the convention’s invocation.


In the final analysis the Bernie  movement is not about him or the two candidates representing the rank and file of the country, the movement is to overturn the system and create a chance for real reform.


Neither candidate represents what matters most of all for millions of abandoned Americans and people throughout the world.  They both represent a myopic perspective of what is their agenda to preserve and protect the status quo.


The Bernie supporters were muzzled and their agenda hijacked.  Most of those who came to the convention in Philadelphia listened to watered down versions of “si, se puede.”  None of the speakers offered any lasting change to the epidemic of greed and focus on preserving privilege and special interests.  The American system we were told over and over is great and those who critique the system are “cynics.”  


Sadly, their speakers all represented people who could have chosen to speak for all Americans, documented or not, straight or not, atheist or not, woman or not and none of them in the end spoke to me or represented my concerns and instincts, that “the best days of America are a wisp of smoke.”

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