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July 26, 2016


“So here’s what’s on my mind. During the convention last night and today, many Hillary folks seem to be reveling in outrage at the passion and grieving of loyal Bernie supporters. Lots of comments mocking the sobbing Bernie fans and expressing disgust at their refusal to give up and obediently pull the lever for the DNC chosen one. Well, here’s the deal. Despite the fact that there is clear evidence the election process was tainted and that Hillary was guaranteed the nomination from the beginning, most Bernie supporters, including myself, will find ourselves voting for Hillary in November to prevent Satan from becoming president. I’ll be honest with you. The death of a dream is never pretty. It is often accompanied by wailing and teeth-gnashing and rage. Many Bernie supporters are not “spoiled millennials used to getting their own way.” Many Bernie supporters have waited a lifetime for a candidate that embodied honesty, integrity, insight and humility; a person whose entire life has been devoted to justice and equality, a person whose vision of a progressive, compassionate country we shared. That’s what we found in Bernie. This is what we feel we’re giving up in order to vote for Hillary. You don’t agree with that? Fine. Disagree. But at least respect the fact that we will do what it needs to be done. And respect that we will grieve for what might have been in whatever way we need to. Be gracious winners and let’s get on with the task of saving this crazy country from itself.”

 amen sister tell it like it is you are right on we’re pick pocketed again and hearts are not easily mended. Especially in the current context. You would not believe all the noneria I was given for daring to question the idea that we’re cynics. It is making me consider what we’re up to after a lifetime of this to see this type of disrespect. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM MUST BE ENDED.
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