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Denver Homeless Commission July 2016

July 26, 2016

Commission meeting beginning  gracias a dios  –   Don Mares is here  –  Lindi  esta  –  Deputy Mayor   this week  –  Elayne  Ethan Hemming  Visit Denver  Safe House  CATHY ALDERMAN  REGINA  Rene Cruz,  denver’s road home  no quorum  at the moment  Tom Luehrs,  Leslie  Foster,  Tammy Bellofatto membership  called into question  – told by auditor  more heavily grounded with providers wider and longer more dialog with the Mayor’s Office  more clarity about this  –   at the will of the MAYOR 

no conclusions  larger role in the Commission   –  PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN HOMELESS CURRENTLY OR WHO WERE HOMELESS?


SAUNDERS  COMMANDER DISTRICT #6  on TV after two days  tough district  officers a different breed.

committee updates:  Tomas is passing information around follow 

550 spaces at Salvation Army, people only ask one day weekly  there are 7  families turned away every day  from Samaritan House.  Intensive care respite  care mental  health care that is trauma informed

shelters are different sizes  200 beds at Rescue Mission  Josh Cappell  opening their doors putting people on mats  we were going to do beds only  probably we could add 50 bunk beds.  Delores has 50 and that is what they want


at Salvation Army   TRACEY  we need another building  people who are homeless and the providers of shelters we need personnel to make the place a better environment


not staffed enough we do not like the mats on the floor if they’re coughing or they are stinking  reasons for not coming inside.


TOMAS has concluded  his presentation.  separate this into 3   issues  not one


TAMMY  Rezcare Dynamic Solutions came and spoke to our group in employment  HOW WILL THEY PROVIDE THESE SERVICES THEY WILL BE BACK IN SEPTEMBER  they are working already with the young people  Project Homeless Connect Job Fair Tammy ios taking referrals now.


family and youth has not been meeting  we have not been meeting  day in a half long retreat  in AUGUST  figure out what we are doing systems for families




Bennie on MDHI for renewal  new projects NOFA  due to MDHI  –WISE HIGH due AUGUST 12 new projects will be submitted by the same day by email to MDHI STAFF  HUD squeezing us into Permanent Supportive Housing  we are not considering creative projects in our consolidated applications we lost three of our projects  2.1 million additional funding with caveat that former renewals were ended.


CHANGES at MDHI: GARY STEPPING ASIDE  will be on staff as nw role as position  capacity building recruitment for his replacement will begin in late August.   Rebecca Mayer  stuck in the tough years  we qualified we are in the top levels of CoC in the country 16 million to 22 million dollars.  Gary’s service has been incredible.


KIM left the board at this moment and things are in flux at MDHI it is rewarding  completely different organization now


IBM  smarter challenge cities report regional task force to look over this report.




45 pages  8 pages of fluff  solid 20 pages of recommendations


25 cities initiative is coming to a close  –  mentors and coaches will still be engaged in this  report out in 25 cities  we hoped to establish the infrastructure  focus on the most vulnerable and morbid population and we established this well.  housed in 2015 over 400 people


HOUSED PEOPLE ALL ACROSS THE REGION   –  apply all of the resources  all sorts of things Social Impact Bonds at North Colorado Station we have the infrastructure that is making progress first two years have been an incredible success.


National initiative of Chaffe and Hall  on YOUNG PEOPLE  waiting for the results of the data collection.  FRIDAY AFTERNOON  surveys that were conducted  traditionally youth did not utilize shelters   100+  youth 18 to 25  20%  of the population at CROSSROADS at SALVATION ARMY


different examination of  how we use shelters


updating informAtion they want to do a provider survey  encourage you please examine the survey  more than a dozen questions


for the first time we will have a baseline for youth  exception is the school system


Kim Easton all surveys were completed by young people  – be expert energy  enthusiasm  10 teams of the counting  of youth by youth completely different engagement  that is far out


22 cities were chosen cities were representative of diverse communities of rural, urban and suburban cities  learned a ton engaged a community that we have not  locations set up   5 locations and shared the work with the communities


admit some of my prejudices  trying to get gift cards  TRACEY at Salvation Army  they do not have stability for housing tempered Chris’ prejudice about the process.   Crossroads they are doing some bed laundry  easement on curfews and restrictions how many of these are youth under 25 years of age.


TAMI DOOR  fidelity  CEOO  BILL CAVANAUGH  extensive mental illness deeply engaged  on the board high levels one of the top three executives in Colorado  –  connected


city  JULIE  addressing July 30  keep your business doors meeting this Saturday at Bruce Randolph at 3955 STeele near the human service center 


funded with 10 million dollars  no xpereience required  Hispanic careers constriction with Emily Griffith  this is free 4  four week instruction four week 16 sessions  right through June 2017   –  recruiters  building ten hour certification in building trades.


register August 12 first Classes September 3  Leila’s Birthday.  Want to work with my hands.




we need more financial underpinnings for the services for comprehensive care.  Denver Health  budget cuts  104 days for respite care was cut in half to 52 days


mental health care intensive care  discharge planning  at Stout Street Health Center they need trauma care


foundation support over all budget  created a budget preliminary  storage assessment  we have to make some data collection DOUG HOCK


costs and services:  was not something that we had  these people are not being called into this respite  who are incarcerated  collecting this data is cumbersome how do we get at this data many are eligible for medicare and medicaid  where are the gaps in this assistance?  Coalition and Denver Health will help provide data for the analysis.


Storage in one location would be a sound idea in different parts of the city


co-locating with shelter locations  –  designating one place would be less square footage for storage  shelters for only that night


best practices for sheltering locally  but should be regional  as well would you please do this


storage around the issue of mental illness and loss  trauma and what this means to let go of your stuff and move on with your life


city   people are wanting to do  does not have to be 100%  demonstrate that there is a percentage of people who are suffering


make a model a sunset for a few years and then make this mandatory  after a while.  Systems committee can look into storage.  Reeling from the shorter length of stay


Christopher  Reggie  duplicative shelter partners 11th   9 to 11 data tracking  for keeping records on discharge of people to the shelter of the street.


pitch a deep end respite program that the hospitals can pay for


Common standards



best opportunity for brief productive respectful of the person  least traumatizing

challenging chicken and egg  LINDI speaking

went on for 5 months  did not listen to the people on the ground  shape a little bit we have an obligation to report to the MAYOR and to make it our responsibility to speak and listen to the Mayor and Staff including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor  –  

employment does there own thing  which is great




checking on what we are doing   moving this through a steering committee

we will send out an e-mail  to determine who is engaged in this

Bennie is speaking  advisory small group 

 Dynamic Work Force Solutions  – Executive Committee  Office State of the City Address

Don Mares is speaking

H.O.P.E.  disparate efforts housing without a place illness trauma  all over the map  not good enough coordination  are there gaps what are these gaps?  Spend money on these areas without a behavioral health office  coordinating  a person in the Mayor’s Office strategize around these issues.  How existing efforts fit into this  work in progress.  get input as what these issues should be  –  continued  advise office of H.O.P.E.  

Executive Committee  talks about all of these issues  criminal justice advisory groups for specific issues  sub advisory groups  talk about all of these issues.  ONE WAY THAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT GOVERNANCE


mantra  City Address a lot of people left out in the amazing economic development


Point of frustration marshall all of the agencies around the city


driving this together budget initiatives  proposals  coordinating vision housing to —-

work with other city services  – policies and strategies


25  cities coordinated assessment and accountability  with assessment


  Cathy Alderman    staffing and budget  nimble small office  communications policy people guidance  director  smaller than Road Home


Hiring process has not begun  last quarter of 2016  stepping off in 2017  Ethan Hemming at Warren Village was in Denver Public Schools.  taking a piece of what’s working  best example  Marijuana Coordinator  does not over see these matters but all roads go through the Coordinator.  Strength of being in the mayor’s office.  



expectations  where does this leave the Mayor’s Commission   MAYOR status quo unacceptable  change everything  move the commission forward.

traction around structure  he challenged us to look at the make up of the commission and what is the number of members.


committees that are set forth will continue as Don Mares stated.


whatever is he informing us about?  more passion than anyone else  at this moment.


careful spending time on structural issues at this time.




regional  areas    of focus.  Quorum is 21


we have 33 members at this time


Tom  concluding comments need more communicating


listening sharing the vision of what we are doing  specifically and that is not happening enough people are critical of the 10 year plan  looking at the out comes people are surprised.  talking more and listening so that we are not angry  but cooperative and collaborative


being in the community as much as possible


two Mayor’s platforms  big part of the discussion   Civic Canopy Bill Fulton  what is important to them what they are looking for


Councilwoman Kneich’s web site 155 million over a decade  property tax residential and property development  fees preserve affordable housing units  not sufficient


anxiety out there  for the need  realistic this is a balanced approach  another meeting is scheduled in three weeks  moving forward.



GET  who here  ________?   putting the plan together  –   SATURDAY  30th  9 to 11  Bruce Randolph School   3955  Steele St.  community citizens at large.


structure:  call meeting of the steering committee  3 or 4 members of the at least a couple of options  to avoid a circular discussion


structure from 10 year plan  taken from scratch  wide as participating as possible focusing on chronic homelessness  –  family and children’s committee  moving on its own  reflecting what is the need talking about youth and their issues


NEED to be at least  bring back some options




homeless services and systems  Leslie  families  evaluation committee   –  get some things in place  –   see us move to capstone


Kim Easton:  Outcomes  what would we bring back in September what that structure is  future of the structure of the commission looks like

graduated  ROcky Mountain Community Housing  teach how to develop community housing   other projects have been successful in getting tax credits

Denver Homeless Commission

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Denver Human Services, Castro Building

1200 Federal Blvd


  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation:  Dynamic Workforce Solutions, Paul Dunn (tentative)
  3. Informational Topics:
  • Office of H&OPE (Housing & Opportunities for People Everywhere) H/O
  1. Discussion
  • Commission Structure
  • Committee Membership and Tasking
  • 2016 Retreat Scheduling (Postponed)
  1. Updates
  • Committees
  • Staff
  1. Initiatives/Activities
  • Aging Needs Assessment
  • IBM Smarter Cities Challenge
  • Voices of Youth Count
  1. Community Comments/Announcements
  2. Adjourn

Next Meeting

September 27, 2016

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

          DHS-Castro Building  

       1200 Federal Blvd, Denver CO 80204


Mayor’s Office of Housing & Opportunities for People Everywhere (H&OPE)

Mayor Hancock is committed to developing comprehensive solutions across the entire continuum and spectrum of need particularly concerning homelessness and housing, to ensure Denver is a city of opportunity for all.  To move us toward that goal, the Mayor is establishing an Office of Housing & Opportunity for People Everywhere.  

Specific responsibilities of the Office of H&OPE will include:

  • Strategy/Performance Framework—Develop an overarching strategy for addressing shelter, housing and other needs within the City and County of Denver, including performance measures for assessing ongoing progress.
  • Coordinate the execution of the Mayor’s Vision—Manage the Mayor’s vision of comprehensive housing and other opportunities across the homeless to housing spectrum.  Convene and Coordinate City staff to establish, monitor and implement strategy that will ensure alignment with agencies such as:
  • The Department of Human Services to include Denver’s Road Home and the Division of Behavioral Health Strategies
  • Office of Economic Development to include the Divisions of Housing, Economic Mobility & Neighborhood Development and Workforce Development
  • Department of Finance
  • Affordable Housing Permanent Fund Advisory Body
  • External Partnerships/Communications and Community Engagement—Develop and Manage partnerships that enhance the Mayor’s vision, including a coordinated homeless-to-housing communications and engagement strategy. That engagement will include governments and partners regionally as well as the State, local foundations and other organizations to better align and leverage resources.
  • Develop Policy and Budget Priorities—Ensure the Mayor’s budget and policy priorities support a unified vision across the homeless to housing spectrum.  Partnering with appropriate City agencies—OED, DHS, DRH—in the development of policy and budget priorities will be critical, particularly concerning governance and implementation of the City’s new dedicated housing revenue fund.

This information is provided to outline the initial vision and expectations for the Office of H&OPE.  Denver’s Road Home and the Commission have known for some time that the status quo is not sufficient to address the homeless dilemma.  We will have the opportunity to be a part of informing the development of the Office of H&OPE, its priorities and strategies.  There is still work to be done around this initiative and it will be imperative to have active participation in this effort.

The roles of Denver’s Road Home and the Commission will likely change as members of a larger, coordinated partnership to address homelessness and housing.  What those roles will eventually look like is still to be determined.  We have begun making the structural changes to strengthen Road Home and the Commission and we must complete that effort as the discussions concerning the Office of H&OPE continue. Be encouraged to remain engaged as more information concerning implementation timelines, scope of authority, etc. becomes available.  


Please find attached the agenda for the Commission meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.  Also included is a one-pager to offer some additional information concerning the Office of H&OPE (Housing & Opportunity for People Everywhere) that Mayor Hancock introduced in the State of the City address earlier this month.  There is still much discussion and work to be had as the scope of the office is more clearly defined.  This presents the Commission an opportunity to assist in that effort.  Additionally, we have received the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge report which is attached.  It can also be found at .


Lots of information to present and discuss.  Look forward to a good meeting.


Have a great weekend—enjoy the last of the downtown Meet in the Street activities this weekend!!



Bennie L. Milliner | Executive Director
Denver’s Road Home/Denver Department of Human Service | City and County of Denver
P: 720-944-2508 |

Denver’s Road Home Mayor’s Commission to End Homelessness We Pray  June 2016

“Please find attached the agenda for the Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Commission meeting.  Also attached are the minutes from the special Commission meeting Mayor Hancock held on April 19, 2016 and minutes from the Steering Committee meeting of April 26, 2016.  Both contain points of discussion for the upcoming meeting and specific asks of Commission members as we continue to move forward on determining what our future state should be in addressing the current state of homelessness in our community.”

Denver Homeless Commission

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Denver Human Services, Castro Building

1200 Federal Blvd


  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion Topics:
  • Shelter Operations: Short and Long Term
  • Policy Discussions for 2016
  • Commission Structure
  • Committee Membership and Tasking
  • 2016 Retreat Scheduling
  1. Updates
  • Committees
  • Staff
  1. Initiatives/Activities
  • Aging Needs Assessment
  • IBM Smarter Cities Challenge
  • Voices of Youth Count
  • Metro Denver Homeless Initiative Grant Award
  1. Community Comments/Announcements
  2. Adjourn

Next Meeting

July 26, 2016

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

          DHS-Castro Building  

       1200 Federal Blvd, Denver CO 80204

Commission on Homelessness
Denver’s Road Home


Tuesday April 19th, 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Parr-Widener Room, City & County Building

*Special Homeless Commission Meeting called by Mayor Hancock*

Attendees:  Mayor Hancock, John Parvensky, Kim Easton, Victoria McVickers, Leslie Foster, Doug Hock, Cmdr. Tony Lopez, Councilman Wayne New, Randle Loeb, Richard Scharf, Councilwoman Robin Kniech, Goeff Bennett, Tom Luehrs, Lindi Sinton, Tyler Jaeckel, Cheryl Haggstrom, Regi Huerter

Staff:  Bennie Milliner, Chris Conner, Jon Luper, Morina Duerson

Mayor Hancock opened the meeting addressing his decision to not attend the Commission meeting on March 22, 2016.  He reiterated his comments contained in the letter presented to the Commission at the March 22, 2016 meeting that he decided not to attend based on information provided to his office concerning possible disruption of the meeting.  He did not want to contribute to any disruption that would prevent the Commission from proceeding with its scheduled business.  His letter indicated he would have staff work on scheduling an opportunity for him to follow up with a meeting in the near future.  This meeting today fulfills that promise.  He went on to explain the City’s decision to remove the sidewalk encumbrance located at Lawrence and Park Ave. West.  He cited the unsafe, unhealthy, and inhumane conditions the encampments represented and that the situation was unacceptable and would not be allowed to continue.  Outreach and other efforts to engage those at the location into services would continue as they have since September 2015.

Commission Feedback

John Parvensky stated that the actions seem to be sending a message that the City policy in addressing the homeless situation was to criminalize necessary acts of living and to make the homeless disperse to less visible areas.  What was needed was for the City to expand shelters and crank up the efforts around housing.  John and the mayor engaged in a robust discussion concerning City funding of housing including dollars sent to CCH for support of their projects.

Tom Luehrs expressed disappointment that the Commission was not engaged earlier in the encampment discussion feeling providers could have informed the process and final decision.  He felt a new plan was necessary to discuss housing and other needs concerning those experiencing homelessness on the street level.  Numbers are increasing as seen by St. Francis Center and that we aren’t addressing differently and it is becoming a bigger issue.

Randle Loeb wanted everyone not to lose sight of the need to utilize a trauma informed care approach as we search for solutions.

Cheryl Haggstrom wanted to know more about the direction the Administration was going and the Commission’s role in that.  Mayor indicated he wanted to see a more streamlined, comprehensive approach to the entire issue.  Efforts to date have been incrementally successful but the sheer volume of people demanding services and a changed landscape need all of us to think more creatively and collaboratively.  He indicated he believes the Commission needs some restructuring and welcomed member’s thoughts and inputs on that.

Victoria McVickers asked what his vision was and what were his expectations of/for the Commission?  Mayor Hancock believed the Commission remains a valuable partner in our ongoing efforts on this issue, that the Commission does need to be a more coordinated body in order to provide viable advice to him and that the staff should work on better communication to the Commission regarding City activities and places where Commission as a whole or individually can be involved.

Kim Easton brought up concerns around the Office of Economic Development (OED) recent award of the Workforce Development contract to an out of state firm with a really different point of focus concerning youth that seem to present that servicing disadvantaged youth versus opportunity youth was the same.  She felt emphatic that it was not and that if OED had consulted with local providers that difference could have been explained and weighted differently.  The out of state firm has not communicated with local providers so local providers are at a loss to know how if at all they will be utilized in the delivery of these services to youth.  Mayor believed that contact would be forthcoming and that some inquiry to OED would be made.  It is his expectation that local providers would be involved in service delivery, perhaps in a sub-contracting role.

Kim also voiced a concern that the Denver Cares van was dropping off persons released from Detox in front of the Urban Peak facility.  (Regi Huerter has since taken care of this issue.)

Victoria followed up Kim’s questioning of the Work Force contract with her concerns as to what it will mean for Domestic Violence victims.  Re: TANF waivers.  The contract with Safe House expires June 30, 2016 and no communication has come from OED as to what that future status is and what the transition to a new outsource will look like.  We will reach out to OED to schedule a presentation to the Commission regarding the new workforce contract.

Mayor Hancock need to leave the meeting but prior to leaving he charged the commission to consider what a reformatted Commission might look like and to provide their input as he considers that action.

Councilwoman Kniech provided an update regarding the Ad Hoc Group working to develop governance and protocols for the $15 million Housing Fund that will begin to flow to the City in 2017.  The group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month, usually at different location in the City and County Building.  Kniech asked the Commission to consider providing input around goals for supportive housing numbers, actual production versus vouchers.  As she remains involved with the Commission; council looks to inform discussions.

Homeless Commission Steering Committee Minutes

April 26, 2016 by phone

Attendees:  Tami Door, Tom Luehrs, Lindi Sinton, Doug Hock, Leanne Wheeler, Kim Easton

Staff:  Bennie Milliner

Three agenda items were discussed:

  1. Commission Structure
  2. Committees
  3. Future Retreat

Commission Structure

Steering Committee members who were at the special Commission meeting with Mayor Hancock began a discussion around his charge to the Commission to strongly consider what a reformatted Commission might look like.  A preliminary list of organizations and individuals was discussed.  The idea is to determine what should be the mix of organizations and individuals be on the Commission to address the current landscape and environment of homelessness in our community.  The following form the first cut:

  • Government—OED
  • Banking
  • Foundations
  • Providers
  • Housing
  • Shelters-Day, night, female, youth
  • Services
  • Business
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Homeless Representatives (4)
  • Faith Based
  • Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Office of Drug Strategy
  • Community representative/advocate (2)
  • Public Safety


As the discussion moved to Committee work clearly the Steering Committee expressed a desire to look at ways for Road Home, the Steering Committee and the Commission to find avenues to truly build something together and work together for a greater community effort.  We need to push Commission members to get active in committee work to really help in prioritizing work for committees and the Commission.  

Future Retreat Planning

In light of the heightened focus on homelessness and conversations around Commission restructuring, organizational review of some city departments and agencies, including Road Home; potential implications of the IBM Smarter Cities initiative; discussion of the Housing Fund, etc. the Steering Committee believes planning for a retreat is prudent at this time.  One of the recommendations is to return to a review of the Rebound Solutions report that provided good guidance some of which has been acted upon, some that has not.  Initial thought was to try for June but Road Home has not nailed down a good facilitator so July, August or September appear to be good options at this time.  We will look for the full Commission to provide input on this.

General Discussion Points

In light of the meeting with Mayor Hancock last week, April 19, 2016 improved and more frequent communication from the Mayor’s office is hoped for.  Road Home has committed to increased communication through a bi-weekly e-mail update of activities, initiatives, etc.

Articulate ideas of future planning, moving from the big picture to the small aspects with an eye to simplify, simplify, simplify!

It would be helpful for Road Home to identify two or three core questions we need to consider to focus on our desired future state in (Road Home and the Commission) roles and expectations.  

In an attempt to move beyond some of our circular discussions at Commission meetings, the Steering Committee is recommending that members of the Steering Committee run the Commission meeting and allow Road Home staff to operate as staff, supporting Commission work, not directing the outcomes.

Denver’s Road Home Commission

Homeless Systems and Services Committee

Recommendations for DRH Concentration Areas

May 2016

Primary Group Focus: Single Individuals experiencing homelessness

Primary Goal: Provide the best opportunity for each homeless event to be brief, productive, respectful of the individual and the least traumatizing.

Immediate needs – To meet this goal for the single populations currently accessing Denver area shelter, the current gaps and needs were identified:

  1. Improved emergency shelter conditions for all populations
    1. Develop generals standards of care
    2. Provide beds or cots instead of mats
    3. Provide designated square footage per person sleeping
    4. Include shelter options for couples
    5. Increased shelter options for families and youth
  1. Specific accommodations for those with high medical needs, including hospice, medical respite, hospital recuperation
    1. Separate from overnight shelter  
    2. Include nursing care
    3. Ensure physical and geographical accessibility
  1. Facility open 24/7 –“rest and resource”
    1. Provide a variety of needed resources on site
    2. Include case management services
    3. Ensure physical and geographical accessibility
    4. Incorporate Trauma informed approach  
  1. Transportation access  – bus passes, bus tickets, vans  
  2. Storage spaces for personal possessions

Longer Term and Ongoing Needs:  

  1. Increased access to substance abuse and mental health services
  2. Diverse housing options, such as congregate living, roommate matching
  3. Added services in shelters and day centers- stepping stones to jobs and housing
  4. Funding from stable, ongoing sources
  5. Increased partnerships with faith communities for shelter provision, reimburse for costs

General recommendations (all populations):

  1. Incorporate trauma informed practices and trauma trained staff in programs serving people in crisis
    • Ensure safety is prioritized in all shelter locations
    • Service delivery includes those who have experienced homelessness
    • Opportunities to serve, job opportunities and peer support
  1. Continued community emphasis on coordination of services for all populations
    1. Better coordinated emergency shelter and services
    2. Continue and grow CAHPS System (Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement) for housing prioritization for all vulnerable populations

May 2016

to be continued:

Duerson, Morina E. – HS Office of Community Impact<>
to: “(” <>,
“Aguilar, Victoria R. – DHS” <>,
Andrew Feinstein <>,
Brad Meuli <>,
“Brooks, Albus – City Council District 9” <>,
Cheryl Haggstrom <>,
Christine Benero <>,
“Conner, Christopher N – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Crews, Renee L – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Debra Gray <>,
Don Burnes <>,
Doug Hock <>,
“Duerson, Morina E. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Garland, Joshua J – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Gary Sanford <>,
Geoff Bennett <>,
“Graves, Anthony E. – Operations & Communications” <>,
“Huerter, Regina M. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
Ismael Guerrero <>,
John Parvensky <>,
“Kate Barton (” <>,
Kim Easton <>,
Leanne Wheeler <>,
Leslie Foster <>,
Lindi Sinton <>,
“Lopez, Tony Cmdr – DPD” <>,
“Luper, Jon – DHS” <>,
“Mares, Donald J. – HSOA Administration – HSOAA” <>,
Mark Trast <>,
Mark Wright <>,
“Milliner, Bennie L. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
“Zohari, Nachshon – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Nancy Rider <>,
“Nelson, Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact” <>,
Nikki Jackson <>,
“Ortega, Deborah L. – City Council” <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Richard Scharf <>,
Rick Barnes <>,
“Kniech, Robin L. – City Council” <>,
Roger Armstrong <>,
Sharon Knight <>,
Tami Door <>,
Terrell Curtis <>,
Tom Luehrs <>,
Victoria McVicker <>,
“New, Wayne C. – City Council” <>
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